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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. dhc0329
    atlas looks like a blow dryer but looks solid. :)
    how does it compare to u18 or fourte? anyone?
  2. holden4th
    If you want a wider bore then go for the JVC Spiral Dots which have a bigger bore than the Spinfits.
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  3. KB Contributor
    IMO the SXC8 is our best cable and pairs very well Atlas as well as Andromeda. SXC8 is a amazing cable the only down side is that its a big cable, also has some microphonics. If your ok with the size of the cable you would be hard pressed to find a better sounding cable.


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  4. bgoods1221
    Anyone else having a tough time getting good fit/seal with the Atlas hanging down? I'm having to resort to over ear to avoid repositioning them every few minutes. I may just have a weird ear canal...
  5. David Reeves
    I have a weird problem where with silicone tips I create too strong of a seal, a vacuum actually, and get no sound. I've never experienced that in an IEM before, and I've been relegated to the marshmallow tips CA provides. As far as trouble keeping them in, my suggestion would be bigger tips or try foam. I have been using foam, because of vacuum problem with my ears and silicone, and they have been staying in pretty well, though sometimes I put them over ear so that the pull is eased by the cable resting on my ear. Been wearing them a lot at work where I'm up and moving around most of the night and this works well.

    **EDIT - I have figured out that with silicone tips I have to use a different insertion technique than I am used to. Normally I can just plop them in and feel them "stick" in my ears. Very casual, easy, no thought involved. With Atlas though, I have to use more finesse and have a little patience with my ears. I have to push down and in a little bit more deeply than I am used to and it seems to relieve whatever vacuum or driver flex issue caused by pressure or WHATEVER was causing my problem preventing proper movement of the diaphragm. Whatever the problem was, it was isolated to me and I got it straightened out by using a little more finesse and patience.
    Last edited: May 9, 2018
  6. faithguy19
    Do you think that may be driver flex you are experiencing?
  7. David Reeves
    I sure did, and I'm sure it is. Nothing I do with my regular size silicones of any kind produces sound once sealed like I insert and seal everything else I own. I'm using marshmallows in the meantime and am fine with it. Any suggestions or ideas?
  8. tgx78
    So I guess there are no equalization ports to reduce pressure build up in Atlas.. that is a big no go for me.
  9. David Reeves
    In fairness to CA and Atlas design, I haven't seen anyone else complain about this problem in any review or impression video. I've asked and hunted. It does have a small vent hole on the back of the body of but it's tiny. Maybe it's just me?
  10. faithguy19
    I am not sure if there is a dynamic driver that exists that doesn't have driver flex on occasion.
  11. tgx78
    I hope my local CA dealer will stock some Atlas so that I can demo. I am also worried about comfort with the weight of IEM dragging down breaking seal and I have to constantly adjust the fitting. Last IEM I had this similar issue was periodic BE, loved the sound but hated the fit and ended up selling it.
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  12. Kundi
    any cable recommendations for the comets?
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  13. dpwolfordMD
    Been listening to my comets a couple days now and enjoying them more and more. I like the construction and build quality of them. lush mids, good bass, and non-sibilant treble. still comparing to my it01’s. one thing tho that I surprisingly could not get any of the supplied tips to create a proper seal! had to resort to the largest Fiio tips to get the perfect fit and wow did it really accentuate the entire frequency response. Have ordered Large Spiral Dots and Symbio Mandarin tips (both normal and wide bore). Also I didn’t like how the included spin fit inner opening was so narrow and obstructed part of the grille. Thought the comply tips would seal better.

    Anyways I have them paired with my new Fiio Q1 mk 2 and just ordered a cheap balanced chi-fi cable on ebay for them to run in the 2.5 output. will update on my findings!
  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
  15. ExpatinJapan
    Spent today using the supplied Final Audio tips and found the fit fairly pleasing.

    I didn't need such a deep insert either, although the small bore lessened the highs a bit.



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