Maverick Audio DAC/Amp

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by seraphjei, Sep 23, 2009.
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  1. jazzwave
    I bought OPA627 Brown dogs from Maverick, you can also buy from other seller
  2. billqs
    I just ordered a D1+ to use as a DAC exclusively used from ebay. I was wondering if we were sure the 627 opamp upgrades from Maverick Audio were legit. It's a price that's a good bit less than Mouser carries them for, but I would buy it if they are legit. Probably will also upgrade the tube soon.
  3. sizzlincok
    I didn't touch my D1 for 1 year and upon recently powering it back up, the USB does not work. It just says "USB device has malfunctioned" in Windows.
    Analog inputs work as expected, it's analog.

    I have another D1 and it worked when I first bought it, but then the USB input stopped outputting sound.
    In Windows, it'll show that it's connected, but there is no sound coming out of the D1+ suddendly and everything I tried does not work.
    Analog inputs work perfect though.

    Ryan is no help. There is no support for this, and the website support ticket system is completely broken.

    Any ideas?
  4. elwappo99

    Ouch bummer. That's a strange one. I've had this a few times and I think the only fix I found was to unplug the unit (and USB), turn it off, and then restart everything. Do the other inputs work? Worst case you could run an optical or coax cable from your computer to it (if you have a desktop).
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