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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Jonathan Lerner
    Does anyone know how the atlas sounds with the ifi xdsd and hoe that compares to a higher end dap such as dx200 se100 or wm1a
  2. Dobrescu George
    I will be able to compare xDSD to DX200, and with Atlas in the mix once all the pieces reach me :)
  3. davesday
    I had the iFi xDSD for a short period of time with my Atlas. It sounded very warm for my taste but vocals are very good. I ended up trading up for the iFi micro iDSD BL. It is way bigger in size but the sound well balanced with hard hitting lows. I also have the WM1A but don't listen on it enough to be able to give an impression. I didn't think it synergise as well as my U4-SE on 4.4mm balanced.
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  4. Spellcastered
    I was just wondering if anyone has had the chance to compare the Comet to the Periodic BE? I've had a chance to test the comet and loved it, but havent beem able to try the BE yet
  5. Wiljen
    Not really fair as the BE has more in common with the Atlas than the Comet. Both have similar signatures, big bass, great mids, slightly rolled off Treble with no sibilance. I think the Be has a bit more extension on the low end and a thicker mid-bass and that thickness continues into the lower mids. The upper mids are a bit more forward on the Comet to my ear. Guitar sounds a bit more natural on the Be while vocals tend to be a bit more lifelike on the Comet due to those differences in the mids.

    I'm not a big fan of the cable on either but at least the Comet gave me the option of replacing it with another I like better. The single biggest downside to the Be is the non-removable and low quality cable. At the price point, there really is not an excuse for not having put a bit more effort into the cable to match the quality of the iem itself.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2018
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  6. chimney189
    I'm hoping my Atlas will arrive within a week.
    This engagement of musicality is what drove me to purchase it.

    The Andromeda is great, but just seems a bit too polite. I don't find myself 'bobbin' as much as I do with the HD 800S for instance.. I think that says a lot.
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  7. Colors
    The Atlas will surely make your head bob then :)
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  8. NewEve
    Just dropped-by to mention that after getting the Cascade, I got the Comet as a carry everywhere and I'm blown away---best pair of in-ear I ever got.
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  9. Audiophonicalistic
    What other in ears have you tried? Thinking of getting comet for my gf.
  10. NewEve
    Grado GR8e & Sony MDR-EX650AP which were my favorite.
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  11. davesday
    Hehe shouldn't that task be given to the Atlas. I mean if you're after the 'portable' version of Cascade (reading that they have similar signatures).
  12. 8481
    Does anyone else get condensation on their Atlas with silicone tips? I'm kinda worried that it may damage them. I have to wipe the grill off every ~20-30 min. No problems with hybrids/foams though
  13. emptymt
    This is not a problem specific to The Atlas, other CA models such as The Andromeda is also affected.
    So far my Andromeda has got no problems with its performance.

    But the problem has been talked over in the Andromeda thread, so you might want to head there.

    Every 20 Mins is a bit excessive though, my Andromeda takes longer for it to appear on the nozzle.
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  14. 8481
    Alright, thanks for the heads up. Yeah I guess it happens fast cause I'm in Malaysia (hot and humid here) and my ear kinds hugs the shell itself?
  15. emptymt
    Haha, coincidentally I first notice the problem when I was flying to Penang, I was in the plane though and has been using The Andro for hours when I saw some drips of water near the nozzle area, I think the problem is not related to the weather at all, The AC in the airplane are supposed to make the air dry but it happened anyway.

    I think this happen because of the heat & moisture trap in the earlobe being heated up even more due to The IEMs? I'm not sure but so far my unit is still ok.

    I hope it will still be good after a long time.
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