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Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

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  1. Guerito
    In keeping with the ethos of this amp, I bought the cheapest ones I could find on eBay and picked up an old metal cigarette box for pennies at flea market.
  2. Detectit
    Ordered the PCB with Fred.

    And ihave ordered a pair of matched JJ 12au7.
    Seller says it's great for the money and as a starter. You can always change it to something else.

    Found a killer case for it.

    Can't wait to start.... Went from buying a secondhand Lyr to Diy... How strange things can went.

    The Minimax looks also great but also no pcb's available does anyone knows why?
  3. tomb
    Yes. Sales no longer supported the costs of stocking up again for the casework and PCBs. The Millett Hybrid MAX v1.2 PCB is still available, though.
  4. Detectit
    So nobody is building anymore. Or has the market shrunk?
    Just wondering why...
  5. tomb
    You answered your own question ...

    When the MiniMAX was first designed and sold, about the only way to get a headphone amplifier was by building one. Now, it's a different story.
  6. Schenkelini
    I have a question. How do you mount the Ohmite heat sinks that I see in most of the completed amp photos to a chassis? The 2 pins at the bottom look like they are designed for soldering to a pc board. From some of the under side pictures it appears that the sinks are held down by screws. Do you remove the pins and replace them with screws? If so how do you remove the pins?
  7. Andy Mac
    Just pull them out with pliers or side cutters. Screws will go in their place easily enough...
    They are supposed to be soldered to a PCB but are easily adaptable...
  8. Sodacose
    If you want to get fancy, the ohmite pins are mounted in a 2.3mm channel. You can easily thread this for a 3mm or 4-40 mounting bolt.
  9. tomb
    Starving Student Millett Hybrid (PCB version) Kits Again?

    I happened upon some more 19J6 tubes recently and am thinking about offering SSMH complete kits again (PCB by Dsavitsk of ECP Audio). As before, this would include the completely machined, black-anodized Hammond case, PCB, two tubes, all parts and hardware except for wiring, and the Cisco-compatible power supply. Details for the original kits are in my sig. Price would probably be around $165 plus ~$3-$4 for a power cord. Since the power supply works for international voltages, there are a number of power cord options that would be available.

    The last time I offered full kits was back in 2014, so I don't have a good feel for the demand of the Starving Student anymore, especially with all the nice/inexpensive Schiit available lately. So, if you could reply or shoot me a PM, that might give me an idea if I should make the investment again.

    Please check out my signature for details below or the documentation website for the Starving Student Millett Hybrid (PCB version). Nothing will have changed except that the knobs will be black instead of silver (Mouser doesn't seem to stock the silver ones anymore).
  10. ThermalAlchemy
    Signed me up I'll order a kit . I was nearly complete trying to duplicate your PCB making it myself on EasyEDA.com The one problem I was having I was going to add a modification to use a Alps pot and because I'm a beginner and new at this it was a sticking point for me to complete my PCB.
    Can you please consider a addition and redesign of possibly the Millard hybrid max adding balanced outputs . Or any other design like the torpedo in balanced or a modification to pre-existing amps for entry-level users like the DarkVoice 336 or the La Figaro 339 in today's marketplace to be able to get one of these amps with balanced outputs included would just take the marketplace by storm at their price point to quality . Thank you
  11. skajohyros
    Man, why didn't you post this a week ago? Just ordered most of the parts. Anyway, hope you will be around as I have no idea what I am doing.
  12. Schenkelini
    I am in the process of building a 12au7 amp point to point. I might have joined in other wise.
  13. dhaninugraha
    sign me up. I've been wanting to have an amp for work but never got around to building one, so I ordered the NS08E off of fleabay a week ago. but now that there's a chance of SSMH made available again, I'd wanna build one for work and relegate the NS08E to my home/bedside setup.

    PS: I bought your HD25-1 last month. always wondering how it would sound off of a tube amp! :D
  14. Guerito
    If I didn’t have a half-finished one on one of Fred_fred’s boards I’d bite your hand off. Now, if you were to bring back the Millett Max...
  15. skajohyros
    Hi, need some help. All 3 pins on one MOSFET read 48v. Already burnt a tube.
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