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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Roscoeiii
    No direct experience with Atlas but from my Vega experience my understanding is that DDs are less sensitive to output impedance (unlike the BA Andros for example). For DDs if Atlas is similar to the Vega I'd be more worried about the power of the phone or adapter output.
  2. Luisonic
    Well, I receive the Atlas in a week, so I can't help just yet on that, but speaking about my other iems and overhears, in general I cannot hear a big difference between using the iPhone X with the lightning adapter, and connecting directly to my Mac Pro on amarra.
    The iPhone X does really well with the MyuRa app, highly recommended (which I picked from another thread's suggestion), pumped on the settings (768/32bit digital output, 2048 output duration), and paired with the Dragonfly Red, sounds like a high-end DAP. Really satisfying sound, nice stage and definition, and good power and battery life, even the overears (tried it with my PM3s and its an easy walk...)

    I'd say that to avoid the DAP and still get a very good sound, this mix has worked very well for me. The Atlas is said to be really easy to drive, so I foresee no problems.
    I'll get them, burn them a bit and then post my impressions on this particular solution.

    Hope it helps!
  3. marcusd
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  4. marcusd
    edited - double post..
  5. Carlsan
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  6. subguy812
    My review was so positive I felt guilty. I enjoy the Atlas so much. Everything about it is enjoyable and the most engaging listen.
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  7. davidcotton
    I just hope CA continue with the form factor and release a half way house between the prices of the Comet and Atlas. That said why would they? Why affect sales from either end? Still would be nice.
  8. Carlsan
    I hope that they put the custom fit tips they are testing for sale. Turn the Atlas into a custom monitor, No more tip swapping, better seal, better sound all around.
  9. Lookout57
    The new method is even simpler.

    All you need to do is expose the memory wire. I scratched at the sheath over the wire with my nail and was able to expose it. You might have to use a knife. Then grab the memory wire with needle nose pliers. Pull it up so you can get a good grip on it. Then pull it out first from the end opposite the MMCX connector, then from the MMCX end. Doing this method, the memory wire comes out in one piece. You should then be able to pull the memory wire sheath off at the end opposite the MMCX and then at the MMCX end. You might want to trim the ragged end with scissors or a knife.
  10. ExpatinJapan
    Thats kinda what i did also (half
    Following your earlier instructions)

    I just exposed the memory wire...and pulled.

    All of it

    Last edited: Sep 17, 2018
  11. marcusd
    Thanks! Fun sounding IEM!
  12. Carlsan
    It's a very addictive earphone, and not just on bassy tracks. Acoustic guitars sound very natural and full. That guitar tone that they reproduce sound rich, vibrant, and natural.
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  13. Caruryn
    Would you go with QP2R or DX200 with Atlas?I am torn between these 2 daps at the moment,even though battery life is pretty bad on both and worse on ibasso with their balanced amp.
  14. t69p
    I'm using my Atlas with the QP2R, for me a perfect match, I prefer the QP2R to my other DAP AK380. I found that the QP2R has more punch and a greater soundstage. My wife will now use the AK380 with the Lyra II. Before buying a DAP in your case I would try them myself, so only you would be happy.
  15. marcusd
    Either would do the trick but I am using the DX200 simply because I can go balanced with another cable and change the amp modules also.
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