Dec 14, 2009
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College Student

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    College Student
    Hiking, Mountain Biking, Electronics in general, And my favorite.....collecting and listening to Vinyl!!!
    Headphone Inventory:
    Grado Sr-60, Sr-80, Monster Cable turbine pro IEM's, Koss KSC75 (kramer modded), Some Franken Sennheiser's (some good Senn drivers in some "tuned" pvc:)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    A couple Cmoy's, Millet Starving Student (19j6 version currently, some more to come though), and couple vintage amps set for headphone use.
    Source Inventory:
    AR XA TT, Dual 1246 TT, Nakamichi Dragon, Teac V530-x Tape deck, Sony PS 1 CDP, FLAC loaded 5th gen Ipod.
    Cable Inventory:
    Several different DIY cables. Currently using Cat5e based interconnects.
    Music Preferences:
    Pretty much everything but Rap and Modern Country is fine with me! Some favorites include,Beck, Robin Trower (with James Dewar fronting), Sigor Ros, Pink Floyd, The Shins, Brand New, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Califone, Elliott Smith, The Besnard Lakes, Anything with Jack White, Mewithoutyou, Radiohead, The New Pornographers, Wintersleep, and Primus......just a few off the top of my head:)
    Rather outdoorsy person, but have a passion for music and collecting Vinyl!
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