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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. notorious4163
    ie800 to campfire vega/andromeda to campfire atlas which i sold for the X’s
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  2. warrior1975
    Well, the Vegas and Andros are two of the best iems out there, IMHO. I haven't heard the Atlas, but I will more than likely be purchasing it due to my love of the Vegas. It's really too soon for me to say much on the difference between the Vegas and the Legend X's, ironically I was doing some abing between those two last night while I was laying in bed. Unfortunately, I was really enjoying the music (or fortunately) that I was not paying much attention to either iem. They both are so seductive. Maybe new toy syndrome but I did find myself wanting to hear the Legend X's more. I can't imagine you not being happy with this purchase, especially if you enjoyed the Vegas.
  3. linux4ever
    Comet pairs very well with Sony zx300a. And when the Sony kimber cable with 4.4mm balanced termination is added, the synergy is top notch.
  4. rodel808
    iPhone X > lightning dongle > stock cable > Comet

    I already emailed CA but no response yet. Can anyone please verify if the volume controls work in the above configuration? Much appreciate it.
  5. notorious4163
    you audiophiles are sometimes the only people i can relate to in this world.
    i’m having an especially bad day in which i just feel so alone (even tho i have a beautiful gf and lots of friends) i just want to take a moment and say that i’m grateful to each and everyone of you.

    and moreso i appreciate all of y’alls passion and appreciation for more, for better.

    just like swords i believe our iems/headphones have lively personalities and are an extension of ourselves.

    Have a great day y’all, and never settle for less
  6. notorious4163
    tottally worth it imo
  7. notorious4163
    what kind of music do you listen to/demo? i listen to mainly edm so how would you rank them in my genre of music thanks boss!
  8. torifile
    Can someone with the comet and an iPhone verify whether the buttons work? I sent a support request to campfire and their response seemed to say that they don’t work with iOS devices. Which seems odd.
  9. autosleeper
    I've got a Comet and iPhone 8. It's the same situation as with most other IEM remotes: the play/pause button works; the volume buttons do not. This is because there's *something* extra involved in getting them to be fully IOS conmpatible. Like, the manufacturer has to pay for certification or something.

    Pretty sure all buttons would work perfectly with an Android device.
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  10. torifile
    How disappointing. Thanks for the confirmation. The confusing thing is the person I bought the comets from had a friend test his comets with an iPhone X and he said all the buttons work fine on the iPhone.
  11. autosleeper
    Lol, don't believe friends of people who are trying to sell you stuff :ksc75smile:
  12. rodel808
    Seller here. The Comets had already been sold and I was notified of the issue. I then asked my friend to test it on his iPhone which he said the volume controls do work. So I offered a partial refund to the seller. Yesterday i emailed CA about it and finally got a response today:

    That cable - like most mic cables - is designed for use with Android devices.

    That being said it works with apple devices depending on your iOS.

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  13. torifile
    Today I tried it on my Mac. Same deal - none of the buttons work. I emailed them again and they offered to exchange the cable. Since it seems to be a known problem and not a defect, do you want me to refund your partial refund? It’s not your fault.
  14. davidcotton
    Any cheap decent recommendations for a replacement non mic cable for the comets? Preferably on amazon uk. I'm convinced (either reality or in my mind) that it's the weight of the mic cable that feels like it's pulling the iems out of my ears making it necessary to keep readjusting it. Otherwise it's a bit of a love hate affair atm for me. Usual hassle with tips for me. Hoping the custom tips I've got on order will help with that.
  15. davesday
    The same is for Atlas. The weight of the cable (even though it is not heavy) and the lack of a good fit are causing it to fall out. But I have found the perfect fit for myself. That is to wear it over the ear and using a larger Final E tip. Now I can move my head left and right without having to readjust it every minute. Can't look down though otherwise the Atlas will eventually fall off.

    I hope Ken/CA would take on this feedback and build the next iteration of Atlas in an over ear IEM style. The DD CAs look quite good, fit was perfect. An over ear style in a stainless steel construction with polished or brushed finish would be sick!

    Anyway for a possible candidate for a non-mic cable here. A couple of pages back, someone recommended Brainwavz Candy Cane MMCX 2.5mm. If you want 3.5mm SE, I'm sure you can find a similar one from there.
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