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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nomax, Sep 8, 2016.
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  1. bosiemoncrieff
    Do you think 3.1 or 3.2 would be better with a Schiit Mjolnir 2? I use tubes most of the time though I also have LISST.
  2. Mani ATH 87
    4k USD for a curved ruler, two tiny speakers attached with magnets.

    This is what the headphone game has become.
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  3. Zhanming057
    And your smartphone is a box of metal bits, glass and printed PCBs. What's your argument here?
  4. Mani ATH 87
    What smart phone is $4000?
    Plus a smartphone is infinitely more versatile then a pair of headphones.

    Wasn't proposing any arguments, these headphones just look like a scrapbook project that costs more then my car.
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  5. Zhanming057
    Objecting to the price of something based on material and labor costs alone ignores the R&D, tooling, distribution and marketing costs associated with building hardware. An iPhone has at most $200 of parts and labor, and retails for $1,000+.

    Are you proposing that Mysphere is the only headphone in this price range that's unreasonable? Because Audeze, Hifiman, 64 audio, Focal and JPS labs have products that are as, if not more expensive. The Mysphere's hold their own in performance with arguably better build quality.

    As for beauty, that's in the eye of the beholder but I for one seriously like how they look :)

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  6. prod67
    At the expense of the previously raised topic about the weak magnets in the cups.
    Magnets are completely normal. No magnet can stand that headphones are removed from the head by the cups. To do this, there are ends of the headband. For cups, you can fix the headband on the head, but you should not remove and stretch the headband touching cups. Of course, magnets will not stand it. But even if they moved away, they easily fall into place.
  7. hrklg01 Contributor
    Production is running smooth.
    I calculate that your set is ready in two weeks from now.
    BR heinz
  8. hrklg01 Contributor
    As the Schiit Mjolnir 2 works with switchable output transfomers in 8 steps to switch, MYSPHERE 3.2 is the best option to use. (like in the most cases by the way!)
    Best regards,
  9. Drumonron
    Actually, to better define that which you were doing, it's called trolling. I for one am so sick and tired of people popping
    in and going on about there perspective on something that they will not partake in due to the price. If it's not for you, please
    do move along or how about you go out and build a better headphone and give it away. You really should look into what
    went into the design of this particular headphone, I question that, to make such an ignorant post, you did not read and just
    implusively trolled. Also, perhaps, if your car costs less, spend no more time on head-fi and get a second job or go to school.
    You wasted some of my time with your 2 posts and time is precious to me.
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  10. Drumonron
    No rush and thanks for your timely response.
  11. Mani ATH 87
    I'm not trolling, I simply think the headphones look cheap and silly. I'm not sure why that upsets you. Maybe they sound great, and garbage bags full of money went into the R&D... In the end, the headphones still look cheap *shrug*

    I don't need a second job or further school, that was just a matter of perspective for you. But, no point in arguing, your time is precious so let's not waste any more of it. Enjoy your headphones when you receive them.
  12. interface95
    But you bought a cable for 150$.
  13. Mani ATH 87
  14. Zhanming057
    The second half of the review is up! And yes I'll definitely try out the WA11. The local dealer might get one soon so that's on the schedule.

    Here's another picture of the system I build for the Mysphere 3.2's - well, mostly for the 3.2's, it's what I pair with the INT 90% of the time (and 10% the 1266 phi) :)

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  15. Drumonron

    What cable?
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