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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. ExpatinJapan
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
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  2. Phil Townsend
    Running in the new Atlas ears. Wow!
    Using the Questyle QP2r burn them.
    They look like they going to be a remarkable match.
    I’m hearing things I’ve never heard on any system.

    Questyle QP2r
    Hugo 2
    Pass Labs HP1
    Prana Wire
    Oyaide power cables
    Other headphones... lots.
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
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  3. Quadfather
    I would love to see a direct comparison of the legend x with the Atlas
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  4. Colors
    The battle of the Titans.
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  5. Quadfather
    Price does not always equate to a quality either. Two of my favorite headphones are Shure SRH1540 and Sennheiser HD650 with the right source. They beat out many of my headphones that are three times as expensive. My Questyle QP1R sounds way better with my AKG K812 than my Paw Gold Diana which is more costly. The Diana kills it with the Shures and my $250 Audio-Technica ATH- MSR7. This is part of the reason I don't sell any of my gear. You never know when you get something new and it just pairs beautifully with something that you otherwise would have gotten rid of.
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
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  6. sorrick
    @Hawaiibadboy has em both and teased us in his video giving initial impressions of the LX (see EE thread) by having the atlas case right there in the frame.
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  7. Stranger Than Fiction
    The Sennheiser IE800 put me off wearing headphones in the down position forever more. I’m hopeful the Atlas can be worn over-ear, with good fit and isolation too.

    Isolation and attenuation would be a big bonus as I live in a neighbourhood in which there is no shortage of prats in noisy hotted up cars.
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  8. sorrick
    Although I usually use the Atlas cable down because it is less effort to do that vs looping the cable over the ear, I have worn them both ways and have no trouble getting a seal or with the cable when worn cable over ear. The stock cable is really soft and flexible, and (relative to other higher end cables) low profile, so it is actually quite comfortable to wear over the ear. The mmx connection is also pretty low profile (not tall) so there aren’t any cable draping issues around the ear. At least for my average-ish sized ears the Atlas ergonomics are quite good either way.
  9. Stranger Than Fiction
    @sorrick: That certainly sounds encouraging!

    If it is possible to go back and edit my review of the Noble K10 (I’ve yetvto find it) I’d like to add in the Cons and design section the K10 didn’t provide the greatest of attenuation. I had to use Spiral Dot tips as well while walking as, much like the Sennheisers, walking would undo the seal with Spinfits inserted. I guess it’s a matter of experimenting, though it’s worth noting I’m a silicone tips person, through and through. Foamies don’t do it at all whatsoever and I like the open character of the sound as offered by silicones.

    Meanwhile the Legend X may have piqued my interest in spite of its out-of-reach price point, but I have a feeling the Atlas will be equal to it in some regards if not overall. I am very eagerly awaiting forthcoming impressions of both, especially sonce I’m as much a basshead as I am an audiophile.

    The Kaisers needed serious EQing to get the bass impact I so sorely desired. In every other aspect the K10’s bass was astonishing and it slammed and reached for the sky when it wanted to (just put on Tubular Bells II and wait for the orchestral drum to see what I mean) but for every day trance and techno listening the K10 simply wasn’t a match.

    Furthermore I’m looking forward to real epiphany moments with the Atlas in which my jaw hits the floor. The K10 was about the journey, the scenic route, full immersion within the music. Its wow factor is sustained throughout, but I live for those occasional fireworks displays and lightning shows, when a headphone completely outstrips itself for that one brief moment. Said orchestral drum and “Sunset Door” (Tubular Bells II) was the only time this ever happened during my time with the K10.

    Oops, went on a bit of a tangent there! :)
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  10. productred
    While I have no trouble getting a seal with cable up, the fit and look is too weird to be acceptable and the cable exits the iem and loops over the ear at a very awkward angle. And the seal would break after a while tho that's not too bad.

    I have great trouble fitting the Atlas with cable down - the iem body is simply too heavy for that purpose - although it looks fine when it does stay in my ears. Even foam tips, which had always worked for me on tricky fitting iems, fails to keep them in place for any meaningful period of time.

    I guess the body shape must has something to do with the tuning and stuff. But solely for fitting and looks, I hope it had kept the form factor of their older offerings which I have absolutely zero issue on fit, seal and comfort. Perhaps it's only me tho and YMMV.
  11. Apputty
    I am really loving comets. I feel it really sounds awesome with a little bit extra power.
    Remind me of fostex t50rp, with a low power it sounds average. But if you are able to give it more power it really sounds good.
  12. Jackpot77
    That seems to be a constant with a lot of the CA gear - it doesn't NEED a high powered source to produce good volume levels, but will soak up extra juice like a sponge. The Vega, Atlas and Cascade are all pretty similar in that regard.
  13. tim0chan
    I recommend the dx150 for it's modularity. Different amps for different purposes
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  14. subguy812
    The pairing of the Atlas with the QP2R is sublime. I also have the Opus #2, which is/was my reference player, but the QP2R pairs so well.
  15. radici
    Trying the Final E series tips... Usually complyfoam is my go to. These push in far to create a seal, do they? I pushed em in deep like I would comply and every now and then I'd have no sound...particularly in the left ear which I think went in further. Pull em out, and slightly ease em in... Sound again, some loss of bass, a lot more going on in the highs.

    Anyone using these... How far do you push them in to achieve your seal? Is it just a slight push and twist?
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