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Matrix Mini-i Pro Impressions?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by senpai3330, Dec 19, 2013.
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  1. burdie
    Thanks for your info. Yes I got Mini-I Pro Ver 1.2 while in Config menu
  2. RocketDragon

    1/2/3) Same here.
    You have nothing to worry about, pal.
  3. burdie
    yeah, thanks for another confirmation
  4. kaizmak
    Hello Everyone, 
    Im new to this forum. After readed this thread, i decided to purchase matrix mini i pro because of i can use my AppleTV remote control to remote this Dac, I already set the REMOTE option under configuration to MC377 but it doesn't work. Anyone work with your remote control?
    Thank you very much. :)
  5. Fir33
    You can use stock remote control to remote this DAC .
  6. kaizmak
    Yeah, I know, but i got too many remotes on my desktop, TV, logitech 5.1 remote, BD Player, .... anyone help?
    Thanks appreciate ! 
  7. burdie
    I use Logitech Harmony to control few devices...
  8. Maxvla Contributor
    Sorry, I don't have any iDevices, but both of my units worked with the included Pro controller. Have you tried the Pro controller to make sure it isn't a defective IR receiver?
  9. kaizmak
    I tried comes with the PRO controller and it works , so i want to know anybody using appleTV controller and works?
    Thank you
  10. Maxvla Contributor
    Happy to report, at long last, I've received a replacement for my defective Mini-I Pro and the new one does not have the problem my previous had, where it would stutter and volume shift erratically at high PCM sample rates (352.8 and 384). If you still own a unit with this defect get it replaced now!
  11. burdie
    Hi, would like to find out from you on the sound stutter, does it happen on DAC mode? (since DAC mode disable volume, so i am not asking about volume shift). I used DAC mode only and have the audio signal sent to my stereo amp (via speaker tap) to feed my HE500, I don't have 352.8 or 384 audio file to try on direct headphone out on Mini-I Pro so I don't know whether my 'Pro' got such problem or not (assume only audio file on such high rate would contribute to the problem), I did try for a short while on 192 audio file directly on HE500, but don't like it, lack of power/bass and noisy..
  12. Maxvla Contributor
    Yes, it did happen in DAC only mode, and yes it actually did still shift volume in that mode. You can upsample files via JRiver or other playback programs to test your Mini-I Pro.
  13. burdie
    I downloaded 352.8khz hi-rez audio file and run it over all 3 modes and I do not encounter the problems you faced, so i assumed i am having a good set.
    By the way, the Mini-i only supported 24 bit on its xmos usb controller, why other device using xmos usb support 32 bit, like yulong D200.
  14. AtlantasRealtor
    pBig thanks to Maxvla for the impression of the Matrix Mini-I line.  I've read the entire thread and looks like these products have impressed many head-fiers.  Let me add a big vote of confidence and appreciation for this gear.  I've sampled DSD, Hi Res files to 192 kHz, and 24-96 DVD-A using J-River and the Mini-I Pro has performed beautifully in every respect.
    Headphones sampled include Senn HD600, Beyer T70P, NAD HP-50 and Westone UM-30.  
    Prior to purchase, I was fortunate to sample the Matrix M Stage HPA-2 and the X Sabre and the Violectric V200.  The Mini-I Pro has all the features needed to float my boat for the present.  As a user of J-River, I have lots of choices in the resolution to present HRA and the immediate display confirmation on the Mini-I Pro's screen is a great convenience.  In reading the threads, I noted many comments about the amp in the Mini-I Pro.  In the end, I have found that this amp is more than adequate to power my phones including the HD600's.  My other headphones are much more efficient and the sound levels from the Mini-I can be overwhelming with them.  Given the several phones in use, my set volume level ranges from -30dB to -8dB.  The amp has great dynamic range; so setting levels at a midpoint allows me to hear the full range of the music.
    I paired the Mini-I Pro with the Violectric V200 using balanced XLR cables that I bought from Redco.  The punch and depth of this amp with the Mini-I was amazing with the HD 600's and this combo remains in my future plans.  But for the moment, with 3 efficient HP's in the mix, I'm going to take my time with evaluating amps as I'm happy with the amp section of the Mini-I Pro.  My only major decision is Amp first or HD800 first?  If anyone finds another great balanced XLR amp pairing; I'd love to hear about it.  This is likely the Mini-I Pro's BIG secret.  With all of its inputs, available music formats, visible display, and terrific price point, this DAC/AMP combo is a steal.
    I can't begin to describe what a convenience the remote is for this unit.  It is a joy to have this tool at hand.  Having multiple phones of differing efficiency, being able to instantly see volume levels is simply great.  Seems like every manufacturer should offer this option to allow the DAC to be a system focal point.
    I find this unit to neutral in its presentation, yet is seems to blend with and enhance the attributes of every headphone I have paired it with. The Senns remain my overall favorite and are my highest impedance phones.   The more indepth analytics of the Beyers really shine through with a clarity and level of detail that is a hallmark of these phones.  The NADS that just went up on the Innerfidelity Wall of Fame carry through bass extension and musical warmth in a way that re-affirms that Head-Fi word "euphonics", just simply pleasing to the ear.  Last but not least, the Westone UM-30's delighted me with a newly heard expansion of their soundstage and depth of harmonics that I had not heard with other systems.  
    In summary, this great transportable Mini-I just earned its way into its own little carrying case and to being a regular fixture in my audio gear bag.  While not a portable as my Fiio gear, it has the chops to make up for its slightly increased size and weight.  Try and enjoy it.
  15. inxsive
    I read this thread twice before taking the plunge, thanks everyone - glad I did!
    I upgraded my ever so faithful Audinst HUD-MX1 to the Matrix Mini-Pro, wow what a difference!
    The line-out to a pair of Ruark MR1's sounds unbelievable. Less bright, and the music is full of confidence now.
    It vastly improved the sound from my Audio Technica ATH-ANC7b noise cancelling headphones, which always sound 'just ok' -> now they sound sweet for something that puts noise cancelling before sound quality.
    I ordered a pair of AKG Q701 cans, so when they arrive I'll report back. Should be interesting as nobody here seemed to comment on AKG/Matrix Mini-i Pro combo.
    The only downside so far is I'm too experiencing the 384kHz stutter bug. I've checked the firmware and it's V1.2, so I think that's the latest.
    After reading about it prior to purchase, I had hoped this stutter issue had been resolved by now... Anyhow, the distributor is contacting Matrix for advice... we wait and see.
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