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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. notorious4163
    My Campfire Atlas vs Vega

    Atlas definitely has more sparkly treble, fantastic bass as always (more controlled than the Vegas but somehow I still think the bass in the Vegas is stronger however that resulted in muddled mids)

    Happy exchange honestly both are exceptional earbuds. Kinda miss my Vegas just because of the loudness, but God they were ugly

    Think of Atlas as a more clear Vega but with controlled loud bass instead of the Vegas’s huge bass.

    Or think of the Atlas as an Andro that’s is more cohesive with much better bass but still retains that sparkly treble however still cant beat the Andros imho
    I honestly think the differences in the Vegas and Atlas are very small, as I talked with a Campfire employee who he said the difference was only around 10% if he had to put a number on it!

    but wow does anyone here prefer the Vegas over the Atlas?

    Honorable mention: the Andros were exceptional technical. clarity, sparkly, wide soundstage and depth, but didn’t have that musicality and the emotion the Vegas/Atlas have
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  2. davesday
    Thanks for the info! I received mine on Monday and I can agree it one very useful little DAP. I said useful because it is so flexible. It can work as a USB transport to my DAC/AMP or USB DAC receiver on my iOS devices. I think it should also work with PC/Mac. It also works as Bluetooth transport or Bluetooth DAC receiver over my iOS/PC/Mac. At work, it would be hooked up to my iPhone streaming Spotify. While commuting, it would be connected via Bluetooth to my iPhone. It sounds great with the Atlas. Most of its tonality is preserved. It is definitely brighter than Fiio i1 and my other equipment. It is definitely an upgrade for my 'at work' equipment. I can sense some harshness in some songs. Maybe it is the constraint with the M0 because it is not present on my Sony WM1A or my iFi iDAC2.

    What filters are you preferring? I seem to be sitting on the default minimum phase slow. I know what they all means but still learning what kind effects they will have on the Atlas.

    Wow you act quick.
    I think you have been pre-empted about the fitting and seal. So you're now on a journey on ear tip discovery. I have SpinFit dual-flange. They don't work for me. The normal SpinFits works for me but is prone to driver flex on my left ear. I am now using the included Final E. You should go through the sizes and see which one works for you. Or just use the stock foams (if you like that). I have ordered the Symbio MandarinEs W and still waiting for them to arrive.

    I think the Atlas is louder but the fact that you mentioned Vega is louder could be due to fitting and seal. Regarding wearing style, check my replies to you and also few pages back. Best to experiment what works for you since you already have it.

    For AMP, I think there are many options just as good as MOJO. Most important is the synergy (whether one IEM/headphone works well with it) and your preference. This is something that shouldn't be rushed. You already planned to get one so I must assume you already have the budget for it. Enjoy the research/purchasing experience for as long as you can.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
  3. fuhransahis
    As per your loudness comment, that makes me think you're playing the Atlas straight out of your phone, no? If so, while they can be played out of your phone, you are getting them nowhere near as good as they can be, or as loud as they can.

    As for a suggestion I was not a fan of the Mojo/Vega pairing so I assume it will be similar with the Atlas. If felt like it could be more dynamic than it was with that pairing and it turned out to be very true in my case.

    You can also get a DAP that will serve you better - to me it's less bulky than having a Mojo strapped to your phone and you get no RF interference. Various options for different budgets/needs.
  4. notorious4163
    LOL, thank you. what amp would you recommend for the atlas? everyone has been recommending me the mojo budget 600 tops (mostly listen to edm)
  5. notorious4163
    what amp would you recommend for the atlas? everyone has been recommending me the mojo budget 600 tops (mostly listen to edm)
  6. fuhransahis
    If you are looking for a DAC/Amp the ifi Micro iDSD Black Label is probably your best choice in that price range for pure SQ purposes but is far less portable.

    If you are open to a DAP the iBasso DX150 ($569) is your best option for both SQ and portability in that price range IMO. If you can do an extra $200 then add the Amp 8 module for the DX150 and you have yourself a sweet setup, though you'll also need a cable with a 4.4mm termination, which is extra. If you strongly want to avoid buying another cable then Amp 7 is a great option, as you can keep the stock cable.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
  7. Roscoeiii
    Agree with all of the above. Or if you are open to changing phones, the LG V10/V20/V30 has a DAC/amp powerful enough to drive Vega and/or Atlas. But I'd take the iDSD micro BL over the LG (I own both).

    But yeah the iDSD Micro BL is damn amazing. My Andros and Vegas sound incredible out of it, and it can power hard to drive planar cans like HE-560s or the HE5LE from HifiMan. One sick piece of equipment. With more oomph and dynamics than the Mojo for sure.
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  8. davesday
    I think it should be less what people think is good for you but rather what you prefer. You have to separate the hype and work out what sounds nice because your own circumstances affects that (e.g. the music you prefer, the music you have, the format they are in, etc). But their suggestion and mine would give you a point to start. When I started this hobby journey few years ago, I went on a spending spree. Good thing it was just low end stuff.

    I would suggest the following to test out (in no particular order or price but well within $600). I am also assuming you require portability so the DAC/AMP has to be battery powered. After that you should go onto the respective threads on Head-fi to learn what other users say about them.

    1. Sony PHA-2A - safe choice for me. Based on 'ES9018K2M sound' but with Sony's house signature. Size is big though.
    2. iFi Nano iDSD BL - great little device not too expensive. Never had a chance to test.
    3. iFi xDSD - the only reason I recommend this is versatility. It can operate over Bluetooth. However beware it is buggy as hell but iFi will fix them in due time. Also sounds very warm on my Atlas.
    4. Fiio Q5 - very similar to xDSD but without the warm signature. Slightly cheaper and also allows expansion by swapping out AMP modules.
    5. Mojo - I had this long time ago but I remember it as clean sounding and clear. However at times it feels too clinical for me. I had the ATH-IM04 back then. I don't have impressions with Atlas.
    6. If you don't mind a much larger setup, test the iFi Micro iDSD BL as well.

    I currently have the PHA-2A new. Don't plan to keep it though because I plan to consolidate this role with my desktop application. It would do double duty as desktop PC and portable DAC if I want to stream music.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
  9. dpwolfordMD
    Notorious: hey man sounds like you’re on the right track getting the Atlas instead of the Vega. I dont doubt for a moment that they were willing to waive the restock fee since you were spending even more money w them. Campfire did the same for me twice! needless to say I have the Atlas now.

    as far as amps, i’ve had the ifi micro black label but it is way overkill for the Atlas. when I had mine it was for an Audeze LCD-2. way overkill for the Atlas. Possibly the Nano might the ticket if you’re at a desk. meant to try one out in my pocket but was handed their new iDXD instead. I tried a mojo and fiio Q5 as well. the sleekness, fit in my pocket and overall finish of the Q5 led me to buy it for my purely portable Atlas setup linked to my iphone.

    on the tips, I ended up getting the JVC spiral dots from a Japan seller on ebay. hated mandarins and spinfits. just my 2 cents

    hope this info helps!
  10. davesday
    I had tried Spiral Dots. Are they just one type for all barrel size? I bought mine in Japan. Unfortunately they went straight through the barrel of the Atlas with no stoppers. So all the dots were 'covered'.
  11. notorious4163
    so helpful thanks. so would you recommend the mojo? how was the sound (i listen to edm) i also need something portable but doesn’t have to be pocket size. how was the sound quality mojo vs Q5

    and what do you mean the micro dsd was overkill it’s not a good choice?
  12. notorious4163
    what are the best portable amps? for an iphone
  13. Roscoeiii
    If you are in NYC I imagine there must be dealers ever you can audition things. A
    That's your best bet. Or find online dealers with good return policies.

    Mojo: Clean sound. Not as big on dynamics. A bit lean. Great details. Big RFI interference problems when used with smartphone.

    iDSD Micro BL: More dynamic, more oomph. More meat on the bones. Fuller sound (tho maybe at the slight expense of details compared to Mojo). More versatile (built in 3D effect, bass boost, 3 power options, built in IEM match). Bigger footprint. It may be considered overkill since you may not need the power. But it is remarkable that it pairs so well with both sensitive IEMs and power hungry cans.

    There may be poor matches out there (too little power, to much hiss, impedance too high or low), but neither Mojo or iFi would be a poor match on that sort of basis. Much more a factor of personal preference.

    Try them yourself.
  14. Roscoeiii
    OK. You've been non-stop with questions today. Probably also time for you to start using the Headfi search function.
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  15. notorious4163
    sorry guys im done. y’all are amazing
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