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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Audiophonicalistic
    Imo the atlas is a huge upgrade from vega. I enjoyed the vega along side with my adromeda but sold it for the atlas and have never looked back. Bass goes deeper, is more detailed and has improved mids. I enjoy it quite a bit.
  2. chimney189
    I really don't like the idea of putting a rating system on headphones or IEMs .. let the reviewer give his opinion without the numbers or letter at the end.
    Then again, I'm a person that wants to get rid of the grading system in education as a whole...
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  3. Den Sol
    I have recently bought a AK SE100 and very interested in the CA Atlas right now :L3000:
  4. sorrick
    Most of his reviews are based on vet short demos o
    Yes, I would not take this review as the end all and be all. It is great to have one person be able to give his impressions all in one place, but most of his reviews seem to be based not even on extended listening sessions, but on listening to different iems in stores or at a show for 20 minutes. I respect him for his attempts to try as many iems as possible, but I have found my ears often do not agree with his quiy substantially.

    The atlas is also an iem that definitely needs to be broken in (and. I’m not generally a big break in guy) and it requires some extended listening.
  5. digitalzed
    I have the SE100 and just received the Atlas yesterday. I've spent about 5 hours listening so far and am pretty damn happy with the match between the two. The SE100 is a very resolving DAP and the combo of it with the Atlas is, so far, really proving to be a match made in heaven. All the detail of the SE100 is there and the Atlas really dig the lower frequencies out with some very powerful but well-controlled bass. The combo leaves nothing lacking in the mids or highs to my ears, either. I need more time with them for sure. But out of the box, I'm very pleased.
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  6. Den Sol
    Thanks Jeff for replying in both here and the SE100 thread! That's very helpful!
  7. Tragic
    My Vega’s are purely great and I never had any desire for the Atlas. In 6 months CA will release something new for a couple hundred more and you’ll all be slagging on the Atlas instead of Vegas.
  8. Carlsan
    I had my eyes on the Vegas all along, then the Atlas got released. I'm hoping that the Vegas show up as b-stock or as a Massdrop reduced price sale. I wouldn't mind checking them out.

    CA said that the Atlas is as far as they can go with the A.D.L.C. Diaphragm Dynamic Driver. The 10mm size hits it's limit.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2018
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  9. Slashn77
    I would be in for a massdrop drop.
    I’ve seen the Lyras did well there I can only imagine the Vegas for $699 at the end of the quarter and CA could make another $80k+ in sales
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  10. Den Sol
    Would be very interested to see what you think.
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  11. digitalzed
    My pleasure, Den.
  12. Den Sol
    Just pulled the trigger on CA Atlas :beerchug:, hope to receive my item in the next few days.
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  13. Audiophonicalistic
    Congrats. What are you playing it out of?
  14. chimney189
    I posted my impressions on page 122 of this thread.
  15. Den Sol
    Will be playing out of my A&K SE100 (also recently bought). Mostly playing Tidal and my ripped CD collection.
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