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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Alanaudio
    I demoed them all at AXPONA, from my taste U12t > Leg X > Trio > U18t.
  2. notorious4163
    really? a lot of people prefer the legend x to the u18s so it blows my mind. the tia trio could be as good but no way it’s better imo
  3. Alanaudio
    U18t is not bad, for measurement proporse it might be one of the best IEM in the world. However, the sound is so clam with the reference signature which is not fun and musical at all.
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  4. notorious4163
    really? what makes it not fun and musical?
  5. Alanaudio
    At this level, I don't think there is any good or bad IEMs, it is just personal tastes matters.
  6. notorious4163
    true. this will be my first time entering the over $2000 IEM market. So excited to hear the difference between a $1300 pair and $2300 pair
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  7. Jackpot77
    Having finally got to spend some tone with the LX last weekend at Canjam, the difference will actuslly be pretty small, and more along the lines of preference rather than actual technical ability. At that sorry of level, almost everything sounds great - once you get over the $700-800 mark, the law of diminishing returns is in full effect amen it comes to increse in SQ per $ spent.

    That said, hippie you enjoy the LX - you can't really go wrong with either pair! :wink:
  8. amirhosein
    Any recommendations for an amp or a dac/amp for to pair with the Atlas for under 500$? Desktop amps are fine too as I'd probably mostly be using it on my desk but some thing like the Chord Mojo or the iDSD IFI black label would also be nice as I'd be able to use it portably if need be :)
    notorious4163 likes this.
  9. notorious4163
    ifi black label is miles ahead of chord mojo. get it, you won’t be disappointed. sound quality is unparalleled to any other amp in that price range

    also look at ibasso dx200 if u wanna pay 200$$ more also highly recommend it
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  10. dpwolfordMD
    I got the Fiio Q5 and it’s been nothing short of amazing. portable, great SQ, flawless bluetooth connection to iphone. the cable slot is upgraded compared to the Q1 mk2 as well.

    mojo is too thick—same with ifi nano BL, ifi xDSD looks like an alien artifact. ifi Micro is a joke for portability....that led me to get the Q5
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  11. notorious4163
    of course, i understand the difference will be small. but to us audiophiles, that small difference is actually huge to us and the reason why we call ourselves audiophiles
  12. notorious4163
    while the ifi bl isn’t as portable as the others, it’s still portable. and sounds a 1000 times better than the Q5.

    So i guess you have to decide whether you value portability or sound quality more. if it’s portability get the mojo if sq get the black label

    i owned the Q5 but after going to mojo and black label i can’t go back, the sound is thin weak and poor sounding compared to ifi or mojo

    keep in mind the Q5 is also bluetooth so that messes with the sound quality
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  13. dpwolfordMD
    ifi Nano Black or Micro black you’re referring to?
    and oh jeez I hope I didnt mess up getting the Q5! I wanted the portability for walking around having the amp in my back pocket and phone in front pocket connected via bluetooth. Q5 was best form factor I could find to work w iphone.

    otherwise you’re using 2 different cables to hook up the mojo to iphone and the ifi is so bulky!

    edit: this is all for use on the atlas of course. not sure what IEM you were coming from
  14. amirhosein
    What about desktop amps? Is something from Schiit or Woo Audio for example going to be any better than the ifi bl?
  15. warrior1975
    Be prepared for disappointment... To my ears, the differences are very minor, and dare I say that I prefer my less expensive Vegas to some of my more expensive whatevers.
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