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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. theveterans
    It's what I use too with the Comet
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  2. oneula
    duo density symbio tips?
  3. theveterans
    Just the regular Symbio tips
  4. davesday
    Would you not use a 2.5mm to 3.5mm SE plug to avoid changing cables that could wear out the MMCX. I know the Beryllium-Copper connectors are pretty good in this kind of usage. But its less one cable to bring around.
  5. davesday
    Do you have to go one size smaller than your normal fit? Meaning you are using Mediums on normal silicone tips. So Symbio W is the right fit for the Atlas then.
  6. 8481
    I actually use large for normal silicone tips, before foams, large spinfit provided the best seal but had very bad driver flex (even continuing on after removing the earphone from my ear). The foams on the medium Mandarins are a bit stiff so they eventually hurt my ears, large Mandarins are just way too large. I think my earholes are kinda wide but flat? idk how to describe it.
  7. davidcotton
    Try going down a size to small for the mandarins? A lot of people on the dedicated thread have commented on the fact that they use a smaller size than normal for these tips.

    I've had to put my comets away until my custom tips arrive (another 2-3 weeks yet :frowning2: ) It's not so much finding a size that fits for me, it's the stupid angles of my ear canals. After getting impressions done my left ear is relatively straight, but my right ear has quite a rise in it. Even spinfits don't help.
  8. emptymt
    I had another audition (second time) of The Atlas VS Andromeda, this time around using Fiio X7 II and Hiby R6 + iematch.

    I found the Andromeda has a good amount of bass with the iematch on the R6 and also the X7 II, using it straight on the R6 cause problems with the tonality that we all love about that IEM.

    Based on my comparison this time, I went and purchased the Andromeda instead of The Atlas, this after initially thinking of getting The Atlas after my first Audition!

    The deciding factor for me was the mid and sound stage, the Atlas has excellent mid but its a little push back while The Andro is more forward and seems more enveloping as well with the music.
    The Andromeda just can't do anything wrong, its very versatile!

    On the other hand if I'm a bass lover I could easily lean on The Atlas.

    I reviewed the Andromeda when it came out but I didn't buy it, I was so impressed with it and I still do after all this time!
  9. 8481
    Yes, I am using small ones now, I said so in my earlier post.
  10. Colors
    I recently got these tips too! Very excited to try them.
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  11. Alanaudio
    Have anyone tried continental V5 with Atlas? I am planning to pair Hugo2(as DAC) with CV5 for Atlas. : )
  12. davesday

    For those who wants absolute performance potential for your Atlas while staying 'low profile' at work. :ksc75smile:
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  13. notorious4163
    ugh, guys i need advice. I purchased the Vega yesterday for $1000. Kinda new audiophile (considered myself one because I had an ie800 but over the last week of hard research i realize there’s a whole another world out there and i’m so excited and passionate about campfire)

    blessing in disguise that i lost my ie800 which led me to discovering the Vegas at a shop in NYC (liked them much better than Andros/but still loved the andros but went for the vegas bc i listen to mainly edm)

    thus, like the noob I am, somehow i didn’t notice the atlas (goddamnit i’m so oblivious)

    so here, i’m wondering if i should return and buy the atlas although there’s a 15% restocking fee or do you guys think there could be a chance i like the vegas more?

    i love love love the clarity that the andros have and the soundstage but the vegas made me feel the music and that’s something science and technicality can never accomplish

    somehow as i sit here, enjoying the vegas i have a burning desire to get the atlas. what do you guys think? should i return the vegas for the atlas? (the 15% restocking fee isn’t a problem)

    is it true that the atlas is just vegas 2.0? does it do everything the vega does but better? can someone help clarify? how does the bass compare? does the atlas have bigger bass? and does it give you that nostalgic feeling that vegas delivers! is it clearer that the vega but also just as bassy?

    much much appreciated!
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
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  14. davesday
    So true. I used to stick with well known prosumer brands like Audio Technica, Sennheiser and realise there's a whole new world of boutique houses that makes innovative stuff.

    IMHO the only time where you might like the Vega more is the wearing style and fitting. This would highly depend on what kind of style you prefer: cable up/over ear or cable down (e.g. you hate memory wire). Both styles have their advantages and disadvantages. The Atlas is designed primarily for cable down and many people actually do wear earbuds this way. However, Atlas being very heavy has a tendency of being pulled down and loosing seal. Even the stock cable which is very light to begin with has sufficient pull down force to do this. Many of us tried to wear it upside down so that the cable can go over ear with various degrees of success. Go back a few pages and you will see some of us discovering new ways of wearing IEMs (don't laugh because it works). The stock cable is soft and flexible enough for this. Alternatively if you like foam tips, you won't have any issues. For me wearing cable down provides the best seal and hence good bass response but I need to adjust my left ear every few seconds so that is impractical. Atlas also has driver flex and it happened to many of us. This is very tip dependent. For me wearing cable up in combination with the included Final Tip E removed 95% of occurrence. The good thing about Atlas is that it has very strong bass that it still performs even if I couldn't get the best seal. Silly thoughts yes.

    To attempt to fix this, I have ordered Final Ear Hooks as well as MandarinES W to see if this can be improved.

    TLDR and back to the Vega, you might like it because of the fitment. I found it easy to just pop it in the ear and don't have to touch it. On my ear, the whole unit fits nicely without any protrusions. It is just so streamlined. Unlike Atlas, you won't have fingerprint and scratches issues on the Vega (if you're OCD), though it is easier to polish/buff stainless steel than matte finish (e.g. once you polish matte finish, they go shiny).

    I can't help you from the sound perspective because you must try it yourself. If I haven't heard of Atlas, I would probably be contented with Vega. I actually bought Dorado because I like BA sound. Vega provided more treble extension over Lyra II. When my Dorado turned DOA, I returned it and tested Atlas. I bought that knowing I won't be happy with the fitting right out of the box.

    IMHO, yes. Atlas's bass is more 'connected' and 'emotions driven'. Its like hearing it from a good set of speakers vs hearing it at the place music is being played by actual musicians. It also 'clearer' than Vega at the high end. I don't have sufficient experience in articulating this but to put in on layman terms. Atlas was able to perform really well like a BA what DD can't reproduce on a Vega high end wise.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
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  15. Jackpot77
    Listening to the CV5 / Atlas combo this week while I'm trying to finish up my review of the Atlas. It pairs very well - plays to the strengths of the Atlas tuning. Very nice combo.

    The Vega and Atlas are similar, but the Atlas has a slightly more forward midrange and more sense of air and sparkle in the treble than the Vega. It is missing the spike a little further down the treble that the Vega has, so can come across as a lurks less aggressive and more balanced in the highs.

    Bass is still buffet present (if anything, it insures on the Vega) so the overall style of the tuning is pretty similar. I find the Atlas involves me in the music in a way very few IEMs or earphones can. Also, the sonic image is slightly larger on the Atlas - everything just sounds a little "bigger" in the ear.

    Will try to get my review up by the end of the week if I get time, with a proper A/B comparison between the Vega and Atlas. With regards to whether you should take the Vega back, that's a personal call - I think the Atlas is the better iem, but the differences are small rather than glaring, plus the Atlas is something that is better worn down rather than over the ear, so preference may have a role to play in your decision as well.

    Hope this helps!
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