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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. notorious4163
    i’m talking about the micro black. the features on it are also incredible the xbass+ and 3D+ makes it pop, more fun and lively.

    and i’m using the atlas’s
  2. notorious4163
    but have u heard the legend x’s?
  3. dpwolfordMD
    nice ok thanks for clarifying that. actually I used to have the Micro black label but it was so embarrassingly bulky!!!! the xbass and 3d switches were cool but don’t personally think the atlas needs any further tuning. for desktop or transportable use it’s a great amp tho
  4. Slashn77
    The ifi xdsd is what I am using and I love it. Had a Q5 that I liked but if you’re not going to use the switchable amp module the xdsd has more power, better volume increments and almost half the length.
    The Q5 is about as big as my iPhone 7.
    The xdsd is a fingerprint magnet and has a bug where if you use it in BT mode then use it in wired mode when you go back to BT you have to re pair the device which takes about 5-10 seconds. If you keep it in BT mode then you can turn it on and off and it will connect automatically. Didn’t have any interference issues with either like is reported on some mojo users.
    Battery life is about the same with Q5 and xdsd in wired mode but xdsd gets better battery life in BT mode
  5. Alanaudio
    It is hard to explain or analyze why it sounds boring since it have almost perfect treble, mid, bass and soundstage.
  6. Alanaudio
    I also sold my Atlas recently, U12t with PW 1960s 4wires will be my end game IEM setup.
  7. warrior1975
    Yes. I own them along with Zeus, and several other IEMs priced at or around $2k. I've Owen several flagships, from several different companies. Not downplaying the quality of any of them, it's just very difficult to improve the sounds drastically once you reach a certain level IMHO. I haven't spent enough time with the Legends yet, but I do love what they sound like so far. It's not a knock on them, or any of the flagships I've heard. More of a compliment to some of the more "affordable" high end iems, such as Campfire Audio (Vegas and Andros, and probably Atlas as well).

    I've just learned to temper my expectations at this level.
    Kundi likes this.
  8. notorious4163
    did you sell them for the u12s? and stfu aim higher. no such thing as an endgame. and the u12 is certainly not an endgame iem. at least u18t
  9. Carlsan
    u12t gets you 95% to the sound of the U18t's, they are really not that far apart, certainly not the same amount as the price difference.
    U12t is the little brother of the U18t. They share sonic similarities. Bass, for one, is pretty close to the same on the two, with the U18t having some extra body. U18t has a more sparkle and detail up top.
    On second thought, from memory, the U18t have a big holographic sound which is really only hinted at with the U12t's.
    Still, not worth the big price difference IMHO.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
  10. torifile
    Does your remote work with the adapter. Mine doesn’t. I have used the adapter with other remotes and they worked fine.
  11. notorious4163
    don’t be greedy the audiophile in you won’t be satisfied ur going to end up getting the u18s eventually so why not aim for the real endgame
  12. Alanaudio
    Like I said, I demoed them all, and I still prefer the sound of 12t then 18t. The extra details and sound stages from 18t does not mean it can bring more emotions to the song(vocal). Other then 18t, the ERLKONIG from Vision Ears might be a prefect end game IEM, however, one of my friend compared it with the u12t with 1960s 4 wires said he still prefer the u12t combo.
    fuhransahis and notorious4163 like this.
  13. notorious4163
    fair enough. have you looked into empire ears? ex: legend x, zeus, phantom
  14. notorious4163
    grrr i still have my expectations tho but thanks for the realism, now i know what to expect or “not” to expect. but goddam $1300 is a big step up tho
    warrior1975 likes this.
  15. warrior1975
    Sorry, not trying to set you up for disappointment. It also depends on the iems as well, there are some excellent choices that punch above their prices. Either way, the Legend X is an amazing iem, and so far one of the best I've heard. Spent a lot of time with them yesterday and I'm not disappointed in the least.

    What iem are you upgrading from again?
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018
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