1. rasmushorn

    New Meier Corda Rock

    Interresting news. Planned for release May/June. This little amp really lives up to its name. Despite it's small size (10,6 x 4,2 x 12,0 cm / 4,2 x 1,7 x 4,7 ") it delivers great and powerfull sound. It has a relatively simple basic concept but is made with high quality parts (Alps RK27...
  2. FlatListener

    Please help: quiet headphones for travel by bike and train

    Hello to all,   This is my first post on this forum and as my name says, I'm listening to flat portable music gear: an iPod classic 120 with standard white earphones from the box. I want to do something about it, but first I need some expert advice. Let me explain:   I'm an audiophile...
  3. cck5

    help me please, super frustrated

    i now have purchased the grado hf-2 waiting on them now.   i want to be able to utilize a lod because my ipod or laptop are my main sources. im not partial to either.   what would be a good solid state amp to pair up with these cans. id prefer no tubes as i travel a bit and dont wanna...
  4. ImperialX

    Looking for an amp for the IE8. Is E11 a good choice?

    I love my IE8. I hate hiss. This is a difficult problem to fix.   The IE8, being the highly sensitive IEMs they are, hiss whenever I plug them into anything. It hisses when I plug it into my MacBook Air. It hisses when I plug it into my Nexus One. It hisses when I plug it into my Kindle. It...
  5. Jan Meier

    The past and the future of Meier-Audio

    Dear headfellows,   People who check my website more frequently may have noticed that over the last few months various models became sold-out and have not yet been replaced. This has led to many speculations and questions whether or not I will continue to produce headphone-amplifiers.  ...
  6. cooperpwc

    Meier Audio Quickstep (also Stepdance and 2Stepdance) Discussion and Impressions Thread

    Quickstep:   August 21, 2012:  The Meier Audio Quickstep is officially shipping.    The discussion begins on page 130. Some great unboxing pics of the Quickstep in chowyeung's thread.   ------------------------------- 2Stepdance:   July 9, 2011:  2Stepdance is shipping.   ...
  7. cck5

    need help with an amp maybe amp/dac combo

    i want to amp up my grado 325I, to see if i can get a slight improvement. i mostly listen to death metal, classic rock and other guitar based music. so rock and metal   it doesnt have to have a dac but if it does its a plus.   i want to spend about 100-250 dollars, and it can be used...
  8. eiop

    Meier Headsix issues

    I'm not sure where this goes, but I've been having trouble with my Meier headsix. Should I just mail it back to meier audio, or cut my losses and get another portable amp?   edit: sorry. Uh, the thing sounds really static-y, and once in a while the right channel would die. Wasn't like that...
  9. aryastark90

    Denon D5000 amp

    I currently use a Meier Headsix amp and nuforce udac-2. I think it does a pretty good job driving all my headphones. I keep reading about how the Denon's need a solid state amp with a lot of power to really bring it to the next level. I think the Headsix has a lot of power for a portable amp...
  10. JosephKim

    Question about Meier Audio Headsix

    Ok I bought a headsix from another member which arrived yesterday. The thing wont hold a charge so Im wondering if Im doing something wrong. There was a sticky circle that was on the "lid". I swear I pushed and pushed but the thing wouldn't close with the battery inside. So I took the sticky bit...
  11. pzm9pzm9

    Considering Meier Corda Concerto.. help me noob O.O

    Before I order this amp, I have little questions to be clarified.   My current setup:   MHDT Havana DAC --> WooAudio GES --(LoopOut)--> Wooaudio 2   Wooaudio2 does not have any LoopOut. So if I get Concerto hook up to Havana DAC, what are my options?   My best guess is to get RCA...
  12. saizer

    iBasso D2+ Boa and Meier Corda Headsix

    Hi, I'm new here in Head-Fi.i'll be buying my first amp and have a $200 budget. Can you help me decide which amp should i choose between Corda Headsix and D2+ Boa. TIA
  13. furyagain

    is the HeadSix Amp a decent one for D7000 and RS1i?

    I am looking into a portable amp which i use with the D7000 and Rs1i when i am away from home.   I will be using my Fuze>> LOD>> AMP >> D7000 or RS1i   any opinion?   will it be able to bring these two headphones decent? or should i wait for D12? or get a D4 from ibasso?
  14. cubist

    Meier Audio Corda Headfive Headphone Amp

    Meier Audio Corda Headfive Headphone Amp Does anyone have specs or comments for this headphone amplifier? Is it going to work with Grado RS-1 Headphones? For what purpose is a switch in a middle close to volume knob?
  15. gilency

    Can you lower the gain further in the HeadSix?

    I have my HeadSix at its lowest gain with the jumpers off. My question is: can you change the resistors to lower the gain? which ones? replace them with what ? I would not mind a gain of 2 or 3X only.
  16. cck5

    which amp will really get my grados to shine.?

    i own the grado 225i and i want a portable amp, because i just want a mobility option as, i tend to use my ipod as a source and move around my house a lot.   id like to keep costs down and spend at most $200USD, i dont mind if the amp is used.   which sub 200$ amp no dac necessary will...
  17. cck5

    Synergy check of grados and headsix

    i have a pair of grado225I and looking to get a little bit more out of them, because they are my favorite in the grado line, How is the synergy between them and the headsix?. or a reccomendation of similar costing amps. but headsix would be my first in line to purchase.
  18. cck5

    OK Down to Final 2 choices. lets get some advice

    RSA tomahawk VS. Corda headsix paired with ipod-lod and Grado225I, i listen to mainly rock music. which is gonna give me the best sound.?? help me guys
  19. Elladan

    Corda Headsix screws

    Hello, all.  My Corda Headsix amp's screws were stripped out some time ago, and I've been unable to locate replacement screws.  I've tried hardware megastores,  microstores, and RadioShacks.  Can anybody tell me where to get them, or even what size they are?
  20. iem222

    Best Headphone Amp for Soundmagic PL50

    Hello, I currently own a Sansa Fuze with a pair of Soundmagic PL50 IEMs.  Is there an amp out there that can be built or bought for under 50 dollars that would improve the SQ of this pair? Thanks!
  21. mythless

    Help with Amp Recommendation

    Hey Guys,   Don't know if I should be posting the Computer Thread, but I am looking for a good, decently powerful, somewhat compact and budget minded amp (~$150CAD) to be hooked up to my computer through my sound card.  New or used, I'm fine with either.  I'm new to the whole non-portable...
  22. darknight670

    Mini3 to Headsix?

    Hello,   I have a Mini3 for my DT880 and I was wondering ... Is the Headsix an upgrade? Is it worth upgrading to a headsix or just wait , enjoy my Mini3 and buy something a lot more expensive later?   Ty
  23. dyce

    headsix vs mini3 for dt770/80 ohm

    Perhaps the mini3 i tried wasnt at the right gain, but at max volume, it didnt give me the bass impact that my m50s gave with the mini3. would the headsix be able to drive the dt770 much better? im a basshead and I really want an amp to give me (with EQ) a bass that you can really feel (feels...
  24. audio-hunter

    Burson HA160 / Meier corda concerto / Graham slee SRG II / Lehman BCL / Beta22 2or3 Channel???

    Hi guys..   need some suggestion (+/-) about an under $1000 single ended amp...   Which is have the most detailed and transparent sounding, and best match for HD650.. Burson HA160 / Meier corda concerto / Graham slee SRG II / Lehman BCL / Beta22 2or3 Channel???       Thanks,
  25. jankovic

    help me: advice for my first headphone amplifier - max $ 250

    Hello everyone and congratulations for the wonderful forum! I ask advice for my first .. headphone amplifier headphones are the degree and source Sr80i my ipod 30g video .. I thought the NuForce mobile icon or go to price a Headstage Arrow 12HE you can advise me .. ? a warm greeting from Sicily...