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New Beyer DT1350

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  1. mrAdrian
    Digizoid isn't really just an amp with bass boost, but more like serious 'enhanced' signal processing... I doubt any normal bass boost will be as extreme as the ZO. If an amp's bass boost is as strong as the red level in ZO, it is seriously flawed
  2. Mshenay Contributor
    That may be true... I've never heard an ZO b4, but the Bass Boost for my amp is mesaured at about +8db that's ofcourse at 100% volume [meaning source volume and output are teh same] when listening to lower volumes the boost is... pretty freaking big! Still it might not be AS much as ZO, but it's MORE than the E11 and Just as tight with equally good attack! FOr $100 I'm a pretty dang happy customer, tried my Xb 700's with the Indeed G3 last night... I was shocked :D.
    My favorite band Nu Tone sounded AWSOME, they how ever like a Sub/Mid bass line... heavy frequancies in 50 adn 129 hrz at the same time -.-, it's mixed together MAGICALLY but the Xb's bring out the Sub more so there's some roll off... which kinda sucks but with just my cMoy or E11 the entire Nu Tone bass sounded rolled off... so me gusta! Still though I wonder if I want a Digizoid... as the more it boost the "muddier" it gets! Lots of Tight bass... me gusta Tube! I also noticed the Tube has more bass "un boosted'' than both my solid states [when they are un boosted as well] so I guess I'm a tube bass fan :D
    haters gonna hate <3
  3. unita
    is there any cheaper alternatives to the 1350? (maybe not as great but, well close)  ive been considering the 1350 but theyre $337 and im not sure if i want to spend that much.
  4. Deep Funk
    Check the headphones for sale...
  5. kupleh
    Hey, I got it at US $249 .. :D  Here is the website www.razordogdeals.com but I bought it from his ebay store.
    Of course plus shipping which cost US $44 for me .. :frowning2:
  6. Saraguie
    I just purchased from B&H Photo Audio $237. free shipping CONUS, cost me $15.
    They are supposed to be very well matched to the Fostex HP-P1....fingers are crossed.
  7. AJHeadfi
    You and me both! Although the Grado SR325i is sounding nice from the HP-P1 at this moment, maybe I don't want the DT1350 when it gets here. DT1350 are $399 normal retail free shipping in Oz right now. For me if they were $50 and I don't like them its a waste, $399 and they get a lot of use and appreciation, well worth the expenditure ... luxury item no less.
  8. kupleh
    Since you mentioned it, I started looking for desktop amp now .. I have an eye on Hifiman EF2A which has the tube as well.
    Is there anyone try Hifiman EF2A with DT1350 ?
    Wow.. It is a great deal.. 
  9. Saraguie
    Agree with you 100%! Let's compare notes when we get them.
    Let's enjoy all our new toys this Holiday Season and at the same time remember those that are hurting for one reason or another.


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  10. eskimo
    It's the best headphone i own. If the gneres people favour for this headphone are of your preference, then do it! These are the most impressive ones i've owned. But unfortunately are the most uncomfortable too. I've been tempted to throw down some money for the T5p after hearing these and demoing some T1s too. The tesla drivers are really something.
  11. Headzone
    Could someone test the bass extension on these, does it go down to 30hz like DT770's?
  12. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Damn good down to 10Hz. FWIW, mine go down pretty low using this tool:
  13. Headzone

    I'm looking for similar extension to the 80ohm version, it is much bassier than 600ohm, at least according to graphs:
    The DT1350 looks pretty suitable on paper btw. But from experience I know that the graphs lie sometimes.
    And the reason why i'm asking this sorta stupid question because i'm looking for cans to use for some electronic music genres that require such bass extension .
  14. purrin
    The T5P sounds different from the DT1350. T5P highs are much sharper whereas DT1350 have good tonal balance. "Tesla" is more marketing than anything else. No one to this day can figure out what Tesla actually means in terms of design goals or implementation (other than 1 Tesla magnet in the T1 driver, but obviously not in others). Some of Beyer's classic line headphones are actually better than most of their full sized Tesla line headphones, the lower lines of which are pretty craptastic.
  15. eskimo
    Ah okay, thanks! I've not owned a headphone as smooth (i don't mean rounded) and when i demo'd the T1 i kinda put 2 and 2 together. I'd still like to have a pair of high end Beyer's over anything else.
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