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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nomax, Sep 8, 2016.
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  1. Matrix Petka
    You have turned me into moding cushions :) Or maybe it would be good idea and extra money for Herr Heinz project - to produce cushions with different sound signatures - with bass emphasis, V-shape, etc.
  2. Matrix Petka
    European beauty against American beasts :)
  3. Zhanming057
    Ventura, California is practically a country on its own... :)
  4. bosiemoncrieff
    If anyone cares to read my final word on K1000, I've linked my review to my signature.
  5. JayLam
    Tried Mysphere 3.2 in LB-acoustic company on 1st Feb. Even drived by Sony cellphone with DAC Dragonfly Red, the sound of Mysphere 3.2 was very impressive! Until now i do not understand why such small USB type DAC can drive Mysphere 3.2 well.
    Now try with my turntable, when play the mordan orchestra, i do not think i will miss HD800 anymore, the mid is much more powerful than my expectation.
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  6. hrklg01 Contributor
    MYSPHERE 3 does have the similar high sensitivity as HD 800 offer - therefore it's easy to drive. This feature is realized by the strongest magnet system available (calculated mass rel. magnetic force) and the relative large membrane surface, low moving mass and close distance to the ear.
    BR heinz
  7. Zhanming057

    Trying out the Mysphere 3.1 (courtesy of Woo Audio) and my Mysphere 3.2 on Woo's portable amps!

    @hrklg01 You're 100% right that the WA11 is a very impressive amp. Engineering tradeoffs notwithstanding, it's one of the most interesting options in the portable world in the past could years, and the Mysphere 3.2 works reasonably well on it. The Mysphere 3.1 does pair best with the WA8 but will sound okay straight out of the SP1000.
  8. WooAudio

    Thanks for stopping by and a wonderful picture!
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  9. Trance_Gott
    Since I also own a Mysphere (3.2) for some months now, I would like to write a little experience report here. First I operated the 3.2 stationary on the V280 and later portable on the IBasso DX200 Amp8/Pentaconn. Even if this is the 110 Ohm version I don't miss anything on the portable setup, neither the sound nor the power.

    It's the outstanding features that always make me want to hear the Mysphere. It is a unique headphone like the K1000 or the Abyss.

    Particularly worth mentioning are the sonic aspects such as spatiality, tonality, resolution and the grandiosely unleashed impulsive playing style. Apart from Stax, I don't know of any other system that can compete with the Mysphere in impulse response.

    Tonally Mysphere plays neither too warm nor too bright. The comfort is simply class by the good seat and the low weight.

    The soundstage is one of the best the market has to offer. By that I don't mean the size. It is the precise instrument separation that stands out. In terms of size, it plays at SR007 level.

    The bass has a waste in the low bass range and not the volume that an LCD4 or Abyss can represent. However, it kicks strongly when needed. It's a bit like the 009. The drums come hard but the volume around it is missing. As everyone knows, I mainly listen to metal. If the headphones didn't have bass, I wouldn't hear with it.

    Due to the lack of an ear-circumferential pad, the pressure cannot build up as with ear-circumferential systems. How should I describe it? You can hear the bass very well but not feel it. It's like an Inear. A Shure SE846 has a lot of bass but I don't notice it around my ears because there is no air mass around my ears.
    That would put us at the only disadvantage of the Mysphere, which it buys for the grandiosely airy and spatial playing, which would not be possible like that.

    For quite some time I had the idea to make the Mysphere an absolute all-rounder by developing a kind of top with an ear-enclosing body. Depending on the tuning, one could change from a very open and airy sound to a more bass accentuated one. Concerning this idea I was already in contact with Heinz Renner and actually he has already thought about something like this. Who knows, maybe something like that can be constructed in the future.

    In the end the Mysphere is one of the best headphone available.
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  10. Zhanming057
    Posting this in this thread as well.

    @hrklg01 Heinz has kindly sent me a pair of the new "transparent" filter material that can be ordered now as part of new Mysphere 3.1/3.2 orders. I mentioned that I personally preferred the Mysphere 3.2's considerably brighter, more energetic signature without the tuning material (the stock sound is diffused flat and relatively more laid back in the treble), and Heinz came up with the idea of using a much more sonically transparent material (see below) that preserves the smoothness of the original filter's overall presentation.

    I've been using the new filters and I love them :) They do exactly what Heinz describes - adding treble energy and a bit of crispness to the overall signature, while still being smoother than using the Mysphere's without any filter material. I ran my Mysphere's with the original filters on a Spectral power amp to get that extra bit of Spectral's famous treble "bite". With the new pads, I feel that treble energy is strong enough with the more laid back (and resolving) Nagra Integrated. The standard filters are closer to neutral, of course, and they are a bit more composed. You're basically trading off a bit of micro control for more treble energy. If you listen to electronic or strongly dynamic music and don't mind a bit more air in the presentation, the transparent filters are probably the way to go.

    The "transparent" option will not cost extra with new Mysphere 3.1/3.2 orders. For current owners who wish to purchase a pair of the transparent filters, please inquire with Heinz about pricing.

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  11. Matrix Petka
    Maybe it is worth to go further - to exchange frame it is much easier then to unscrew/screw tiny bolts - to make possible to order extra frame with transparent filter. And - bass heavy filter coming soon? :) P.S. Just wrote to Mr.Heinz asking for transparent filter.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
  12. Zhanming057
    Yes - the frames can also be purchased from Heinz. I got a pair with the frames for easier A/B swapping.

    The frames are pretty easy to disassemble, though, I could do it in a minute or two, with a good torx screw.
  13. realstar
    I also greatly prefer the MySphere with less or no padding installed especially when paired with a tube amplifier. I have contacted Heinz for details. Looking forward to trying this out, should be a nice change indeed.
  14. Zhanming057

    This thread has been a bit quiet :)

    I'm traveling with the Mysphere 3.2 and really enjoying them on the WA11. The level of performance that these cans are capable of on a portable system is quite amazing.
  15. Trance_Gott

    I use the 3.2 with my DX200/Amp8 and it sounds wonderful!
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