1. Regnox

    new headphones

    hi! I'm kind of new to headphones and i would like to know, what would be a good pair of headphones for me. I will use them to listen on my phone to a lot of music but mostly metal (in public so preferably a closed pair) and also on my pc that will have a xonar stx as the sound card.  ps...
  2. mattgravey

    JVC-HM100E Vintage Headphones Info

        Hey everyone, I picked up some vintage headphones at a garage sale this week. I can't find any info about them at all. I managed to find some info on the later JVC HM-200E (with the dummy head) model, but this model turns up nothing. What do I have in my hands in terms of collector's value...
  3. c12mech

    Just finished -- DT48e re-cable

    I decided to re-cable the DT48e's that I got a couple of weeks ago.  I still need to get new pads and then I think they will be pretty good.   After 3 tries I got the braid right.   The wire is shielded 22ga.  I found about 50ft of it at work and thought I would give it a try.  My...
  4. duke11235

    AMP and or DAC Recommendations for Beyerdynamic DT48E ($350ish)

    I'm looking to get either a good dac/amp or just amp for about 350 dollars. It would have to pair well with the Beyerdynamic DT48e. I'd really just like to know what is currently out there in this range.       Thanks
  5. donunus

    DT250 earpads and the DT48

    Does the dt250 velour pads fit on the dt48? I really want to see how the dt48s sound when using velour pads.   Also if anyone knows of any specific velour or cloth pads that fit the dt48, please let me know :)
  6. milezone


    I ******* love these.
  7. elharvo

    Back to the source.. Nagra III, Beyer DT 48

    Hi everyone! I've been using phones for digital only for the most part. I find the surface noise on vinyl just too intrusive, although on my main system, I only listen to vinyl.... But recently I got into tape! I find 4 track and 2 track tape to be the most pleasing source yet, via speakers or...
  8. KlaasBaas

    Beyer DT-48S (driver) cleaning

    When I was young (say mid 80's) I had a DT 48 A with the round grey earpads. Amazing sound, but traded it for a Sennheiser 414 or so, bad trade.   For 4 months now I got a 1967 DT48S (25 Ohm). Amazing, I got that sound back.!! I got myself a new pair of oval earpads for it.   My...
  9. Schoenberg

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 or DT 48 for office use?

    I need a headphone for quiet office.   I am deciding between DT 770 (250 ohm) and DT 48 (200 ohm). I have amps.   I listen to classical music mainly.    
  10. chrismercurio

    DT 48A

    All,   I have a pair of Sony MDR-F1's (nice soundstage, okay resolution, HIGH noise floor), Sony MDR-SA5000's (okay soundstage, good resolution, HIGH noise floor, microphonic cable) and Etymotic HF3's (IEM Soudstage, good resolution, low noise floor, microphonic cable). In the past I have...
  11. FACSman

    REQ: Thoughts on Beyer DT-48E 200 ohm circa mid 80's

    Am looking into acquiring a pair for listening to my Siri:D   Your thoughts, please.   TIA - Rich
  12. AzraelDarkangel

    Anyone retrofit Beyer gel pads to the DT48?

  13. secci

    ART Headamp 6 PRO with Beyerdynamic DT 48 200

    Hi,   I have an home studio and I would like to take the best from my Beyerdynamic DT 48 200 headphone. I am thinking to purchase the ART Headamp 6 PRO amp. Is there anybody that tried this coupling with success? Any reason why it should not work? Do you think I could have better bass...
  14. kool bubba ice

    DT48 appreciation thread!!

    Don't think there is one. But these unknown gems definitely deserve one.
  15. AudioDwebe

    Beyer DT48E

    So what's the word on these cans? I've only read, like, two or three posts on these cans on this site. One comment about them were not good, but the other person compared these to the K501's and preferred the DT48's midrange over that of the AKG's. The only caveat is that this listener...
  16. pire

    AKG K240DF vs K271 vs DT48e

    I 've lived with AKG k240S, K501,Sens HD600, DT440 Beyer and others but i only kept K501 and DT440. I am more into speakers , i own Harbeth SHL5 and ESL 988, so i am the 'midrage' guy who wants a 'flat' but also musical sound , as i only need the bass to follow in music. I broke the k501 and...
  17. Deep Funk

    Impressions and comparisons: Pioneer Monitor 10; AKG K240 DF; Pioneer Monitor 10R; Philips N6330; Sony DR 6A; Sony MDR CD900 ST; Beyerdynamic DT48E.

      Impressions and comparisons: Pioneer Monitor 10; AKG K240 DF; Pioneer Monitor 10R; Philips N6330; Sony DR 6A; Sony MDR CD900 ST; Beyerdynamic DT48E.   As the title suggests this work is devoted to summarize impressions and to compare the headphones based on these impressions. Everything...
  18. MDR30

    New Beyer DT1350

    Professional version of T50P?  
  19. duke11235

    Role of a Dac/ Pairing (Accidental Duplication)

    I currently own a pair of Beyerdynamic DT48E and I really like them, but I use my computers soundcard as my source and my Macbook has slight white noise. As I understand it, a DAC would use the digital out on my laptop, thus eliminating the noise from my analog soundcard. Is this a correct...
  20. EYEdROP

    What is your most emotionally involving headphones/rig?

    Out of all the setups you have heard/owned, which one let you forget about the gear and simply enjoy the music? Which headphones bring back memories of the past? Which ones gave you the most eargasms per song? For me, its gotta be my Macbook Pro 96KHz > Yamaha receiver (pure direct) >...
  21. Sonic Atrocity

    DT48 E (25 ohms) vs. DT48 E (200 ohms)

    Which should I get? Which will provide me with the most sonic fidelity? 
  22. fleasbaby

    ELEKIT Vacuum Tube Hybrid Portable Headphone Amp

    Hi All,   Noticed this on eBay yesterday, and have done some digging around but can't seem to find any reviews. Anyone come across one before, and have any impressions?    
  23. Beyerdynamic DT48 E 200 ohms

    Beyerdynamic DT48 E 200 ohms

    Dynamic monitoring headphone for all sound recordings. Meets the standards set by Nagra recorders, DAT and MD portable recorders. High degree of efficiency. Flat accurate frequency response. Good ambient noise attenuation. Rugged construction. Nickel-plated spring steel, adjustable headband...