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Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

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  1. caenlenfromOCN
    Sorry to revive an old topic from the dead... just wanted to inform everyone a friend built this amp for me, here is a pic... I love it... sounds much much better than my Vali 2 amp did. I need to get feet for it and a volume knob, but I must stay overall it is a definite upgrade from the Vali 2. Thanks @Tjj226 Angel for building it for me. He rushed it out to me since I am flying out soon for grad school, hence the lack of feet and volume knob, not a big deal, I put some temporary rubber feet on it for now. I am surprised no one is making a side business of building these.


  2. Wiljen
    I've been really pleased with mine. I have an original that runs the 19j6 tubes and another running the 12au7. Both are better than they should be for the $ for sure.
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  3. caenlenfromOCN

    Yep, it is amazing no one has built these as a side operation, it beats everything on the market under $300 imo
  4. Wiljen
    I think Pete Millett may still have some rights regarding commercial use of the design. I know some other common DIY amps have "no commercial use" or "no derivatives" clauses.
  5. tomb
    Some of you guys need to read more of this thread and even Pete's website, where the following is found near the top of the home page:

    PLEASE READ - Commercial usage of information on this site:

    I consider all the information that I post here to be in the public domain. So, you can use it however you want, for commercial or non-commercial use.

    That said, I would appreciate it if you at least let me know if you are going to use any of the circuits or especially PCB Gerber files to make commercial products, or to sell bare PCB's

    Also, Beezar Audio has sold a series of kits (the SSMH) on at least 2 or 3 occasions since 2009.
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  6. Trower
    How do you like the 12au7s compared to the 19j6 version? I have an amp that untill last month has been running since Pete had posted his design. I tried to get a pair of matched 19j6s, but the only matched set I found was from overseas and one came in pieces :/ So now I'm considering changing the circuit to accommodate the 12au7s, but really liked the 19j6 version.

    If anyone has leads on matched 19j6s that don't cost a ton I'm one to that as well!

    Last edited: Jan 21, 2018
  7. Wiljen
    The 12a_7 version is definitely cheaper to feed at this point. I have a few pairs of 19j6 left but like you mentioned, they have become unobtainable without spending ridiculous money. For that reason, I am not letting go of the few I have as once gone, I'll have to convert that amp to 12a_7 too. The variety of the 12au7 and 12at7 variants give you a lot of options from ridiculously cheap to ridiculously expensive. I have found some really nice sounds at <$50 a pair.
  8. Trower
    Okay thanks for the info!

    Any good suggestions for 12au7s you liked?
  9. caenlenfromOCN
    E182CC ( This is the tube I would upgrade to. This is a true special version. It is designed with much larger tube elements to reduce noise, microphones, and increase signal clarity. Mullard is the only one I know of that makes a E182CC).
  10. Wiljen
    There is no easy answer to this as it largely depends on what you are pairing with.

    WIth the Senn HD700s I really like the the GE 5 Star 5814. The RCA Command Version of the same tube is also very good.
    For the Fostex T50RP and mods it would be very hard to go wrong with the 6829. it is a low Mu 12at7 variant that has a lot in common with the e128cc mentioned above but a lot cheaper.

    A word of warning for enclosed units the E182cc and 6829 are both about 1/2 an inch taller than the standard 12a_7 series tubes and may cause fit problems.
  11. Nathan P

    Aaaand complete with enormous volume knob. Switched to some JAN 6829 tubes on Wiljen's suggestion. Huge amount of gain from these, I can run my Fostex at 30-40% volume. Plus, they look awesome!

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  12. JImmye00
    Can anyone provide me with the schematics or drawing that DIYfoums.com uses for the hammond enclousre?
  13. tomb
    I sent them to you ...
  14. JImmye00
  15. JImmye00
    So i tried to get a quote on how much to do the machining for the case and Hammond, guess they only do it if you order 20 units. Now i am out of luck on the machining. Can anyone recommend any vendors to have the case machined?

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