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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by seraphjei, Sep 23, 2009.
  1. elwappo99
    I think in some sense you're fighting for a lost cause on the Maverick's headamp. I've owned it twice and both times, I thought the amplifier was pretty subpar. Any extra performance you'll get out of it will be minimal in the grand scheme. I would suggest saving your money and wait until you build the crack.
  2. Apoq
    I do realize that, and I don't want to put a lot of money into it, but I'm primarily using it as a DAC.
    I suppose I could look into getting a different DAC, but I'd thought that getting a different opamp might be a cheaper way to maximize what I've currently got. 
    It's entirely possible that I've actually got it sounding nearly as great as it'll get with OPA627s that are in there already, and I don't realize that because I haven't heard other opamps in the circuit yet. I had just remembered people saying the audio-gd Sun HDAM made a world of difference in the sound of the dac, and only cost ~$40. I'd figured, for a budget like that, it was worth doing.
  3. Shroker
    I run the Maverick D1 as a dac with WE 396A and a SUN HDAM from gd-audio and its superb.
    But probably at this point if you're builindg the crack most likely no point.

    As a headphone amp it was alright but as a DAC it is superb. Just how I see it.

    I have quite enjoyed what I've put into it and what I have gotten from it.

    I would highly recommend the SUN HDAM from gd-audio (the dual channel version) Although it'l lset you back about $60 bucks total.
  4. Apoq

    This was what I wanted, but that's the entire point... Gd-Audio discontinued their opamps, so I can't buy one from them.
    I'd love to get an HD-Sun, and I put up a WTB post on the forums here, but I have absolutely no idea where else I'd get one. :/
  5. guppysb
    Also...I'll say this much, my Creative X-Fi Titanium HD has better analog sound output than the Maverick Audio Tubemagic D1. I tried op amp rolling on the Titanum HD and found the stock stuff to be superb.
    Also, I've recently built the Pete Millett Jonokuchi, which is almost equivalent to Bottlehead SEX 2.1, which is basically an upgraded Crack with output transformers. My X-Fi Titanum HD (RCA out) > Jonokuchi input > Sennheiser HD 650 is amazing. Using the same audio files with the Maverick Audio Tubemagic D1 with the HD 650 wasn't nearly as good.
    I recommend you skip the Tubemagic D1 and just build the Crack or something equivalent.
  6. Apoq
    I already own the tubemagic D1.
    I must say, I heard an improvement on almost every level when I switched from my x-fi fatal1ty to routing through the D1.
    I think I'm going to take one for the team and order a Muses02 and try it out.
  7. BGRoberts
    Any further updates with the Muse? 
  8. Apoq
    Thanks for reminding me to post.

    Well, about the muses02 so far...
    It's definitely different than the OPA627.

    If the OPA 627 were sitting in the drummer's seat in the back of a band, the Muses02 is sitting front, center stage. There's much more depth, and a little more width to the soundstage. The imaging is better, as well.
    I managed to commandeer a set of audio GD-sun OPAs v2.0, but they're single OPAs instead of dual OPAs.... so I'm awaiting (VERY anxiously) some DIP8 extension kits so that I can rig them up into the DAC slot of the D1.
    I actually popped just one of them in and listened to the right channel by itself... I was impressed. I obviously can't comment on anything without having the experience in stereo, but I'll surely comment when I get it setup.

    Current opinion (based on listening to progressive metal, millenium punk, and LOTS of electronica/lounge/acid jazz):
    If you have a Tubemagic D1 with the very stock OPAs, don't buy their dual boarded OPA627, buy the Muses02.
    But, I believe my opinion may soon change towards the AudioGd-sun. It's not available from the vendor, but they're out there if you search for them. I'll post more updates when I get my DIP8 extension kits!

    Happy listening dudes/gals! [​IMG]
  9. BGRoberts
    Thanks for that update! 
    Been away from a lot of my gear the last 18 mo the,  due to some health issues. 
    Getting some things going again,  and hoping to get my stock D1 a little more milage. 
    Your reports/suggestions help! 
  10. pwoznic
    I just got my D1 Plus with upgrades and I am loving it so far! I bought it mainly for all the different inputs and my main reason was to output to my new Airmotiv 5s for my computer and xbox. I am new to the DAC world though.
  11. goodyfresh
    How would the D1 Plus do with something like IEM's or low-impedance sensitive headphones?  Like, say, my Trinity Delta IEM's with 16ohm impedance and 110dB sensitivity?  Would there be background hiss/noise?  Or would I have to set the volume-pot so low as to create a channel imbalance?  ANd if I'm using the headphone-out, will it even be using the tube?
  12. Rhamnetin
    I'd expect noise with IEMs.  And the tube is only used for the preamp out.
  13. goodyfresh

    Thanks for the quick reply in this and the other thread!
  14. jazzwave
    Anybody has  tried Burson V5 Opamp for D1?
    Please share with us....
  15. Yamshik
    A bit confused when upgrade to OPA627 at Maverick TubeMagic D1.
    Please tell me the initial (factory) chips location at panels [U4], [U5], [U6] and how the chip should be placed after upgrade at these panels.
    Thanks in advance, 

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