Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

  1. Guerito
    In keeping with the ethos of this amp, I bought the cheapest ones I could find on eBay and picked up an old metal cigarette box for pennies at flea market.
  2. Detectit
    Ordered the PCB with Fred.

    And ihave ordered a pair of matched JJ 12au7.
    Seller says it's great for the money and as a starter. You can always change it to something else.

    Found a killer case for it.

    Can't wait to start.... Went from buying a secondhand Lyr to Diy... How strange things can went.

    The Minimax looks also great but also no pcb's available does anyone knows why?
  3. tomb
    Yes. Sales no longer supported the costs of stocking up again for the casework and PCBs. The Millett Hybrid MAX v1.2 PCB is still available, though.
  4. Detectit
    So nobody is building anymore. Or has the market shrunk?
    Just wondering why...
  5. tomb
    You answered your own question ...

    When the MiniMAX was first designed and sold, about the only way to get a headphone amplifier was by building one. Now, it's a different story.

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