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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nomax, Sep 8, 2016.
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  1. hrklg01 Contributor
    According to Zhanming It's important to notice also, the mobility factor of both MYSPHERE 3.2 and WA11 is pretty perfect when travelling! This was another mojor targets during development aparts from the acoustics.
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  2. bosiemoncrieff
    How hard are review units to come by?
  3. hrklg01 Contributor
    Best to ask Woo-Audio.

    BR heinz
  4. Zhanming057

    All them earspeakers :)
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  5. Mikey99
    I have been trying these out at my local dealer, and have really enjoyed them so far. The soundstage is unique, absolutely love it - the in-your-head feeling is gone, the closest I have heard with headphones to being in front of a stage. Less bass than the AB1266phi I am used to, but I didn’t really notice that when listening to them because of the wonderful soundstage. You can get more bass by moving them closer to the ear, but then the magic is gone.

    I love listening to these, and am close to getting them. I am thinking they are quite transportable. How would they be directly from a Hugo2? I know they are efficient, but when fully opened up they lose a lot of volume and I found they needed almost the same volume setting as the AB1266phiTC (amp was an Eleven Audio Formula S). Would the 3.1 or 3.2 be better in this regard?

    One odd thing I noticed when listening to “The Wormhole” on the Interstellar soundtrack. There is a powerful sustained organ crescendo at the end. As it reached its peak, there was clear distortion of the deep organ notes - I might describe it as a flutter in volume. It heard it with a couple of amps at exactly the same place. I did not hear it with other headphones. I did not hear that on other tracks, but others I listened to did not have such powerful and sustained bass. Wondering if others can reproduce it, or if it was an issue with the one I was listening to. It seemed to be both drivers, but as I type this I am not 100% sure, so will go back and check. Perhaps the only thing that is holding me back.
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  6. hrklg01 Contributor
    Hello Mikey,
    1st: You can fold MYSPHERE 3 to get it slim packed for transportation. (See picture) A proper slim case to add might follow once.
    2nd: Based on the fully open design the membrane has to move approx. 10 times more than a membrane working in a headphone with closed front cushions to reach similar sound pressure at low frequencies. This can cause little more distortion at extreme bass compare to other big cans. "where no advantage there is no disadvantage". The major aim of the design of MYSPHERE 3 is targeting natural sound and stage.
    b.t.w.: The sound track you mentioned from Hans Zimmer is a great to listen - I just did now! :)
    3rd: The sensitivity is 96dB/mW when the drivers are close to the ear. Which is similar to a HD800. However, you are right, when opening the flaps - it reduce.
    But for most convenient sound pressures up to 100dB SPL the MS3.2 is working well even with a slim transportable USB amp like the Dragonfly Red - see the picture again.
    BR heinz
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2019
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  7. Mikey99
    Thanks for the explanation! I understand the trade-off and think it is worth it given the wonderful natural sound it achieves. I would not run into this issue with 99.9% of what I listen to.

    Great to see how compactly it folds up, it really is quite transportable. I had been thinking of a Diana Phi, but it is less compact and also is perhaps too similar to what I already have. The MYSPHERE 3 offers something completely different.

    The look is cool, again different from what is out there. Build quality is superb. I found them comfortable, based on about an hour of wearing so far.

    I will continue to audition them!
  8. hrklg01 Contributor
    When trying out again, ask your local dealer about enjoying it with the all new WA11 from Woo-Audio - I know he will get it very soon as well!
    BR heinz
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  9. Mikey99

    Comprehensive review from Pierre Paya, in French. Extensive comparison with the Stax SR009S. Some of his points:
    • Very comfortable
    • Open, very realistic, “incomparable” image.
    • Immersive, in his words incredibly so. Completely forgets he is wearing headphones
    • Highly resolving, even more than SR009S, to his great surprise
    • He uses the word “incredible” a lot. The realism clearly blows him away.
    • He concludes by saying it a real marvel. With classical and acoustic music in particular, he finds it total magic, the best of the best.
    I have seen many of his reviews, although a dealer he is pretty balanced and tells it like it is.

    Getting harder to resist getting one ...
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  10. XP_98
    Pierre Paya seems to have fallen in love with it...
  11. popof94
    Yes, completely! Compared to the 009S he prefer the Mysphere on all points: not only the soundstage but also the sub bass he listened at low volume, the voices médium and the treeble, the neutrality and dynamic compared to the Stax.

    However, in his conclusion he tell that the Mysphere is the best ever eared for chamber music, voices and acoustic instruments. So he love it for classical and acoustic jazz. He also told that it is specially made for people who listen at low or middle volume. For high listening volumes and electric instruments, for Pierre Paya it is clearly not a good choice.
  12. XP_98
    You mean Hugo or Hugo 2 ?
    Shouldn't the 3.1 be better suited ?
    Could you compare by listening also on a more powerful amp ?
  13. Zhanming057
    @Mikey99 If you have the Abyss then the Mysphere 3.2 is indeed technically better than the Diana Phi's, and a completely different experience.

    I'm not a fan of the Hugo 2's phone out and I would say it's just a bit too weak for the 3.2 and okay for the 3.1. Adding a WA11 (or Mass Kobo 424) into the stack will resolve this.
  14. JaZZ Contributor
    Don't mix up a lack of synergy (in the subjective perception) with a lack of power! The Hugo₂ has more than enough power for the Myspheres. Also, don't forget that you can't bypass its headphone output, so adding an amp means adding a redundant gain stage with a bunch of analogue electronics components to the signal path. In my experience you can't improve the sound by amplifying the signal a second time. The plus in terms of «authority», warmth and soundstage width is mainly the result of added harmonic distortion. (Ask Rob Watts if you don't want to believe me!)
  15. Zhanming057
    My understanding is that the hugo2 doesn't even have a conventional analog stage and the headphone out is running straight from the line level output with attenuation?

    Either way, I have owned the Hugo2 and as a DAC it punches above it's price, but I would not use it without another amplifier in the stack because the phone out is too harsh for my tastes. YMMV.
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