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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Focux
    Because the B400 are quad BA’s?
  2. Den Sol

    Follow up on the Brainwavz balanced candy cane cable, I think there is some issue with the MMCX connectors. The connection seems not very reliable. If I tilt my head or shake my head around, at some angle the connector seems to "lose contact" and the sound stutters. Oh well, these are not very expensive, if I keep my head stable and leveled then it is fine. Can't really use it for long term though.
  3. MyPants
    None at all. The manual says they're interchangeable. Groove on without fear.
  4. capnjack
    Don't get me wrong, the b400’s are great, but i think I actually prefer the single ba sound of the comet and it’s tuning is more to my taste. Maybe there’s not quite the same amount of bass, but it just somehow feels more right to me........?!?!
  5. mircea78
    Guys, do you find the Comet suitable for classical music?
  6. Kervsky
    I've used the Comet on an iphone 4 and 4S, they're powerful enough to drive them to loud volumes.

    Listening to some now (Allegro vivace (Finale)) also symphony no 41 in C Jupiter, they sound fine, it captures some of the nuances of instruments well enough, has space and good placement.
  7. mircea78
    Thank you very much.
  8. subguy812
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
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  9. subguy812
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  10. Svstem
    Atlas bass is ridiculous... I wonder if any IEM has low end quality this good!
  11. Caruryn
    This iem is really impressive and does everything at a very high level.Still burning in mine but this is a keeper and pairs wonderfully with ibasso dx90 and probably the reason why i'll buy the DX208.What impresses me more is not just the lows but the really detailed and meaty,full of body mid section.I had the ie800 for 4 years and couldn't stand the thin mids and splashy treble,cymbal crashing sounded off,no more of that here.If only it had the air of the senn and the texture of the lows it would be a 10 but in everything else it runs circles around it.

    I read somewhere that Azla Sedna is the best fit for Atlas so those in Japan start buying(and maybe send some our way):)
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  12. Moonstar
    Great sound out of the box :blush:
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2018
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  13. chimney189
    Unfortunately I have to let the Atlas go .. money is needed!
    I wouldn't be surprised if I bought them again sometime in the future.

    But damn, they are heavy!
  14. paulgc
    Just purchased @KB SXC 8 IEM for my Atlas. https://campfireaudio.com/shop/aloaudio-sxc-8-iem/

    These ALO cables are substantial and gorgeous. However super stiff compared to the Litz OEM cables and transfer lots of physical movement noise transfer. Litz for mobile and SXC for sitting still!!!

    I have become anti social in the office with my iPad/Tidal HiFI/ @ChordElectronics Hugo2/Atlas portable rig. Mostly BT until Hugo 2Go comes out. Mobile rig iPad/Tidal HiFi/ @ChordElectronics MojoPoly (in Hotspot mode)/Atlas or SE846 with @MoonAudio Dragons. Really like the dynamics of the Atlas!
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  15. digitalzed
    I also ordered the SXC 8 but returned it. Too unwieldy and I didn't hear a big enough difference between it and the silver Litz cable included. But it is a gorgeous cable.
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