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Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

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  1. Andy Mac
    Stand down, Bottlehead Crack...

    Any good for a follow on build from the SSMH?

    What's a speedball in relation to this amp?
  2. Andy Mac
    Don't worry, bottlehead crack.
    Yeah I'm keen to build one but I can't afford a kit sent to me in NZ.... heck, I built a SSMH for a reason...

    I'm keen to get my hands on a schematic and manual though but I can't find one anywhere!!
  3. Andy Mac
    Double post sorry.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2017
  4. XZJ_Jono
    That looks amazing!!
    I'm inspired to build my own as a starter amp for HD650s. NZ life is difficult though.

    How did you get all the components? Did you find a power supply with an NZ plug etc?

    I'd immensely appreciate your guidance :)
  5. Andy Mac
    I got most of the components from RS Components in NZ, the rest off Mouser NZ I believe.
    The PCB was from Fred on this forum, but on a different thread.
    If you cant get one, I have a spare that I can sent you as a last resort.
    I made the case from custom wood that I skinned with Rimu Heart veneer which was then clear polyurethaned.
    The top is a piece of polished copper with a sheet of clear perspex over that.
    I was concerned about the heat from the mosfet heatsinks on the perspex but it seem fine.

    The PSU I found on Trade Me, got it for $12.00 from memory.

    Im using it with my Vintage Yamaha HP-1 and my modded Grado SR60's
    Both sound amazing!!
    Source is from a Fiio X3 2nd Gen.
  6. XZJ_Jono
    Thanks heaps man, I'll let you know if Fred is out of PCBs.

    I've got a few specifics to ask..

    What tubes did you use?
    Which final design?
    What was your total build cost in the end?
    How does your computer onboard dac sound through it?

    Looking forward to taking the plunge with this as my first DIY project ever.
  7. Andy Mac
    Sweet as Man, I'm in Tauranga so not that far away..
    Tubes: 12AU7 Chinese ones. Not sure if "boutique" tubes sound any different but these sound impressive enough...
    Final design ??? I just filled the PCB as required using the best components I could get / afford.
    The trick for a quiet end result is a good solid ground plane with everything that can be grounded connected to it, and a good quality pot.
    Total cost I wanted to keep under $100.00 NZ which I did... JUST!!
    I dont drive it through an onboard DAC, The Fiio is a DAC as well as a music player so I use that....
    I have previously built a small single 12AU7 tube amp that is driven from a 12v lead acid battery. Works well enough too.

    Also did a opamp build in a "skeleton" configuration, this was to test my soldering skills.... tricky little build...

    Ill throw up some pics.
  8. XZJ_Jono
    Oh, I mean which schematic - this 2008 one? http://www.diyforums.org/SSMH/schematic/SSMH-origPCB.gif
    That's amazing you managed to sneak under $100! The amp market in NZ is so awful, DIY seems far better value. Did you manage to source a local power supply too?
    Ahh right. Just wondering because I don't have an external DAC and will be listening through my PC.

    Do you think this is a viable 1st-time project?

    Thanks heaps, looking forward to the pics :)
  9. Andy Mac
    IMG_0978.JPG IMG_0979.JPG IMG_0980.JPG IMG_0981.JPG Yeah that's the one I used. Went together nicely, no real issues or tricky bits.
    For a first time project it's definitely a viable option.
    For what you put into it you get a very decent sound!!
    I got lucky and found the power supply on trade me so they are around...

    Here are the other amps I made...
    Guerito likes this.
  10. XZJ_Jono
    Good to know! What kind of equipment is needed - basically just a soldering kit?
    Also, re: needing a solid ground plane, isn't that what the PCB is for?

    Damn, nice work. Is that last one a solid-state rather than a tube?
  11. Andy Mac
    Have a look at Pete Millets original build thread, explains the ground plane. It's basically a decent sized piece of whatever material (copper, aluminium...) that everything grounds to including the pcb, volume pot body, input and power negative etc.... helps a lot with ground noise etc...

    A good soldering iron with a fine point is a must!

    30-40w is sufficient enough power.

    The last one is a solid state. Works pretty good too... I want to encase it in a block of solid clear resin.... one day....
  12. Detectit
    Is this project still alive?

    I am looking to build one. And I guess it's going to be the Minimax but most of the the links on the BOM on diyforum.org are dead linking to beezar.com.

    Also the latest updates on the sites are 7 years or more old.

    Has someone has the latest and updated BOM?
  13. Andy Mac
    Just use the latest build you can find. Differences are minimal and they all sound wonderful.
    I use mine every day.
  14. Guerito

    Fred_fred2004 can sell you a PCB for a very reasonable price, PM him if you want one. Mine arrived yesterday, I've ordered parts based on that thread above - resistors and caps from first post, other parts from the most recent BOM posted in the thread. Just waiting for the tubes and sockets to arrive to get started.
  15. Detectit
    Thanks... Been sourcing parts yesterday and looks pretty straight forward indeed.

    I have sent Fred a message and hope he can send one. Otherwise some fly wiring to do. PCB is more convenient.

    What brand 12au7 tubes do you guys mounted?
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