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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nomax, Sep 8, 2016.
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  1. Zhanming057
    :) Glad to see that things worked out between you and Mr. Li.
  2. JaZZ Contributor
    And Switzerland?
  3. hrklg01 Contributor
    Would be happy with all suggestion for good Shops...
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  4. JaZZ Contributor
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  5. hrklg01 Contributor
    Thank you!!! I will check it!
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  6. hrklg01 Contributor
    Just updating the short list of dealers for MYSPHERE till now:

    CHINA: Tianyu Lianda at Beijing + Guangzou
    FRANCE: Casques-headphones at Nimes
    ITALY: Mad for music at Milano
    NETHERLANDS: Alpha hing end at Antwerpen, Brasschaat, Turnhout
    Audio Life at Winkel
    USA: Woo-Audio
    AUSTRALIA: BusiSoft (locations not fixed yet)
    NEW ZEALAND: BusiSoft (locations not fixed yet)

    BR heinz
  7. rumina
    i like to share some impression about the mysphere. i ordered the loaner package and the handling, service was superb.
    after 3 weeks waiting the package arrived via fedex hassle free.

    i mainly listen to the mysphere 3.2 because i intend to use the headphone at home with desktop gear.

    the headphone is very well and nice made, top quality with some nice unusual solution. to my surprise the fit was comfortable
    and easy to find, fits my head perfect. the cable is super nice, soft and gentle to touch. i realy like the idea of a single
    point of attachment to the headphone, even better to choose which side.

    the adjusting of the height of the "earspeakers" was easy, to high or to low the bass changes the most. as described before if
    the "earspeakers" are to wide open you loose the bass and gain a bid of soundstage. i prefer them a bit open, a gentle touch to
    my ears.

    the first 2-3 hours was a bit strange sound wise, i had the feeling, mainly with female voices that they sounded a bit nasal,
    like the singer has a cold. this effect was very prominent the first hours, then tamed a bit but doesn't go away completely.
    some kind of brain burn in effect i never had so prominent, strange experience. but not a major problem for me but something
    that should be improved.

    overall the headphone is nice balanced with a gentle warm touch. it's not a resolving monster like a sr009, abyss or utopia but
    i didn't missed these details. would say similar to a sr007, so quite nice. also, the bass was fine, strong enought and was well
    and nice structured. the lack of subbass was for me expected due the complete open desing. but one thing was not good, the highs
    dimmish very early. it was hard to recognize brushes on a snare drum, even harder when they are sweep. the sound was right but to
    quiet. for me the weakest point of this headphone.

    a strong point is the soundstage of these headphones, wide, nice realistic dimension, very good seperation. a plus that you can
    adjust this via the earspeakers. here the mysphere plays in the top 3 liga that i know.

    at the end they resemble me to my final audio lab 2. they share this very nice soundstage, and also the mysphere sounds real and
    natural as the lab 2. as the final lab 2 the subbas is missing but then the lab 2 does the rest one/two notch better. the highs
    aren't missing and the resolution is a tad better, also the lab 2 don't has this small nasal effect.

    for me it's a great achievement as 1 headphone they produce, if the driver mature a bit more i would be interested in this
    headphone. imo i have the feeling that they wanted a bit to much new technology with this 3d shaped dynamic driver, the main
    desing has a lot of potential.

    and thanks to the mysphere team to make this loaner programm possible - super service.
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  8. realstar
    The soft treble and nasal vocals can be entirely remedied by removing the inside layer from the ear cushions. Pretty simple mod and the headphones sound far better. The default tuning sounds like someone threw a blanket over the driver. They sound faster and clearer across the board with a single cushion layer vs two. I am surprised they went with this tuning but I guess the beta testers preferred the laid back sound. These headphones go from good to amazing with that one change. It’s worth a try and can really improve the sound if you want something with more realistic treble, vocals and attack.
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  9. hrklg01 Contributor
    You are right with your assumptions!
  10. james444 Contributor
    Hmmm, afaik nasal vocals are usually associated with too much upper mids. Which, in my book, is due to the fact that the Mysphere is tuned free field flat and therefore has a slight emphasis in the upper mids compared to diffuse field flat. I actually EQ the Mysphere down by -2dB in the upper mids to make it sound closer to diffuse field flat.

    From your mod description, it seems to boost upper mids (and treble), which is pretty much the opposite of what I'd want to get rid of nasal vocals.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2018
  11. realstar
    I think the mids sound flatter but with more overall energy at the same time. Maybe more flat but higher in overall level? Maybe an illusion caused by a faster decay and more seperation. Vocal sound more authentic to me with more space and less congestion as do electric guitars.I also notice the headphones become more listenable folded out vs stock where you lose most of the bass impact.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2018
  12. Zhanming057
    I just removed the inside layer from my Mysphere 3.2 and here's my take on the difference: without pads, bass is much tighter but with better extension, more "crisp" so to speak, and mid-bass takes on sharper imaging as a result. Treble extension is improved but also at the cost of sibilance control. I think you can argue that vocals are "cleaner" this way but the SQ is further away from diffused field flat. Male vocals lose warmth and classical stuff becomes a little too biting in the treble range, but the new signature could work with female vocals or anything that asks for a lot of emphasis on treble. Heinz is 100% in the right with using both pads out of the factory, as I suspect that the majority of people will prefer the signature with both pads...but it's definitely a preference issue.

    Interestingly, I like the presentation better with both pads removed since I listen to a lot of electronic/synthesized vocals. I am a little worried about the exposed drivers though, and might look for some material that is a little more sonically transparent than the stock pads.
  13. hrklg01 Contributor
    Normally I do not comment to acoustic impressions, because this is very individual and nobody can imagine another persons imaginations... You certainly agree to!

    But I want to make a few comments in this case:
    1) Yes, the drivers are deigned to create fully linear (frequency and phase response) in free field conditions. This was from the beginning the well achieved aim. It's proven by an incredible fast impulse response as well.
    2) The differences in sound perception of persons are a given result by different human outer ears vs. driver location to it.
    3) The padding is of course dampen frequency depended and are a measure to fit for the majority of listeners out of the beta testing period. Most of this persons like Classic and Jazz music.
    Another padding can be made by the MYSPHERE team as well on request. But it will difficult to describe for the listener what he want. Some EQ'ing might help to analyse what is wanted. But be careful: EQ'ing does not effect in the same way the impulse response as a different padding would do!

    If I would get enough input from the community here in which direction it should go for individuals, I could present different padding and the effects during a next fair....
    But please don't forget that this effects are clearly individual's perceptions and has nothing to do with the drivers great capabilities! Please don't get me wrong! Individual perceptions are still the most important issue!

    BR heinz
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  14. Zhanming057
    IMO, there's no need to further complicate the product line with sound pad options if the stock signature is linear WRT free field. The drivers are clearly superb and it would stand to reason that most people interested in $3,000 headphones will listen to at least some classical and Jazz music.

    That said, it might be a good idea to remind people that this option exists, since it's extremely easy to perform the modification with no permanent changes made to the headphones.
  15. Zhanming057

    :) Look out for a three-way review of these in the near future.
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