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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Audiophonicalistic
    Nice that looks like a great player. Now I want one!
  2. Den Sol
    So I gather you are drawing a parallel that Atlas is more like HD800S whereas Andromeda is more like HD800 and you like the more lively presentation of Atlas (HD800S). Got it, thanks!
  3. Colors
    I have the Andro and I’m kind of missing the Atlas I used to have LOL

    If only the Atlas wasn’t as heavy...
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  4. Audiophonicalistic
    Yes I have the atlas and sold the andros. I really miss them sometimes but honestly only for a few albums. Atlas for the majority of my music is prefered.
  5. chimney189
    I'm tempted to purchase the Comet and do a comparison between it and the Atlas.. hmm. :ksc75smile:
  6. Lookout57
    I did burn-in my Vega and doing the same on the Atlas. However I can't remember what Campfire recommends on the burn-in time for their DD IEMs.

    Anyone remember ?
  7. Xelpud
    So far I'm absolutely loving my new Atlases, but I've got a rather curious problem with them--of all the tips that came with them, the Final Audio large tips have been the most comfortable and produced the best sound. However, there seems to be a VERY fine line between getting a proper seal and having driver flex completely cut audio out of the IEM. Has anyone found a solution for this problem?
  8. mashuto
    I have just found for me that its all about insertion angle. I try to insert them from a bit lower angled up. I seem to be able to get a pretty good seal without cutting out the audio.
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  9. chimney189
    I'm starting to find that there is a fit issue for me as well, but it's not really that surprising because I do have small ears..
  10. Colors
    No need for comparison. I owned the Comets and used it extensively.

    I'd say the sound is closer to Andro (balanced) whereas the Atlas are hard hitting grand slam kind of like an epic drama movie (Lord of the Kings). There's no need to have the Comets when you have the Atlas.

    The Andromeda on the other hand...mid-range queen...if you could own the Andromeda and the Atlas, I don't see any other combos that can beat this pairing haha. Maybe Zeus XR + Legend X...
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  11. chimney189
    Thanks Colors, that helps!
    Are there any down-ear wearing IEMs that you know of that mimic the sound signature of the Atlas?
  12. Colors
    None that I know so far :frowning2: The sound is so grand yet clear...
  13. davidcotton
    Unless you buy the comets to tide you over whilst saving for the atlas :p
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  14. chimney189
  15. Jearly410
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