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Meier Audio Quickstep (also Stepdance and 2Stepdance) Discussion and Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by cooperpwc, Aug 17, 2010.
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  1. cooperpwc
    August 21, 2012:  The Meier Audio Quickstep is officially shipping. 
    The discussion begins on page 130Some great unboxing pics of the Quickstep in chowyeung's thread.
    July 9, 2011:  2Stepdance is shipping. 
    Pictures and impressions of the 2Stepdance begin on page 104.
    August 17, 2010 (Start of original thread):  It is time to get the discussion started.
    Skylab's great review can be found here. The Stepdance looks to be a serious contendor for the new king of the portable hill with a reasonable price ($350), top-end sonics, small-size, and no HP recabling required. Features include a stepped discrete volume control, user replaceable batteries and Meier's active balanced ground.
    What Rob does not do is test amps with IEMs so it will be good to get feedback on the Stepdance-IEM combination. I am on the waiting list and will provide feedback with the ES5s down the road.
  2. travisg
    I'm really curious about this amp. I may have to give it a try
  3. Townyj
    Good to finally see Jan get some interest back into his amps imo. I will def be looking into this as my future upgrade. Cant beat the price shipped to your door.
  4. cooperpwc
    Townyji, The Stepdance really seems to be a natural upgrade for happy Headsix owners. That is the camp that I fall into.  [​IMG]
  5. Townyj

    Exactly what i was thinking :D Love my Headsix!

  6. ztsen
    skylab's review all aspects A+....really put on hold any portable upgrade until an audition of this baby.
  7. Anaxilus
  8. Jalo
    I really wished that Skylab would compare and contrast the amps in the top tier since he has listened to all of them. That will give a flavor of how each amp come across.
  9. wuwhere Contributor


    He may not have all those amps now. Even the Stepdance unit that he reviewed is a loaner. Comparing amps is a very time consuming activity.
  10. vkvedam
    Hey cooperpwc
    When you say recabling, does it refer to balanced recabling? Although I am not a great believer of recabling headphones [Normal not balanced] I got just curious about your statement.
  11. Skylab Contributor


    I did offer a little comparison between the Stepdance and the RSA P51 Mustang and the Qables iQube (both of which I currently have).  The iQube sounds slightly dry compared to the Stepdance.  Aside from that, the amps are highly competitive - with the iQube being quite a bit larger, but offering (in the V2) a USB DAC option, which the Stepdance does not.
    The P51 Mustang is slightly lusher, and a wee bit forward in the mids.  Again, otherwise competitive.  It has the advantage of being much smaller.
    All three of these amps are outstanding.  I would chose them based on the partnering headphones. The P51 works best with the slightly bright t50p.  The Stepdance was best with the Senn PXC350 and the W1000X.
    @ Cooperpwc - since the Stepdance isn't quite available, maybe this should be the "Stepdance Discussion Thread" rather than the "Stepdance Appreciation Thread"?  Just a suggestion.
  12. ClieOS Contributor
    I think the OP is referring to balanced cabling, which is a must for balanced audio (or at least a re-termination on the plug). For active balanced ground, you can do away from all that.

    @Skylab, any chance you can tell us what opamp(s) is being used?
  13. Skylab Contributor

    That would be up to Jan, but he generally does not have any issue divulging such information.
  14. ClieOS Contributor

    No problem. I am just curious. I'll ask Dr. Meier if I have the chance. I have been a very happy 3MOVE owner for well over 1 year now so Stepdance is my next logical upgrade (and great reviews so far don't hurt). Haven't been this excited about a portable amp for sometime! :D
  15. cooperpwc
    @Skylab: A fine idea. I have changed the title to Meier Audio Stepdance Discussion Thread. It will be released very soon and the name may evolve...   [​IMG]
    @vkvedam: The Stepdance looks to be hitting in the top tier for portable amps but without the expense of recabling to balanced termination to achieve full performance. Meier's Active Balanced Ground uses a standard TRRS headphone jack (3.5mm on the Stepdance).
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