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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. notorious4163
    hey guys, what do you think about the atlas’s silver cable?

    is it worth buying the reference 8 or aloaudio sxc 8 iem?

    is it better than the pure stock cable? what are the differences? which cable would be more suited towards Electronica and Rap
  2. ExpatinJapan
    I have covered the cables in my Atlas review in the review section.
  3. notorious4163
    Hm, Is it worth it to get the Encore to replace the Atlas for mainly (EDM). On a percentage wise how much worse is the bass on the Atlas compared to the Encore? 10%? And how about the clarity? a lot?

    Would you say getting the Encores are a significant improvement over the Atlas’s or do you believe I will enjoy the Atlas’s more due to its oomph and bass (even though i’m not a bass head lol)
  4. theveterans
    You probably want the Legend X or Tia Trio than Encore for EDM IMO
  5. aaf evo
    As an EDM junkie, the Legend X is fantastic for it.
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  6. notorious4163
    Thank you so much. But would you recommend getting either the U18t or Tia Fourtes for EDM and they are much better than the Legend X’s correct? possible to compare ? and how about legend x vs atlas is it a huge upgrade? as my friend said he much liked the sound of the atlas and thought the phantom was eh
  7. aaf evo
    I haven’t heard the atlas. 95% of my music is edm.

    I went from Fourte -> U18t -> CIEM LX. Fourte and LX are better for EDM imo over the U18t but I found the Fourte’s mids to be too recessed. The sub bass on the LX works wonders too.
  8. Slashn77
    IMO none of those IEMs are going to be a HUGE upgrade from the Atlas for double the price that the LX costs.
    This is definitely the ‘law of diminishing returns’ area of the hobby with IEMs.
    I am surprised you do not like them for EDM as I am a EDM fan myself and love campfire audio’s DD for this genre

    But if you have the funds go nuts! I am definitely jealous!:L3000:
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  9. notorious4163
    Wow. Thank you so much! This is amazing, (I listen to stuff like Young Bombs, Chainsmokers, Porter, All EDM) so you are kind of crushing my dreams.

    Because after a lot of research I thought the U18t (or fourte) was the ENDGAME for my audiophile preferences.

    So are you telling me that the Legend X is the ENDGAME? Can you compare X and Fourte and U18t PLEASE! I need help deciding! Can you compare the 3? What do you think is the best choice for me? I love bass but I need my clarity as well as that oomph the bass gives. I need to feel the music so please, which one would you say is my endgame.

    ex: listen to (young bombs wild things remix, cheat codes nights with you remix feat mo) but also a little bit of hip hop too so i need the bass? is the X the strongest bass? however do u find it to be muddy?
  10. notorious4163
    I love them to death. I’m obsessed with them and my black label amp. They are amazing for EDM. The audiophile in me is satisfied 90% (make that 80%) i’ll do anything for that improvement but are you saying there’s almost to none?

    i can’t believe that bc the price is so different
    can you give me your advice? possibly compare?
  11. Audiophonicalistic
    What is your source and what files are you playing? Atlas is awesome for edm so is legend x. I own both and listen to a lot of trance and they make me cry how good they sound. Both need to be broken in. Atlas broken in sounds like a new headphone, so awesome. Both have big bass. If youre not a basshead then Id go for one of the other recomendations honestly.

    I liked andromeda more than vega for trance even though technically vega had bigger bass and was supposed to be better for edm. So dont think big bass will match your desired sound signature.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2018
  12. Audiophonicalistic
    I know off topic. Could you please give a quick impression of janus d with legend x? I appreciate you. I heard it lowers the bass and brings out the vocals and sparkle?
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  13. aaf evo
    Yep what you have heard is what I am hearing myself so far. I haven’t been able to give it a real run though. My DX200 TI arrives tmrw and I sold my regular one before my JD arrives. It definitely lowers the bass a little which in the LX isn’t really a bad thing and I can feel more “thickness” in the vocals. Not sure I’ve noticed much difference in sparkle though
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  14. aaf evo
    Fourte - highest clarity and the most treble - it can be fatiguing for some but I loves it

    U18t - most balanced sound, good for all genres, still amazing treble like the Fourte but the mids aren’t as recessed

    LX - most bass out of all 3 (good quality bass too), the tamest treble but it still has a nice sparkle.. overall the best for EDM imo.

    You can get an LX demo from EE, as well as the Fourte and U18t demo from 64 audio. Contact them and audition them :) they’re all fantastic.
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  15. notorious4163

    AHHH i don’t know which one to pick. I’ve been wanting the u18t or fourtes but the bass on the legend x and the mass positive reviews on it. Plus it’s a lot cheaper.

    but then ur telling me you love the fourte and the u18 is just as good so i’m just ocd

    I DONT KNOW WHAT TO PICK. because i feel like just because it sounds good for EDM doesn’t mean i’ll like it better. Are the mids muffled on the X cuz of the bass? Because as much as. I need the bass I need clarity and musicality and energy

    correct me if i’m wrong but i thought the u18tzars were considered the greatest and more favored than fourte and x because of its musicality.

    :frowning2: so indecisive i can’t pick they all just sound so amazing

    Do custom legends sound better than universal?
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