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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. faithguy19
    They do not have a release date but they had a few on hand and were willing to sell me one.
  2. faithguy19
    I have used it out of my iPhone X. The sound is great. But not nearly what it is coming out of my dx200 (duh) or even my iPad pro to be honest.
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  3. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
  4. ExpatinJapan


    JVC spiral dots tips
    Last edited: May 6, 2018
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  5. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Sounds great with an amp :)
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  6. shadow_shooter
    I've been a big fan of CFA. I've just received my Atlas. I also have Vega and Andromeda. I must preface that Campfire Audio is real delight to deal with and they take great pride in their products. Their professionalism completes their top-notch iems.

    For all CFA iems, sourcing them with DX200, flac, using ref-8 and now new silver Atlas stock cables. Out of three, Atlas is the most mischievous of all. It has big extension of surrounding bass, and nicely detailed highs that extend in great detail which adds to nice depth resolution. I was afraid this was going to be an Andromeda killer. I love the details in Andromeda and I like bass in Vega. Atlas is more of a hybrid of the two. Without losing nice bass of Vega, add more resolution to it and finally extend highs and music sounds 3D with nice separation. This is now fun!

    On the other hand, I appreciated Andromeda once again; it's a masterpiece of detail. Every instrument has an "oomph" to it and imaging is more like a hologram. If Andromeda is holographic (you can tell apart up and down as well as left and right), Atlas is 3D with nice details, Vega is 2.5D. Atlas and Andromeda do bass differently. If possible to elaborate, Andromeda has better decay of bass but Atlas brings bass out better. I enjoy slow decay bass in Andromeda that goes at even lower volumes. Atlas bass is plenty, hard hitting, highly detailed with longer decay. Vega bass is less resolved than Atlas but presents more than Andromeda. Vega can also get sibilant at times, especially with female vocals. Atlas has no such issues. It's an all around performer. What a pleasure to hear instruments coming all around me, very playful. If I needed to bring only one pair with me to vacation, I would pick Atlas. It's easier to put on and ready to go. They will need a nice source to drive them accurately. Even though low gain high volume is the best recipe for my Andromeda and Vega, high gain low volume suits better with Atlas to bring out mids and highs as intended.

    For the tips, I'm between small foams and final type e tips. I initially used black silicone M tips, which are what I use standard with my Andromeda, but I noticed the audio was too bass heavy for my liking. Foams add more resolution without losing bass performance and stays put. Final type tips are similar to black silicone tips but gives little more air and resolution, yet not the level I've had with foams. For me foams>final type>black silicone.

    I am a believer of burn-in so there's a lot to go with this iem. I am curious how this will affect overall bass performance. When I need tamer bass and airy music, I still have my Andromeda but now there's an iem that satisfies my bass hunger without sacrificing detail; it is Atlas :)

    Don’t get me wrong, Atlas isn’t bass head phone, the verdict is in how you like your music. Atlas is the best dynamic iem I have heard.
    Last edited: May 6, 2018
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  7. emptymt
    Nice Impression, looks like you will end up with the Andro + Atlas, the Vega seem obsolete now that you have Atlas.
    Last edited: May 6, 2018
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  8. emptymt
    Do we need iematch on this with the R6? Thx man!

    Seems like a great option for Metal music!
  9. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    You have a cat in your avatar....thus..I reply quick....being a cat lover.

    I have not tried. I will let you know. I don't agree with the big bass observations. Sounds exactly as mastered on tracks I am familiar with.
    Listening to Black Sabbath right now

    20180506_190815_001.jpg 20180506_190937.jpg
  10. Jackpot77
    I agree - this is an IEM with a very large reservoir of bass to call on, but it doesn't flood the stage with it if it isn't already in the mix. It gets a big or as small as the recording engineer intended.

    Very much enjoying my first few days with the Atlas - I agree with the observation earlier that this drifts a little between the Vega and Andromeda. It seems like a distillation of the "musical yet resolving" signature Campfire have been going for with their higher end models, so not just an IEM for bassheads or bass lovers.

    Planning on doing some A/B with the Vega tomorrow, so will be interesting to see where exactly the two diverge.
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  11. emptymt
    Thx man! I will await your review!
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  12. subguy812
    I finally have a little time to play today. I am going to tip roll and check out some sources I have on hand. This is the Atlas with the QP2R.
  13. Currawong Contributor
    Video review is up. I'll have a written one as well soon.

  14. Arkady Duntov
    Thanks for that great review, Currawong.

    The Campfire Audio site seems to be broken at the moment. I either get a redirection to staging.campfire.com or essentially empty screens. Is it just me?

    Did I see Final Audio XL tips in the video? Can I buy these separately?
  15. knopi
    The design of Atlas looks a little like Transformers.
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