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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. davidcotton
    Decent balanced cable for Comets without breaking the bank please? Tried the brainwavz one from amazon uk and it's nasty (it was only £15). Don't want to go nuts with the pricing though. It's mainly the mic and lack of chin slider that I don't like about the original!
  2. digitalzed
    I found this short video on how to detach and attach MMCX cables very helpful.

  3. digitalzed
    I found this video really helpful with attaching and detaching MMCX cables.

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  4. Xelpud
    +1 For the complys. Just got my own pair in today, and as far as comfort goes, they're easily the best I've tried yet.
  5. Den Sol
    Sounds good, thanks! Just figured out this type of cable is called MMCX, not litz as I originally assumed, also ran across that YouTube video yesterday.
  6. Den Sol
    I am looking as well. Saw this $45 cable recommended in this thread in some earlier page:


    Planning to give it a try before going for the like of campfire reference 8 etc.
  7. Den Sol
    Going to try a Brainwavz candy cane cable that cost $45 to see how the balanced output on my DAP sound.

    According to my DAP (A&K SE100) spec, the main differences seems to be:
    output level: balanced 4.1 Vrms, unbalanced 2 Vrms.
    signal to noise ratio: balanced 123 db @1KHZ, unbalanced 122 db @1KHZ
    THD-N: balanced 0.0006% @1KHZ, unbalanced 0.0007% @1KHZ
  8. Arkady Duntov
    MMCX is a type of connector; Litz is a type of braiding.
  9. capnjack
    I got this one the other day and it seems like it fits the bill.

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  10. Den Sol
    Good information. I was thinking Litz refer to the whole cable, then thought MMCX is it. But looks like there is quite some more aspects to be considered when choosing/ordering a cable, like the MMCX connector, single end or balanced, etc, etc.
  11. digitalzed
    I'm running the Atlas balanced from the SE 100 and it's amazing. The unbalanced out is darn good, too. But the SE 100 really shines when outputting audio to a balanced cable.
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  12. digitalzed
    The cable that comes with your Atlas is a really good cable but I found running a balanced cable further improves the sound.
  13. Colors
    The best method I've learned through a lot of strenuous trial and error is actually to pull the cable head with your weaker hand (in my case left) and pull the earpiece with the stronger hand (in my case right). Insert your finger nail of your thumb and index between the MMCX if you can and pull straight.

    I was doing it before in reverse (cable with stronger hand and earpiece with weaker hand) and had terrible results haha. Never enough strength.
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  14. Den Sol
    Great to hear! Do you have recommendation for the brand of balanced cable?
  15. MyPants
    So I actually ordered the same cable that comes with Atlas, except terminated in 2.5 mm balanced. It's available on ALO Audio's website as the Silver Litz, and you select your connector preference before adding it to your cart.
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