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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. subguy812
    I also introduced them on my blog...
  2. Colors
    I realized this has become the Atlas thread but some further impressions from my Comets :)

    I sized down a marshmallow tip and found the isolation better. Basically perfect silence in a crowded subway train.

    Also, I feel like the Comets sound like small speakers to me. Granted, IEM drivers are speakers themselves basically but I feel like if I'm listening to speakers out of my ear (ex: from a car).

    These babies are really easy to listen to. I'll continue to post more observations as I listen to them.
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  3. David Reeves
    No doubt! I enjoy the Comets even more now that I have listened to the Atlas. Great mid bass, and treble. Clarity and definition is really excellent as well. I'm going to have to spend some more time with them as I have been using Atlas almost exclusively since they arrived.
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  4. CalvinW
    Will there be an option to choose the termination for the Atlas cable later on?
    From impressions, the cable that comes with the Atlas seems to be quite capable, downside with it only being offered in 3.5mm.
  5. faithguy19
    Yes there will be
  6. subguy812
    I want to give props to CA for the cable that comes with the Atlas. It has great ergonomics, my favorite ALO cable to date.
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  7. faithguy19
    I liked the cable so much I ordered an extra one in 4.4 balanced. Really good cable imo
  8. gersh
    Read a few recent posts and it got me intrigued. I currently have the Andromedas and love them but this thread has piqued my interest in the Atlas. What areas do the Andros do better and worse than the Atlas?
  9. theveterans
    How are you able to order the Atlas pure silver cable?
  10. theveterans
    How are you able to order the Atlas pure silver cable?
  11. Hanesu
    Like others have mentioned before in this thread: it’s hard to compare these two in terms of „better“ or „worse“. They just sound different and it‘s a question of taste, person and maybe more importantely, what you are (currently) used to.
    I actually heard the Atlas at the Fujiya Show and really, really liked it, it‘s brilliant! - STILL prefered my Andromeda that I compared side by side, at least for the moment. The differences are very classic differences between DD and BA: The Andromeda just sounded a touch clearer and cleaner to me, with a dryer less (but still) impactful bass, that has a shorter decay. The Atlas sounds a tad softer, silkyer and warmer with a (as expected) huge bass that seriously moves air. Still everything sounds very tight and you have a lot of clarity and sparkle, just in a way where all tones are more connected, while Andromeda kind of analyses everything, it’s hard to describe. Again, I really think what is most important here is what you are used to. When I bought my Andromedas, I had to get used to that dryer type of bass, too, because I was mostly listening to hybrids before. Now that I am used to it, I love it. Until I get used to something else....hehe....I think that is what the headphone game is about, especially in the world of flagships :wink:. So I never say never...my taste might change again...
    Last edited: May 5, 2018
  12. tofudog
    anyone hear about formal Atlas reviews in progress right now? Or the ETA on anyone publishing something? Eager to hear a critical take on these and nothing out yet....
  13. gersh
    That sounds fair. I think I know what you mean in regards to the dry bass sound. I ususally listen to Rap / Alternative Hip Hop / Jazz and feel the bass sounding a little different, swaying to the side that I want a little more but not a slamming bass. I find acoustic and house music sounding amazeballs on it though. I guess I'll have to try out the Atlas first :)
  14. subguy812
    One thing I am noticing about the Atlas, that I truly appreciate, is the fact that in songs that are not known to be bass oriented songs the Atlas is able to reach into the song and grab the bass frequencies and efficiently meld them into the mix. The initial listen to the Atlas is a warm bassy overtone, but that is only the initial reaction. Once you critically listen you realize that they have a wonderful treble that doesn't hint at anything sharp or offensive. The treble extends fairly well and allows the soundstage to have an impressive width. The tuning has been meticulously engineered to not allow the DD bass to overshadow the other frequencies, it is quite an impressive feat. They are perfect for your daily activities as the lows create a barrier from outside noise. Today, I plan to tip roll, I really feel that the M/L Spiral Dots might be magic, as I have strictly used the Final tips. The wide bore may open up things a bit more, or maybe not. Just a couple of quick thoughts.
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  15. ExpatinJapan
    The unbearable lightness of being


    Traveling light n heavy.

    Shanling m0 and Campfire Audio Andromeda and Atlas. iBasso 2.5mm to 3.5mm and loads of tips. Shozy Zero case
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