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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Caruryn
    Thanks for your response friend,unfortunately in my city there aren't stores with these 2 daps to demo.I know QP2R and Atlas sound good by reading posts including yours but i am curious if DX200 with AMP8 edges it in pure SQ.What puts me off is the 7 hour battery so i guess i am looking for a reason not to get DX200 if the sq is not as good as Questyle.
  2. Carlsan
    I'm using the DX200 with the latest balanced Amp 8. When I use it in the office, I usually plug it into a USB port so I have no issues with it running out of juice.

    It's a trade off with powerful daps, more power will lead to shorter battery life.
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  3. Lookout57
    Check out the Sony NW-WM1A,
  4. Caruryn
    If it's anything like Zx2 it's not a preferred sound with Atlas.Too recessed mids esp vocals,unless Wm1A sounds completely different.
  5. Lookout57
    WM1A is a totally different beast and a perfect pairing on balanced.
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  6. subguy812
    I just read this and found it interesting, sorry for being late to respond. I have owned all of the IEMs mentioned, except Comets. Colors comments and thoughts are spot on, on all items and pairs mentioned. Great post.
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  7. Xelpud
    Thanks for the info! Feeling pretty good about moving forward with an Xs now that these babies won't be suffering at all for it.
  8. Jayden16
    Just curious, did you ever put out this video? I'm looking to better understand the differences in sound signatures between the two as I currently own the P1. The Comet is an attractive option at this point due to the wearing style (down rather than over-ear) as I wear glasses. Thanks!
  9. Kervsky
    I have the ZX2 and WM1a, they're definitely very different in sound, specially when you use balanced on the WM1a, I used the Atlas and Comet on the WM1a and feel it's a big upgrade over the ZX2 with a more balanced presentation (mids aren't recessed) that still has a hint of the Sony warmth but with expanded stage, layering, and detail presentation.
  10. Caruryn
    Yes,i find the dark ZX2 doesn't mesh well with the mellow tonality of Atlas,robbing it of the energy and excitement that this iem gives,making it sound a bit sterile and dry.I vastly prefer the DX90 with Atlas,very detailed and energetic sound even though it can't compete in soundstage and layering.This iem i feel needs careful partnership to give all of its qualities.Even out of lg V20 it is being hamstrung by an obvious lack of detail and treble articulation.

    Good to know that Wm1A balanced is a different dap and goes well with this great dynamic iem.I am curious about Luxury & Precision L6 also before making final decision.This dap seems to be a real heavy hitter but not many have it to give a synergy impression.
  11. sorrick
    Yes, I would not worry about it. Sorry, meant to respond earlier. I used my atlas with my iPhone X regularly on my commute and they sound great—you get more out of them when plugged into a dac (or even something like a cozoy REI, which I have and love), but the iPhone X with the Apple dogle drives them perfectly well.
  12. deafmutelame
    Hi guys,

    I'm about to pull the trigger on the Atlas but I worry about the warranty.

    I'm going to purchase a 5 years warranty extension for $70 more. I think it's not only totally worth it but an absolute must when we are talking about a $1.300 item. That would cover cable replacements for a period of 5 years. ( The pure silver cable is $249! https://campfireaudio.com/shop/pure-silver-litz-cable/ )

    How many years do you think that it is reasonable to expect that the other parts in the IEM, such as the 10mm driver should last?
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2018
  13. theveterans
    The most fragile part is the MMCX connector which is prone to breaking connections when the cables are regularly being taken on and off
  14. deafmutelame
    Oh, ok. I understand that provided you don't take the cables on and off regularly this shouldn't be a problem, for the cables should only be taken off if and only if they have to be replaced by a new one, which shouldn't occur often, right?

    Do you think that there might be other parts inside the IEM prone to wearability? In other words: other than the cables, what's the weakest link in an IEM of these characteristics?
  15. theveterans
    When you accidentally drop your IEM or you put your IEM on the pocket, I’d worry about the tips being bent and drivers being yanked out of place causing the delicate cables to tear at their solder points
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