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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. ufospls2
    I've really been enjoying the Hifiman RE2000, but I'm back to listening and comparing with the Atlas today. I am trying the stock double flange silicon tips (medium) that come with the Hifiman RE2000 on the Atlas. So far, these are actually the best sounding tips I have tried I think. I am still getting the very annoying driver flex/suffocation problem, which only goes away with the marshmallow foam tips. However, the Hifiman double flange's tame the treble a tiny bit vs the CA single flange silicons, but still leave a bit of sparkle. Really enjoying this combo.
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  2. Lookout57
    If you are looking for a new DAP in that price range the Sony ZX300 is a great match. Or step up to the WM1A.

    The Sony's do a great job driving all the CA IEMs in balanced mode.
  3. davidcotton
    I'd get a sony in a heartbeat but they've stopped doing podcast/audiobook support on all the higher end models which is a bummer, but that's a thread for a different forum :)
  4. Alanaudio
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
  5. notorious4163
    i got the ifi dsd black label it’s so clunky goddam the mojo was so portable but the sq can’t even compare. one question it’s more portable if i don’t use the DAC cord the blue one. hm wondering how much it affects sound quality. can anyone explain amps in English?
  6. Mej35
    Really interested in the Atlas IEM. I am coming from the Sennheiser IE800's and I'm a bit worried that it won't be worth the upgrade since both are dynamic driver based. Any thoughts?
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  7. davesday
    You won't regret it. But what is your music preference? EDM, classical, jazz, warm, mellow, clean, sterile sound signature, basshead, treblehead? What are you not happy with the IE800 and wish it could improve?
  8. Mej35
    I listen to a wide spectrum of music genres. I'm pleased with the IE800's but feel there is a lack in the low end. I'd love to test out a pair of Atlas IEM's but don't have any dealers near by.

    Have you owned both pairs?
  9. davesday
    Shame. Hope you find something you like!

    So I take it that you're really happy with the iFi Micro DSD Black Label over the Mojo?

    What phone are you using? If you're on iPhone just get the CCK cable LINK. It will connect right into the iFi and the short Lightning cable going into your phone. If you're on Android, just get a similar one. It should be USB-A (Female) to USB-A micro (Male). There should be a USB-C version as well. Just check Amazon/EBay. You have to check the clearance of the USB-A (Female) side though. Otherwise hop into the dedicated discussion thread, check older posts or ask the users there. Generally it doesn't matter what data cables you use as long as it is decent. Decent as in it can carry a stable voltage, shielded, no cross talk, etc. However if your devices are 'noisy' it could contaminate the power supply side the devices you're connecting to but that is a totally different subject. So as long as you're using a decent cable, SQ should not be affected (because the data is in digital domain).

    By the way I don't consider the Micro as mobile. Its more of a portable device for desktop use. If you wanted something mobile, the Nano version would have been better. But I can totally understand why you picked the Micro. Happy listening!
  10. davesday
    Unfortunately not both pairs. I have only auditioned the IE800 in a short session. I remembered it as being bright and not bassy. This is only a short 15-20 minutes session so don't take my word for it. I think you will like Atlas because it has everything I wanted in the low, mid and highs. The bass is extraordinary. Others may correct me, I think Atlas has a very safe consumer oriented sound. It offers more obviously and provides room for new listeners to grow into whatever fields within the realms of the hobby.

    If you're in doubt, do read more impressions written by members here. I mentioned impressions and not reviews because they provide a factual foundation on what the impression is based on. They may contain some of the songs you are familiar with and go from there. That is the closest you can get without listening to them.

    If you decided to get them. Please don't be disappointed when you first hear it. It is ultra bassy and warm. Some says it will need a length burn-in. ~400 hours. I did mine for 100 hours and I don't even know which side of the fence I am with respect to this subject. Seems good enough for me.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
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  11. Mej35

    Thanks, I may just go for it and hold onto the IE800s as back up. Don't get me wrong, The Sennheisers are amazing and I don't think I'll ever sell em. I actually bought two pairs on sale because I liked them so much but I'd love to get into Campfire as I hear great things.

    I skimmed through this thread and saw just one comparison of the Atlas vs IE800 but it wasn't too detailed. I'd love to hear more from those that have owed both before pulling the trigger.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
  12. Audiophonicalistic
    So I currently own atlas and legend x. Both purchased at same time. I'd say atlas is finally broken in. The more I listen to it the more I really love it. From day 1 to now I think it is night and day. For those of you just purchasing give it some time like I did. Detailed, punchy, dynamic, and has really drawn me into the music. I was telling my girlfriend last night it sounds like a whole new headphone.

    Setup is gold plated silver exo 4.4 to wm1a. The cable brings out the mids and tames the highes and lowes just barely. Listening to band of horses new album, war on drugs mqa, and in search of sunrise 14. I think it is an amazing pairing and all the details are there. If its in the song you will hear it, so awesome. Before I liked andromeda better but the more I listen to atlas the more convinced I am that I like the atlas more. Shocker cause honestly I'm not a big basshead.

    Tips I like the symbio mandarins the most. Jvc spiral dots had a little too much treble for my liking and final audio tips had too much bass. Symbio sounds most balanced to me.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
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  13. fuhransahis
    Would you be able to compare against Legend X?
  14. tgrosu
    I also own a IE800, so I will try an answer. The up and lower sections I like quite a lot. However, I feel that in the mid department, it is left with quite a lot to be improved. I would use the term "recessed", or "congested" to describe how I feel about its mids (I am referring in particular to the voices of the singers). Not at all forward, I would say. That's why I am looking for a replacement, but I am still confused as to what to choose. My shortlist would be Andromeda, the Noble Encore and the Atlas. I know that for some of you this might look like I am comparing apples with pears (Atlas vs. Andromeda/Encore), but anyway this is my shortlist. I am listening to a Sony WM1A.
  15. Audiophonicalistic
    I have a 4.4 balanced cable coming in next week and will be able to compare it then. Had to send my sony in for repair, they sent me a new one so thats breaking in as well.

    For the other poster, once broken in I think the atlas has lovely vocals. Band of horses dsd the vocals are there and dont feel recessed like they did when brand new but I believe partly because my plussound cable brings out the mids more.

    I havent tried the kaiser but the andromeda handles vocals exceptionally well along with everything else. Maybe in the kaiser section? I'm sure they have a ckmparison there.
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