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Matrix Mini-i Pro Impressions?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by senpai3330, Dec 19, 2013.
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  1. Senpai3330
    I was digging through eBay for some used Matrix gear and I saw a new 2014 version of the Mini-i listed as well as the "Pro" version.

    Now does 24/384 over USB.
    Supports DSD, DXD
    Chip switched over to ESS9016

    Has anyone gotten their hands on it yet? Looks promising especially for the price.
  2. EraserXIV
  3. kidult-online
    Yes, the MATRIX Mini-i Pro support 24/384 over USB as well as DSD DXD .
  4. Senpai3330
    I guess it's just too new. I can't even pull up any other posts about it.

    Wasn't a question, thank you though. Also, shouldn't you be Member of the Trade given your sizable eBay Hifi store?
  5. Soundwave76
    This is interesting because of DSD capability! Found one from ebay UK with a VERY reasonable price!
  6. Soundwave76
    I pulled the trigger and ordered one! :)
  7. Senpai3330
    Way to take one for the team! :D

    The Matrix Mini-i has a nice legacy though, so I doubt you'll be disappointed. Please give an impression when you have a chance!
  8. EraserXIV
    It'll be interesting to see how the 9016 was implemented in the Mini-I Pro.
    The non-Pro version still uses the AD1955, though the layout looks quite different, but it's possible it retains a similar character. No way to truly know without trying it out.
  9. Soundwave76
    I doubt I can hear any differences between different DAC chips, but DSD is something I want to try. XLR-outputs are also important for me as well as preamp functionality. It would be great if there would also be a toggle switch for output between headphones and line-out.
  10. aistis
    Soundwave76 - have you received the Mini Pro yet? I'm a new guy here, who spent a week reading about various USB DACs. Was tempted by ASUS Xonar Essence One Muses edition until i found this small guy. Really like the minimal design and DSD support (which for some weird reason not enabled in Asus, although chip spec supports it). Don't care much about the Phone stage, as my primary use would be connecting active speakers via XLR connection. However, still wonder what kind of op amps Matrix Digi used on the outputs. 
  11. White Lotus
    I'm going to get one as soon as I sell off some gear. I tried it with my LCD-2 yesterday, and loved it.
    It drove them really well, and the Pro DSD version comes with a nice metal remote.
    The headphone output section sounds fantastic -  it had a great synergy with my LCD-2.
  12. Greg121986
    I'll be ordering one next week for my new office. I'll post my findings.
  13. White Lotus
    Please do!
    Will you be using it as an AMP + DAC combo? Or just for the DAC stage?
  14. Greg121986
    I'll be using it as a DAC + headphone amp for my fostex t50rp. I may get some akg k550, I'm going to demo some tomorrow when I go to the nearby HiFi stereo shop. Someday I may get a separate amplifier.

    Having gone through an nfb-12, Schiit Asgard, Pan Am, and now just my laptop output in the last 3 years I'm dying for something new! This matrix mini I pro is going to match my new office furniture perfectly. I hope is sounds as good as it looks.
  15. Hellenback
    I'm really very interested in this DAC especially the pro version with the Sabre chip. The older AD1955 Mini-i is no slouch and the new 2014 AD1955 at<$400 has much better usb functionality. Would really love a comparison between the two new ones but that's likely a lot to hope for!
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