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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Slashn77
    I don’t own the Vegas but I own the Lyra II (same 8.5mm DD) and the Andromedas so I won’t comment on sound of the Vegas vs atlas but for me personally Vegas are $1000 down from $1300 because of the recent atlas release which are at $1300 so to me $150 restocking fee plus shelling out $300 more for the atlas so another $450 on top of the $1000 you spent would not sit well with me for minor tweaks.

    Like stated above it really is all about if you think it is worth it to you to put $450 for the newest flagship (which will have better resell value for the future) and get the cable down.

    Maybe I am wrong but if you are getting a good fit with the Vegas and love the sound I would keep them UNLESS you can audition the Atlas and your Vegas in the store. I would hate for you to get the atlas and realize you got a more secure/comfortable fit with the Vegas because I have no doubt either are some of the best IEMs on the market
    ($150 restocking fee bugs the cheapness inside of me)
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  2. notorious4163

    hey thanks so much. super helpful. one more question. i listen to music really loudly, i wish the vegas could have 2 more volume up controls as i listen to my music full blast or close so this is very important which is louder ? thanks so much last question
  3. notorious4163
    hey thanks so much. super helpful. one more question. i listen to music really loudly, i wish the vegas could have 2 more volume up controls as i listen to my music full blast or close so this is very important which is louder ? thanks so much last question
  4. notorious4163
    thank you so much sir. i have an amazing fit with the vegas. i might not switch to be honest as I might want to save for the u18t. i’m just an audiophile craving that sound as close as to perfection as possible, so it just bugs me. the vegas is amazing just which it was clearer and it’s a big deal the difference. i believe there aren’t major tweaks
  5. notorious4163

    Thanks so much. So so helpful. And so basically i’m wondering if the difference is vast? I have a great seal with the vegas and everything sounds great i just wish it was clearer and had more staging, the audiophile in me craves gettin that sound as close as to perfection as possible so much that i’m willing to shell out a few extra bucks. But anyways, yes i enjoy wearing it over and up over.

    I love what you said about emotions because that’s what made me choose the vegas, ur telling me the atlas does that’s even more??? wow?

    honestly to everyone i’m considering selling a mint condition vega with everything included every tip spintips and spinfit
  6. notorious4163
    hey guys sorry for the spam. new to the community as for posting but have been a lurker for many years. glad to sorta start to be involved


    selling mint condition Campfire Vega, everything included: warranty, receipt from Aduoo46, box and every tip and packaging.

    price 950 i’ll pay shipping
  7. Roscoeiii
    When did you get the Vega? Campfire has a 15 day return window. And that may be flexible if you are returning to acquire the Atlas.
  8. Roscoeiii
    This belongs in a For Sale ad, not in this thread.
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  9. fuhransahis
    You can demo the Atlas at Audio 46 and see how you like it. As Roscoeiii mentioned if you do want to switch, contact Campfire directly, Audio 46 might be less lenient from my experience.

    I'm not sure I understand your questions about volume though. And U18t is a very different tuning than Vega, so it might not be better for you.
  10. davesday
    What is your source player? Sounds like you're listening straight out of a phone. The Vega may not be as 'loud' as your last pair of earphones or your source player is weak. For example when I swap from my 64Audio U4-SE to the Atlas, say on my Sony WM1A I had to up the volume by about 5-10 steps depending on the song. You can fix that with a good player or DAC/AMP but you probably don't want to research down that path :wink:

    I would highly recommend that you test the Atlas at your local store. You don't have to raise the subject of returning/upgrading until you're definitely sure. Maybe it is not as big of a jump for you or maybe you don't like the fitting. You mentioned that you like cable up and over the ear wearing style. The Atlas would bug you. It certainly did for me. When I returned the Dorado, I had the option of upgrading to Vega or Atlas. My heart was set on Vega because of the adjusted price point and the fitting was perfect for me. Unfortunately that price adjustment has not hit my local store. So with both the Vega and Atlas at the same price, I thought why not get the latest and the greatest.

    For me yes. You should still audition it because you might hear things differently. If you're saving up for 64Audio U18T, you should aim for that. I listened to the Fourte and U12T for hours at my local store. It is really something and that is just straight out of a humbly and small little Fiio i1 Lightning DAC adapter.
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  11. Audiophonicalistic
    Imo the atlas is an improvement in mids and highs. I think bass is a little more controlled. But yes the fit is funky and I much prefer fit of vegas. I think it comes down to you if more detailed better treble is worth it for the switch. Atlas is best of both andromeda and vega.
  12. crezo
    The M0 is a great little micro player. Sound quality is great, but I don't have much in the way of DAPS to compare it to other than some of the Sony NWZ high res smaller units from a few years ago.

    But I'm more than happy with it. I only really use the folder browse view, the rest of the UI is a little basic and old School to put it mildly :wink: I can't comment on Bluetooth as I've never heard a bluetooth connection as good as a wired one so just don't use it or bluetooth headphones.

    For the money though you really cant go wrong of you simply want to play music through headphones. Anything durther Ive not tried.
  13. Audiophonicalistic
    For 100 i think its pretty awesome. Bluetooth streaming through my phone 0 hiss on shure 535 which i was really surprised about
  14. notorious4163
    hey guys, update! i bought the last pair of atlas’s in NYC at Audio46. You guys were right, the Vegas had amazing seal that the Atlas can’t achieve how do u guys wear urs? what tips work the best? currently using spinfit double flange.

    forsure the clarity is improved but to be honest i think the vegas were more fun because they were louder. tomorrow i’m going to buy a MOJO and see how the pair works.

    any recommendations guys? on how to wear? what amp?

    is the vega discountined? i honestly want one too and fyi shoutout to audio46 they didn’t charge me a restocking fee
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  15. Roscoeiii
    Many people like SpinFits and Symbio for CA IEMs. I love the Symbio seal.

    As for the Mojo, opinions are mixed on it. I preferred the iDSD Micro BL with my CA Vega and Andro. A very versatile amp and no issues with cell phone interference that plagues the Mojo.
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