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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. tgrosu
    Thank you!
  2. notorious4163
    I came from the ie800 (mostly listen to edm)

    tested out the andros, vegas, and atlas

    you can’t go wrong with any. they are in a whole another world the ie800 is a piece of **** compared to campfire (actually it’s not that bad) but yea i highly recommend the atlas if u can afford it, if not get the vegas which is only $1000 and it sounds incredible

    basically what i’m telling you is that yes, campfire ****s on the ie800s
  3. notorious4163
    Feel free to PM me over the last week, I’ve been testing and torturing myself over which to pick/the differences.

    I came from an ie800 and now I have the Atlas, basically it does everything the ie800 can but 59387373 times better but pm if u have more questions. you can even call me! i’m more than happy to answer questions, i feel like i can help you make the right purchase!

    Good luck!
  4. tgrosu
    Besides EDM, do you also listen to vocal music?
    I was wondering how are the voices reproduced by the Atlas, since on the IE800, sometimes they seemed a little bit (or more) congested, recessed...Didn't like it at all...

  5. notorious4163
    hey guys how does the campfire atlas compare to the kaiser encores? or the k10 or katana?
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  6. Colors
    Letting you guys know right now, as a previous owner, the Atlas with a single DD sounds very different from an IEM with 5-12 BAs.

    If you’re expecting Andromeda v2.0, it’s not what it is. It’s more like Atlas - yin / Andromeda - yang.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
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  7. sorrick
    The atlas and encore have completely different signatures. The atlas has a relatively warm, natural tone with robust subwoofer like base, slightly laid back mids and somewhat airy treble that has sheen but not a ton of sparkle. The encore has a much brighter, cooler, signature, with more forward mids, more energetic (too energetic to some), quite sparkly treble, and much leaner, less bodied, tightly controlled bass that can at times seem to hide away even on some tracks where you feel it should be more present. The bass is there and can be authoritative on tracks with really emphasized bass, but it often feels on the lean side (I have the encore universals so a perfectly fitted custom encore may do a little better in the bass department) In addition to more bass, the atlas has deeper bass extension. The Encores have more detail retrieval, clarity, and transparency, further emphasized by the brighter signature, but in the treble and upper mids have a less natural, slightly robotic tone. The Encore’s notes, especially up high and down low are sharper and crisper, while the atlas’s notes are rounded and fuller, weighted down low like a medicine ball. Instrument separation is more pronounced with the Encores, while with the atlas you are hit with a bigger wall off sound. Both have fairly large stages, but the Encores have perhaps a bit more width and height, while the atlas has more depth. They really have very different sounds.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
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  8. notorious4163
    Wow. You are a Godsend. I am a fairly new to all these terms and I am in the process of learning depth and width and soundstage mids and what warm means? seriously? what does a warm sound seem like?

    (i’m not a bass head but i preceded the vegas and atlas to the andro) i value clarity a lot but at the same time the atlas’s bass gives you that punch, that oomph

    so my question is can you explain this in a simplier version to a newer audiophile? (i listen to mostly edm/little bit of hip hop) so looking for a sound more engineered for those.

    What do you think? which do you prefer?
    i guess what i’m asking which one has a more fun, loud sound that makes you feel the music (electronics in my case)

    what do you think would be a better fit for me?

    edit: what do you use more? encores or atlas
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
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  9. sorrick
    My short answer would be that if most of the music you listen to is edm and hip hop, you are likely going to be happier with the atlas. The Encores have the clarity and detail edge, but I think you might find them to not have enough oomph down low and a little bright and crunchy up high, particularly with highly produced edm tracks. The atlas are more forgiving and have a more fun, smack you in the face with a big wall of sound presentation.

    Warmth in audio is most often associated with the kind of tone you get with tube amplifiers and generally describes a thicker, fuller, more liquid sound, often with more emphasis on the bass and lower midrange and with a smoother, non-fatiguing treble. Warmer signatures can often sound more natural, but if a signature is too warm, it can start to sound a little fuzzy and lacking in detail. Cooler signatures tend to have leaner/thinner sounding notes, can have a more clinical, precise sound that emphasizes details but can sound sharp, thin, or halllowed out if overdone.
  10. notorious4163

    thank you so so much. put my mind at ease, and yea i thought i was never a basshead and always focused more on clarity and details. so last question i promise, so i’m assuming the bass in the atlas beats the encores? and are u selling them or any of ur earbuds pm me
  11. DaveStarWalker

    I just read your message.

    My proper terms between Kaiser Encore... and Andromeda :


    Very good and acurate description about the KE caractere.
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  12. Arkady Duntov
    I have the 64 Audio U5 ADEL and U6 ADEL (5 and 6 BAs), and the Westone W80 (8 BAs) and, as you report, they don't have the same type of sound as the Atlas' DD.

    I prefer the Atlas. It sounds better and better every day; one thing I do notice is that on days when the Atlas sounds its best, the W80 sound improves also. I think maybe I'm not a very stable genius any more.
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  13. sorrick
    Yes, the atlas has both a larger quantity of bass as well as a more rumbling, natural bass quality than the encores. The bass on the Encores is much more controlled. You get some initial impact (though again less than atlas) but not much of the rumble that you hear with bass coming from good speakers, subwoofers, and the dynamic driver of the atlas.
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  14. notorious4163
    Hey guys. Question about the black label iDSD micro. You guys are angels. Can someone explain? (EDM Mainly)

    Is the light supposed to turn solid green (not flashing) when you turn it on/when it’s on? (or is it supposed to turn blue?)

    What do you guys recommend for

    1)Polarity + or -

    2) off, high sensitivity, or ultra senestivity

    3) bit perfect, minimum, or standard

    (For EDM, Dance Music, Little bit of rap)
  15. Roscoeiii
    Ask iFi support. Not a thread that isn't even about an iFi product.
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