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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. kingdixon
    I have a close problem but with some silicone tips, although with the accompanied foam tips it sounds awesome, just ensure your having a good seal, i think the rest could be due to source or burn in time .. if your in your first hours just give it 20 or 30 more hours to start settling in or just leave it running on pc while sleeping .. otherwise just wait for dragon fly and tell us your observations.

    I think i have a couple of the songs from the ones you mentioned when i try them i will give you my feedback.
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  2. HeartOfSky
    Also, it appear that tips are... everything. I've not experienced such a difference in SQ, just by using tips that weren't right for me. I was almost freaking out over it, until I made a change. Now, I love Atlas so very much.
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  3. paulgc
    Just realized @KB campfire audio has playlists on Tidal. 8 so far. Cool. Find them in the blog at the CFA website.
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  4. cleg
    Solaris vs Andromeda vs Atlas

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  5. 8481
    One side of my atlas seems to have stopped working completely. Changed cable sides and problem still persists, do CA do repairs?
  6. Luisonic
  7. OG10
  8. OG10
    I couldn't hold out anymore.. I feel with the Solaris at times I wish the mid-bass was punchier and more present.. so I have purchased an Atlas.

    Are there any immediate after market items worth buying? Spiral Dots?
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  9. bluebair
    Im there too. I wish I had enough to pick up an Atlas, a Sony WM1Z, and a pair of Campfire Cascades. Yes, I am a Campfire fanboy.
  10. Rockwell75
    I feel for you guys but it's a relief to know that the Solaris hasn't usurped the Atlas or made it irrelevant. I'm pushing 30 hours on my Atlas by this point and, in addition to loving them more and more each day I think I've noticed that the bass has be reigned in a little bit...it's not diminished just (I think) a little more disciplined. The most distinguishing feature of the Atlas' sound, to me, is its density, weight and power. The sound coming from them has a richness and fullness that I previously did not know to be possible with IEMs. I think to characterize them as "basshead" or "bassy" is to do them a disservice-- there is no bass added-- perhaps emphasized is a better term. The Atlas puts a lot of emphasis on the low end, and so much music-- particular anything rooted in rhythm, blues or beats (ie., rock, rap, reggae, funk, soul, edm, dance to name a few.)-- is more or less defined by its low end. What this results in, with the Atlas, is a tremendous immersive addictive foundation on which the other elements of the music can flourish. The low end grabs us and holds us while everything else entertains us. It can't be emphasized enough that the Atlas doesn't boost bass or add it where it's not already present-- if a recording lacks bass you won't hear any with the Atlas. Nor does the bass drown out other elements recording-- unless it is mastered that way. In addition to everything else said about the Atlas, and to echo an earlier poster in this thread I think the Atlas is unflinchingly honest.

    Here is a list of ten albums that (imho) do a great job at conveying the grandeur, beauty and power of the Atlas.

    1) Pearl Jam - Ten (Legacy Edition)

    Here is an example of a beautifully mastered albums that is conveyed as such by the Atlas. Everything works perfectly and Vedder's vocals sound AWESOME. It's like he's singing right into your ear.

    2) Underworld - Second Toughest in the Infants (remaster)

    Big, booming, thundery and elegant. When the electric guitar kicked in 4 minutes into Juanita I thought I was going to have to change my underwear for a minute.

    3) Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting

    So crisp, clear and powerful on the Atlas.

    4) Frank Sinatra - In the Wee Small Hours

    Another album not by any means defined by bass but so satisfying on the Atlas. All I heard was percussion to the left, instruments to the right and ol' Blue Eyes right in the middle. Perfection

    5) Bob Marley - Kaya 40

    Bob's never sounded so rich and engaging. Suffice to say the Atlas are perfect for reggae.

    6) Massive Attack - Blue Lines (remaster)

    Forgive the pun but this sounds massive on the Atlas.

    7) Marvin Gaye - What's Going On (Japan Remaster)

    A beautiful example of the soundstage the Atlas can muster.

    8) Digable Planets - Blowout Comb
    9) Dire Straits - Dire Straits
    10) REM - Automatic for the People
  11. tlcocks
    Nice list! Yes, PJ 10 is a gem through the Atlas.
    We toured Nashville recently. Got to see RCA Studio B where Elvis recorded. Listen to “are you lonesome tonite”. Was recorded there. Sound is IMMERSIVE over the Atlas. Great recordings can come from that far back too.
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  12. Luisonic
    The usual tested recommendations...
    - Burn for at least 100-150 hrs. I connected it to my iPad for a week. It makes an enormous difference, test it all you like.
    - Get the JVC Spiral Dots. Shallow, open bore. They exploit the air and space of the Atlas in a beautiful way. IMO but shared by many, other tips dim the highs too much.
    - I'll be soon experimenting with a balanced cable (silver 8 core) but the cable seems to be pretty competitive for a 3.5. If you go for a balanced, let's share notes.

    That's it for now. Really easy to enjoy!

    Rockwell75's list is nice, I'll be posting some of mine later, where I think the Atlas also excels: electronic!
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  13. HeartOfSky
    Give "Miracles", by Jefferson Airplane, a try.

    I've loved this song for forever, but always hated how quiet and diminished it sounded. Vega brings out the low end. Andromeda brings out the guitar and vocals. Atlas puts them both together. It's the largest sound stage and imaging I've heard for that song, to date. And the little guitar flourishes? They are the perfect punctuation.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
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  14. Kitechaser
    How is the Atlas different than the Vega?
    Which one do you like more?
  15. HeartOfSky
    Vega shines the light on the lower end of the spectrum. It's easy to get completely lost in rhythm. Atlas brings that same depth, but opens up the rest of the spectrum. I don't get so lost in the rhythm as before, but it's just so much more... full. Atlas has been a very pleasant upgrade. I'm so grateful for the generosity that CA has always shown me.
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