Meier Audio Corda 2Stepdance Portable Amp, Mint, Europe

    For sale is my 2Stepdance in mint condition, I still have papers and box but it has no longer warranty. I was using it for years for k701, t50rp, te100, LCD2, and it handle it all like ninja. I didnt use it for more than year, as I have strong balanced amp at home and for portability I gave up...
  2. Swatcsi

    Meier Stepdance/2Stepdance Bass?

    I heard the SR-71B has amazing deep powerful bass, how is the low end on the stepdance? Headphones are SRH-840, HD598 & LCD-2. This will be my main amp. Thanks
  3. ericfarrell85


    It appears my Stepdance has been lost en route to being repaired (no tracking USPS flat rate) and that same week I sold my 2move. Am now feeling very thin on amps and would like another Stepdance as it was far and away my preferred amp. Would be willing to trade or pay cash if anyone is willing...
  4. roma101

    WTT one of my headphones + $$ for your 2Stepdance

    PM me to find out which one.
  5. cooperpwc

    Meier Audio Quickstep (also Stepdance and 2Stepdance) Discussion and Impressions Thread

    Quickstep:   August 21, 2012:  The Meier Audio Quickstep is officially shipping.    The discussion begins on page 130. Some great unboxing pics of the Quickstep in chowyeung's thread.   ------------------------------- 2Stepdance:   July 9, 2011:  2Stepdance is shipping.   ...
  6. Jacked92

    Newbie here, AKG Q701 questions.

    So I've managed to come across a pair of AKG Q701s, and know nothing about audio for computer setups. I am aware that my motherboard supports 7.1 surround sound, although I'm not sure it does for headphones.   My question is what hardware do I need to get the most out of these headphones...
  7. FlatListener

    Please help: quiet headphones for travel by bike and train

    Hello to all,   This is my first post on this forum and as my name says, I'm listening to flat portable music gear: an iPod classic 120 with standard white earphones from the box. I want to do something about it, but first I need some expert advice. Let me explain:   I'm an audiophile...
  8. bigme

    Vorzamp pure or duo?

    Hi Guys I'm thinking of getting a new amp, upgrading from a meier audio corda 2stepdance. I have a um3x rc that i want to power. Will these amps listed above be too much for my earphones? and if you think they're suitable, which one out of the 2 should I get and why? If you don't think its...
  9. bagram000

    Need some advice on a new Portable Amp

    Well I just got a new ciem (4.A from Heir Audio also will use it with my old TF10) so I decided to upgrade my amp as well. Currently I narrowed down to the Rx MkII from ALO Audio, Corda 2Stepdance, Pico Slim or Pico Portable. I'm open to other amp options but trying to keep the budget around...
  10. edvardd

    Portable amp for LCD2

    (Edit) Here you can discuss views about portable amps that go well and perhaps not so well with LCD2. Are there some amps that have better synergy with LCD2?   Some suggested amps   -Ray Samuels Sr-71b -Ibasso PB1/2 -Justin AudioUHA-120 -Justin Audio AHA-120 -Meir CORDA...


    2nd edition of the Portable Headphone Amplifier based on Meier Audio's Balanced Ground topology.