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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. oneula
    I think somewhere earlier in this thread Ken from ALO recommended copper cabling for the Comets
    I figured since he designed them he should know but everyone has different tastes
    I ran a custom 8 core Junkosha with balanced 2.5 out from Venture Electroncs to my new hiby R3 and it seemed to sound better to me than going through the the standard 3.5 out with the stock cable on the same material.
    I like the comets better than my 1More Triples
  2. gawroot
  3. crezo
    20180704_000048~2.jpg 20180704_000712~2.jpg Just got the comets delivered yesterday and I'm massively impressed on first listen.

    As a Bass head I was expecting to be selling them on (but read so many reviews I really wanted to try them), but currently I think they're great. Its great to not get driver flex which has been driving me mad on my Oriveti Primacys that ive been using for about the last month and love.

    My only gripe is the fit. The cable angle doesn't really work that well for over ear for me, and they just don't stay in well with cable down. I might try and do some ghetto diy job on the cable to create a memory wire type doodad so they stay in place better.

    But other than that they are great and surprisingly rich warm sound. Also the felt bags perfectly fit the M0 so the player and phones both can be protected in the CA zip bag... little things :wink:
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018
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  4. davidcotton
    I've found the same thing. I'm used to the westone type in ear monitor where the cable wraps over your ear and the whole thing feels like it's pretty much there. With the comets there's this feeling that they are pulling down, and I'm wondering if the cable itself is a large part of that? At the weekend I'm going to try and swop out the cable for a non mic one and see what the difference (if any) are. Also it's nice to see that things are predictable with fit for even these things. Left fits fine, but the medium tip is too big for the right ear (starts to hurt after awhile) and the small goes in deep but doesn't actually seal. Good job I've got a set of custom tips being done for them.
  5. Sebastien Chiu
    Looking to pick up a comet at $185 if anyone wants to let their's go.

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  6. crezo
    Yeah I might have to try some other cables and see how I get on. Would love to see some pics of the customs when they're done.
  7. davidcotton
    Be a few weeks yet sadly, however Ryansoo posted a pic back in this thread of his.
  8. ExpatinJapan
    Tips are the main thing.
    It took me a few years to find the right ones (size and shape).

    I rarely find stock tips that fit well for me.

    As I have already written before (for myself) JVC Spiral Tips fit best.
    Plus the thick silicone keeps the bass like Comply does, and the open bore retains enough treble extension like usual silicone tips.

    As I also have the Atlas I have been able to experiment with fit for both.

    The Atlas took me some time to resolve.
    - ones ears must be fairly dry to prevent slippage (in the morning after my shower they stay in place more than at the end of a long summers day,
    - experiment and find the right tips.
    - experiment and find the right tips.
    - experiment and find the right tips.
    -I also found with the Atlas I needed to go a size down in tips than I would normally use.
    - proper insertion. The usual pull up the ear, and back- then insert. If the sound isnt right - pull up the ear again from the top most part to equalize air in the ear canal and prevent driver flex or suction.
    - move it around and find the right angle, myself i wear them over ear, and the mmcx cable angled slightly outwards, not flush with my ears. This seems to achieve a good weight balance and seal for my ears.

    *Early on I found the Atlas would move around and lose its seal etc until I got the hang of the insertion.
    Now they stay in place easily for my commute.

    For the Comet the same above applies.
    I find it an easier fit due to it being more lighter. I use my usual sized tips.
    I swap from over the ear to hanging down.

    *I use one size larger tip in my left ear due to my ear canals being slightly different sizes. Finding this out was the end of much of my early frustrations with fit of in ears.

    I hope this is helpful.
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  9. Dobrescu George
    Best experience to date in comfort has been with Spinfit tips in my experience, they simply have a better silicone than others to my ears (?)
  10. davesday
    This is cool. I'm looking to pick one up as well to replace my Fiio i1 that I use during commuting and for work (trying to stay low profile). How's the audio performance? I wonder if it will trump Fiio i1 easily and also the Dragonfly Black (ES9010). Lastly will it stream Spotify via an iPhone? I read that the M0 could work in Bluetooth receiver mode.

    The Atlas took me a while too. I think I will settle with cable up/over ear with Final E tip (one size down). I like my SpinFits but I only have them in Medium and yet to try one size down. My SpiralDots don't seem to fit into the nozzle nicely. It goes all the way in (all the dots are covered).
  11. oneula
    i'm using dual flanged spinfits with comets with some success
    I also use the silicon over ear cable hooks and pull the cable out from the silicon hanger so it hangs down and doesn't pull on the IEM
    works out well the comet as they feel weightless this way
  12. MyPants
    I can't agree enough that these puppies will demand some tip rolling for many people. I almost always get the best fit with medium or small foam tips, but with Comet it's the large spinfits by a long shot.
  13. Wiljen
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  14. oneula
    this is my current comet setup
    SpinFit dual flange dtip and 8 core Junkosha cable from Venture Electronics terminating in a 2.5 TTRS balanced plug for my Hiby R3
    I use the standard cable for 3.5 SE plugs

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  15. 8481
    Okay, I have found my new favourite tips for the Atlas, small mandarin symbio wide bore tips. They provide the same isolation as Marshmallows/Comply with no dampened mids.:D
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