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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nomax, Sep 8, 2016.
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  1. Drumonron

    Will I be able to buy MySphere accessories from wooaudio.com ?

    IE.) cables, travel case?
  2. hrklg01 Contributor
    Yes, all the cables you find on www.mysphere.at are available at Woo Audio in the as well.
    Best regards heinz
  3. Zhanming057
    It was custom-made from Neotch Silver-Gold hybrid wires with 1% gold content. I feel like it's a substantial upgrade to the original cable if you like more treble energy. That said the original cable might be more suitable on bright amps (GS-X mk2, Spectral, etc.).

    I have plans for more cables for these and I'll also post impressions of those comparisons here.
  4. Drumonron
    Thanks, that’s great -want to try your balanced.

    Thanks for info!
  5. Drumonron
    Too quiet in here, any new impressions?

    Heinz, was looking at wooaudio and did not see any accessories available for the mysphere.
  6. hrklg01 Contributor
    The cables for MySphere 3 are mentioned on Woo's page as available. But it seems that It's not possible to add simple to the shopping card yet. ..
    I'll ask Wooaudio to change that on the page to offer that comfort.

    Best regards, heinz
  7. Matrix Petka
    About this there is good fable of antique Aesop - "The Fox and the Grapes".
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  8. fa02
    Any news about a more budget-friendly "MySphere" ?
  9. WooAudio
  10. Drumonron
  11. qazxsw80
    Another youtube review of the Mysphere by Hifiguy -

    By the way, Heinz, I remember seeing on your website the slim travel case for the Mysphere, but now it seems like it's not available anymore - https://mysphere.at/shop/ It's discontinued? I liked the idea of the small case.
  12. hrklg01 Contributor
    The travel case which is much slimmer than the standard one will come early next year.... Some delay I know .. But finally it will be nice!
    Br heinz
  13. Zhanming057
    Keep us posted on that case :) I've been carrying mine around with the standard case, and the travel case would definitely come in handy.
  14. hrklg01 Contributor
    Ok, of sure I will do!!!
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  15. hrklg01 Contributor
    MYSPHERE has started to get local dealers.

    Today on board are:
    CHINA: Tianyu Lianda at Beijing + Guangzou
    FRANCE: Casques-headphones at Nimes
    ITALY: Mad for music at Milano
    NETHERLANDS: Alpha hing end at Antwerpen, Brasschaat, Turnhout
    Audio Life at Winkel
    USA: Woo-Audio

    The homepage: www.mysphere.at will show details and links soon.
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