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New Amp from HeadAmp - GS-X Mini

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by Rhamnetin, Jul 8, 2018.
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  1. ksorota
  2. viru5
    I guess I should have worded that a bit better.

    to not to HAVE waited as long as you all for the gs-x mini.

    I only found out about it a couple weeks ago and it looks like pre-orders are going to be going out soon-ish!
  3. ksorota
    Haha, ok, that makes sense...

    I was ready in March, then May, now that it is June I am really ready (and excited) to get my hands on one!
  4. KESM
    Yes satin black!...& I’m likely buying one. I have the GL mk2. I can’t imagine an improvement above it...otherworldly HP amp.
    commtrd likes this.
  5. commtrd
    GL Mk2 is crazy good for the price. Motivation for upgrading from this amp not super strong. But someday...
  6. purk Contributor
    If you love the Lite MKII then u must hear the GSX mini. Going balanced with much better supply can yield a substantial amount of sonic improvements.
    commtrd and ksorota like this.
  7. uelover
    The only thing standing between us and GSX Mini, is how fast Headamp can roll it out to production.
  8. justin w. Contributor
    The first 10 are undergoing final assembly right now! The rest of the pre-orders will follow shortly after that. And I welcome all of your opinions on which product box you prefer before I have the printer do more :)

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  9. DaYooper
    Can't go wrong with classic black.
  10. ksorota
    One vote for the stylized option!
    DaYooper likes this.
  11. audiofest2018
    I like the second one. Can't wait to get my pre-order! Cheers!
  12. uelover
    The first option is a classic that never go wrong.

    The second option is for fashionista.
    ksorota likes this.
  13. commtrd
    Important thing is what's inside the box! =)
  14. lucasbrea
    The 2th one for me
  15. uelover
    True that.

    Do we get to go onto the express queue if we opt for the standard brown shipping box :beyersmile:
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