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  1. VTHokie83
    I no longer have the D1 (having upgraded to a D2 DAC with a Schitt Magni headphone I can't follow your question. However for technical questions I have found Ryan at Maverick tech support to be very helpful, and he responds pretty quickly. The best way to reach him is at ....please let us know how you get along.
  2. Yamshik


    a lot of thanks)
  3. jazzwave
    Please check ;
    Dual OPA627 Brown dog
    Chips location (pointed by white arrow), replaced with OPA627...Plug and play (Beware of chip orientation)
    Good luck..
  4. lior777
    Hello Is there any differences between dac quality D1 plus & D2?
  5. atx2014
    my D1 plus has exactly the same problems. popping popping popping. pretty loud and i worry about my speakers ...
  6. atx2014

    my D1 plus (with upgrades) have exactly the same problem. the popping sound when changing sources is not just annoying but scary it may damage my speakers. have to turn the volume down each time. also it produces noises when i change TV channels (toslink). unberable. I also tried D2. D2 doesn't have this problem. disappointed.
  7. jazzwave
    Source of popping sound can be from any issue parts.
    I changed the opamp,    annoying pops sound gone
  8. streetfighter
    I just bought the D1 Tubemagic with upgraded tube and op amps. I don't plan to use the tube out, only the solid state. I plan to leave this unit on 24/7. Should I just take out the tube? Or can I leave it in there while its powered on all the time?
  9. jazzwave
    Keep the tube inside, no issue
  10. jazzwave
    I just received new opamp ; Burson Dual V5i opamp.
    I'm happy with Burson Single V5 version on my Gustrad amp, hopefully the dual will improve my Maverick D1 as well.
    Currently my D1 use dual OPA627 (brown dog) replaced the manufacture opamp.
    Replacing OPA627 with Burson V5i very easy, plug and play.
    Here  pictures of Burson V5i in D1  
    Very positive first impression,....I share with you about sound later
    to be continued.....
  11. jazzwave
    After 1 week burn in, here my impression...
    Asus Laptop , Windows 10, Foobar2000
    DAC: ESS9018 connected to Maverick D1 through analog input RCA with custom silver cable (made by
    Headphone: Sennheiser HD600
    File: FLAC
    Selected songs  for this test:
    1. What a day different make, Ingram Washington
    2. Don’t know why Norah Jones
    3. All I am, Heatwave
    4. 101 Eastbound, Fourplay
    5. Diana Krall (Album Live in Paris)
    This review base on listening  (subjective) ,comparison with OPA627 , nothing changed in other parts  
    Burson V5i vs OPA627
    Sound stage:
    Compare to OPA627, V5i give slightly wider sound stage (not too much), this one make me happy due to HD600 don't  have wide sound stage.
    Imaging is spot on and while the soundstage isn't huge it still allows the listener to get a sense of space in the recording.
    Just right in my opinion and very pleasant
    Bass – Compare to OPA627 , V5i give  good extension and more weight on my HD600 . Which is this very good improvement for people who want more bass in HD600.
    I enjoyed bass in song 101 Eastbound by Fourplay, depth and quantity perfect for my taste.  Fyi, I’m not basshead
    Mids - Everything in the mid sounds very linear to my ears. I don't find the mid to be lush or clinical.
    The vocal not forwarded, which is good for me who don’t like forward mid or vocal .
    Vocal in What a day different make by Ingram Washington, weight and timbre clearly exposed (in good way)
    Treble - The treble reproduced is very clear, present, and smooth. V5i delivered not much different when compare to OPA627.
    Overall a very well balanced sound with regard to frequency range with a slight smoothness to the sound. 
    When I see V5i in first time, I little bit worry with small casing regarding heat issue
    I did some test in 1 week by run my D1 almost 4-5 hours/ day, not heat issue found in V51 opamp .
    I have couple headamps, the modified D1 is one of my favorite
    Serviced me for almost 5 years, freedom to modify easily; opamp and tube make this amp always make me smile.
    Good to know that opamp  rolling has big impact to the sound, beside tube and caps.
    The summary, Burson V5i raised the D1 to next level. This will give you another fun and pleasant listening your music collection.
    Pro    : From SQ result, absolutely I recommend you to try in D1 or other amp.
    Cons : The price little bit high for opamp
  12. Svenny-S

    I just bought a d1, and have a few questions about it.

    First off, can i use ALL the outputs at the same time?
    I want to use the headphone out for my hd700s, the tube out for my reciever and the normal out for my subs. Will my subs turn off when i plug in headphones?

    And can i still buy new opamps with brown dogs straight from maverick?
  13. Rhamnetin
    If memory serves you can actually use all outputs at the same time.  I can definitely confirm that headphones and one of the rear outputs (not sure if tube preamp out or line out) can run at the same time.
    Not sure if they sell opamps directly, I picked mine up from warehouse distributors.
  14. Svenny-S

    Nice, i'd really like to use the subwoofers with the headphones.

  15. Svenny-S
    so i got the unit a couple of weeks back, and noticed that it was actually a D1+, which made the buy even more worth it [​IMG].
    So, i've been listening to it for a couple of weeks now, and actually think the headphone amp is kind of meh.. hopefully this is solveable with a quick opamp switch[​IMG](found out that you can still get them from the page)).
    I still really love it though. it fits in perfectly in my setup, and it's dac output really sounds good. 
    i am currently running it over USB. How much better is the sound over toslink?

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