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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. faithguy19
    I can’t imagine a better iem for edm than the atlas.
  2. davesday
    That is what I am thinking too. I haven't try out the Legend X yet but I was told (and read) that they are very similar. I'm sure Legend X brings some refinement here and there. With the Atlas being so close, I think it is good value especially the materials used for the diaphragm.
  3. faithguy19
    The Legend X is really great. I owned it before I owned the Atlas. I sold it after getting the Atlas though.
  4. notorious4163
    Are you serious? You think for my genre of EDM, that the Atlas beats the Legend X? How would you compare the 2? You sold ur legend x for the atlas? really? you liked it that much better?

    i’ve been asking around but can’t get an accurate answer. can you please compare the two legend x and atlas? is the x a significant upgrade over the atlas? is it a lot better? which one is more fun sounding? which has bigger bass? i know the x is more clarity but does it sound too thin?


    you are amazing. how would you compare the atlas’s to the list? is the x or the u18 a significant upgrade?

    but yea how does the sound in the legend x compare to the atlas in terms of bass, musicality, which do you like better?

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  5. Arthur Li
    After being impressed by the comet, I was really curious about the orion so I went to a headphone shop and compared the two. I think comet sounds a lot better. I listened to the new album of Utada Hikaru and Dave Brubeck Quartet "Time out". I find the orion too mid-centric and lacks energy in both upper and lower registers. The comet, on the other hand, has bass punch and treble sparkle. However, the orion seems to retrieve more details in the mix.
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  6. notorious4163
    except the Legend X? (Did you like it better than the Atlas?)
  7. kateriemaid
    I’m a former owner of the Orion who sidegraded to the Comets for a while (and now have Andromedas). Although I liked the Comets at first, I found myself missing the soundstage depth and natural timbre that the Orions delivered. I couldn’t go back to the Orions, however, because the extension just wasn’t there. Andromeda certainly fixes the extension issue and gives me back my soundstage depth and amazing tone, but the one thing that’s missing from the Comet is a sense of physicality to the bass. The bass extends deeper and is vastly more textured and detailed on the Andromeda, but the Comet delivers some semblance of the “slam” that one gets from a dynamic driver. Still, going back to the Comet from the Andromeda is just impossible.
  8. davesday
    Maybe the Atlas then? :wink:
  9. kateriemaid
    I’m not sure I’d like them. I really didn’t care for the Vega at all when I tried them. Too much bass. Sacrilege, I know.
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  10. notorious4163
    atlas is a thousand times better than andromeda buddy
  11. Jackpot77
    ... a thousand times different maybe. If you like BAAAAASSSSS, then the Atlas is your go to. If you prefer a more balanced sound with more sparkle and air, the Andro would win out. I say this as a massive fan of both - the Atlas is much closer to my own preferred signature so I'd choose it over the Andro, but when you get to this sort of level, both are TOTL iems in their own right so personal preference plays as big a part in choosing the "right" iem as actual performance/tuning.
  12. notorious4163
    Hey I see in your sig, you have the Empire Ears Zeus’s. How are they? Is the atlas better? have you heard the legend x how does it compare!
  13. notorious4163
    also guys looking to trade a mint (bought last week at Audio46 w/ receipt and warranty) Atlas for a Legend X and cash.

    Or just cash/venmo/paypal

    or honestly might consider selling the atlas’s if anyone’s interested for 1180
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2018
  14. Jackpot77
    The Zeus-XR are an incredible sounding IEM. For raw detail retrieval, they beat the Atlas. If I'm looking for dense, emotional mids or to do some critical listening, I pick the Zeus. If I'm looking for bass (quantity and quality) and a more dynamic, musical signature I reach for the Atlas. Delicate acoustic music? Zeus. Rock? Mainly Atlas.

    My point being, BOTH are TOTL monitors, so the concept of "better" is difficult to apply, especially as they are rubbed very differently. BOTH are excellent, so it just depends what sort of tuning you are after.

    I haven't heard Legend X, but will be gleefully rectifying that this weekend (along with the CA models I haven't heard yet) at Canjam London.
  15. notorious4163
    My God, My Campfire Atlas’s are SINGING.

    I can’t even listen to them because their so beautiful

    however some parts of my music sound crystal clear while others don’t. i’m not sure if the mids are recessed or something (my vocab isn’t that good)

    but doesn’t change the fact that when putting them on and listening to them it makes me want to bawl my eyes out can barely even listen to these without getting emotional.

    thank you campfire audio!
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