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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Luisonic
    All I have to do is get my doctor to make me a note for the prints, and I'll get them from Custom Art (Poland) which seems the best European solution. They run about 50€, which I think is worth the shot given their reputation.
    If it doesn't alter the sound it'll be a great thing, and I'll definitely post results...
  2. Rockwell75
    I haven't heard the DM6 (but I own the Comet). I've heard that the DM6 has more bass though.
  3. Luisonic
    Just for some weekend fun for whoever wants to try new things… :)
    I actually started really listening to Electronic music when I got the Atlas… before it had never been interesting or my other items simply didn’t make it shine.

    Since my jazz list is too long… these are some Electronic tracks that sound crazy good on the Atlas, and that show what the Atlas is capable of… from sub-bass! bass!, mids, highs! imaging!… you’ll see…

    They’re some of my soul-ear massage go to’s, so be gentle! They're recommended albums, but the tracks are the best IMO...
    Obviously DAP is always a factor, but they already sounded really great on my iPhone X, which can be easily beat…

    Artist: Desolate - Album: Lunar Glyphs
    Astral Ambient

    DZAR - Orbis
    All four tracks!

    Patina Echoes (Compilation)
    Cleyra - Naked
    Simo Cell - Consider the Internet

    Traveller - Morphology

    Deadmau5 - For Lack of a Better Name
    Lack of a Better Name

    Vangelis - Blade Runner
    Love Theme

    Couldn’t not include a classic!
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  4. Rockwell75
    Rigged up this little clip on the cable for my Atlas and it actually makes a pretty significant difference. I never had comfort issues per se however after walking around for a while gravity would work its magic and you would be dimly aware of the downward tug of the cable on the Atlas. After clipping this to the collar/neckline of my shirt or the zipper of my jacket it relieved the top part of the cable from any downward tension at all and I could walk around indefinitely completely oblivious to the Atlas being in my ears at all (their delicious sound notwithstanding)...highly recommended!
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  5. HeartOfSky
    Oh, these are really fun on my Andro-S. Can't wait for Atlas to come back to me on Monday, from my friend. Saved these as a playlist. DZAR is totally doing it for me. A much cleaner and less aggressive analog of **** Butttons.
  6. WhatToChoose
    That is what shirt clips are for....?
  7. Caruryn
    Airy Monday(original mix) -Tomasz Pauszek (vocal chillout 2018)
    Euphoria -S.A.T
    Lost(chillout mix)-Daniel B Feat.Susan McDaid
    Found Tranquillity-Rayan Myers
    O_o(feat Stax Osset)-Boeoes Kaelstigen
    Falling Into The Love(original)-Syntherra
    Beautiful love(chillout version)-Sean Norvis
    Endless-Lukas Termena,Angelika Borof
    Wrathful Guru(original mix)-Rigzin
    Piano Dream(Flowmotion Mix)-Island Sun

    Selected tracks to showcase Atlas qualities.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
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  8. Rockwell75
    Ya the Atlas cable didn't come with one so I had to put one on...highly recommended.
  9. Luisonic
    Lol... I published the almost exact same solution a few months ago.... like minds think alike...!
    And edit to add: yes, super recommended, especially commuters like me, avoiding scary pulls and tugs!
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
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  10. Luisonic
    Will look for them... I'm always looking for music! especially music that sounds well... it's such a bummer now to hear poorly recorded music.
    The Atlas paired with a nice DAP really disarms all the crappy stuff, but the well recorded/produced music becomes joy!
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  11. subguy812
    The custom tips on the Atlas do give me the best sound quality, but they do stick out further, 20180811_220103.jpg . The JVC Spiral Dot tips are my go to wide bore tips, always have been my favorite. I prefer the Final Audio tips if an IEM has a bit of "hot' treble, narrower bore. Some folks are annoyed by the slight hotness the Atlas exhibits, it doesn't ever trouble me. I currently have the Final Audio tips on the Atlas.
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  12. Luisonic
    My concern about them sticking out is that it would affect the SQ negatively, but if you say that they offer the best SQ, now I'm definitely hurrying this!
    I'll get the moulds done hopefully tomorrow, and then it's just mail times...
  13. tlcocks
    Can you describe the improvement in SQ with customs? Not only characteristics of improvement but amount of change? Thanks
  14. Rockwell75
    I brought out my Comets and Kanas Pros for the first time in a couple weeks and I think I have been seriously spoiled by the Atlases powerful and rich sound-- both those other IEMs sounded almost hollow in comparison. They're great IEM's don't get me wrong...maybe that's just it...they're great IEMS, but the Atlas actually sound like you have a full sized hi fi system (complete with a subwoofer) right inside your head. I dare say that if you can forget that they're in your ears while listening to them it's easy to convince yourself that you're in a room with a stereo on. Prior to owning these I never would have imagined you could get this sort of sound from earphones. I'm hoping one day to try some Andros or Solaris to hear the difference in sound.
  15. Arthur Li
    My HTC 10 refuses to recognize the Comet - plugging the earphone into the headphone-port and hits play, sound coming out of the smartphone spearkers. Very weird. It used to work just fine when I owned my first pair. Perhaps it's due to new firmware? Have any Android user experienced this issue?
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