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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. emptymt
    Always appreciate your honest review both in English and Russian, I can't understand Russian, so thanks a lot on making the English version! I'll wait for your Atlas review!
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  2. jmzeitouni
    Hi all,

    I've been the happy owner of a pair of Atlas for a few days now. I don't consider myself an audiophile and don't know much about the proper audiophile vocabulary or technical terms to describe what i hear (specs, ranges etc..) However, i'm a professional orchestra and opera conductor across the world, and i can tell you that when i listen with the Atlas to a performance that's been recorded (with good equipment and technique), it's sounds just about the same as what i hearing standing on the podium when i'm conducting. So it's a great tool for me.

    I've been playing around trying to find the best tips for fit, confort and of course SQ. I've been trying 4 different types of Comply foam tips and i have a question about bore size and fit.

    Since the atlas have a pretty wide bore, i've ordered a bunch of 500 and 600 from Comply. The 500 fit well (tried the confort+, the isolation+ and both works) The 600 are too wide (the sport + and isolation), they don’t hang tight enough around the nozzle of the iem.

    I've heard a lot of people talking about the Spinfit, and would love to try them, however, i don't know which model should i order to get the proper fit on the nozzle. Has anybody tried them ?

    Would the CP-100 (which seems to be the most common one) fit or will it be too tight ?

    many thanks
    Last edited: May 8, 2018
  3. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
  4. Colors
    People make fun of how the Atlas and Comets look but I like having something that's comfortable, feels solid and looks unique.
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  5. Giraku
    Yes, CP-100 should do it.
    But to my ears, SpinFit sounds a bit brittle. I prefer the stock foam tips.
  6. Roscoeiii
    Both the Vega and Atlas would be an upgrade over the 846s IMO. Both have that impactful DD bass and both are going to improve on the 846 treble, which to me was their weak spot regardless of filter.
  7. jmzeitouni
    Thank you !

    Btw : doesn’t anybody know if the little plastic piece at the top of the splitter is meant to be glued ? Or is it some kind of ”detangler”
  8. M3NTAL
    Chin slider
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  9. Wil
    Any idea if one has the option to choose 2.5mm balanced termination for the Atlas?
  10. Hawaiibadboy Contributor


    Yeah, chin slider :)
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  11. Stuff Jones
    We paying for jewelry or better SQ here?
  12. Colors
  13. KB Contributor
    Totally, I have been saying from day one.. The cables I want to make must LOOK as good as they sound and via versa, same is true with the IEMs. I want these things we touch and look at all the time to be as good as they sound.


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  14. shadow_shooter
    When I held Atlas the first time, I took a very long look and smiled ear to ear :) None of the earphones I’ve had gave me this effect. It is really beautiful and made of very high quality materials.

    SQ, if you like Vega, this is no brainer. If you are new to the brand, it beats off many other multi million driver iems. When I tone down sub-high frequencies, I like it even more. I love how Andromeda and Atlas now works together and Atlas comes with me everywhere.
    Last edited: May 8, 2018
  15. tofudog
    Hey Ken-I just got your SXC8 for use w my Vegas....how does it pair with the Atlas? Please advise!
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