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Matrix Mini-i Pro Impressions?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by senpai3330, Dec 19, 2013.
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  1. Maxvla Contributor
    Glad to have you aboard. Sorry you got a stutter. I hope your distributor irons it out quickly for you. :)
  2. inxsive
    Hopefully, but in the mean time I'm still enjoying it!
    I thought it might be a mac related issue to begin with, but I just fired up an old windows 7 computer, installed a JRiver trial, still has the stutter :)
    So it at least confirms the unit's at fault and not an OS/Software compatibility issue as far as I can tell.
  3. Lucky87
    Hi guys wondering if the new FW is safe to update? Any problems in Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 8.1 64-bit as well.
    PS  Loving my Mini Pro with my Adam ARTist 5 via XLR hookups as well as my Sennheiser HD800..
  4. Maxvla Contributor
    Matrix listened to me, or perhaps they planned to do this all along and ignored me.. and now the Mini-I units are available in black, and by black I mean the entire unit is black, how it should have been!



    Looks so nice.
  5. sstyle
    Hi! Who compared New Mini-i with NuForce icon HDP?
  6. Greggo
    I am keeping my eyes on this unit, thanks to everyone that is sharing their experiences.  If anyone ever has a chance to compare with NAD D1050 that would be awesome as well.  I am a very happy D1050 owner at the moment, but it is really a dedicated headphone rig for me and at some point when I am ready to upgrade it will become an office system, and I will look at something like the Mini-i Pro to be my new home desktop system that will drive headphones, small powered speakers, and then maybe a really good headphone amp as well.  The D1050 volume control only handles the headphone amp, the DAC output stays at line level for everything else, so that is one limitation that I wish the D1050 would have done without, but it is an otherwise exceptional unit at it's price point.  If I ever get the chance, I would love to compare the two units head to head just driving headphones.
  7. sstyle
    Today I get Mini-i (not Pro) and connect it ro my receiver in DAC mode. I can not hear difference between mini-i and e-mu 0204 ((( Very sad. 
  8. burdie
    e-u 0204 using AKM stereo DAC, Mini-i using AD1955x2 and Mini-i Pro is using ES9016, it is almost impossible you can't hear any differences.
    Some more what kind of audio file you are playing? MP3? Flac? Wav? DSD to PCM? DXD? 16/24 bits? 44/96/192/384? Source Player?
  9. sstyle
    I heard flac 24/192 and dsd2.8 to pcm with audirvana plus. Source is macbook pro by usb for both devices. And I am not alone, my girlfriend can not heard difference too. I think it is so because I use simple av-receiver and hd598.

    Also mini-i has very weak amplifier for headphone (( M-stage more powerful but dac is worse.

    I heard also aune T1/X1 and mattix M-stage. It has more powerful amplifier.
  10. burdie
    Sorry, may be i don't get you. What i meant is using the same av-receiver and headphone but with difference source player, there can't be no difference at all. for example you will get difference sound from CD Players of different brands (likewise for DAC) which normally call it as bright, warm, flat etc...
    I don't like mini-i pro headphone section also, i use it's DAC mode only.
  11. sstyle
    I can not hear difference between two DACs. Mini-i and e-mu 0204. That played same flac file from my macbook on one headphones and av-receiver
  12. DZZ
    Hi guys!
    I'm facing some problems with DSD-playback on Mini-i Pro (firmware 1.2) under Mac OS 10.9, maybe you could help?
    I tried Audirvana+ and jRiver 19. First i select Mini-i as an output device in System Settengs - Sound. In both players i tried all the combinations of settings, incl. turning on/off Exclusive access, Integer mode, Bitstreaming, DoP and dCS outputs (in Audirvana). All i get is 352.8 on the screen and no sound at all. Sometimes non-dsd Hi-res files stutter under Mac, low-res play ok.
    I could think I have a faulty device, but under Windows 8 and jRiver 19 everything is OK with the same files and the same usb cable when i select Asio, DSD-bitstreaming and turn off the DSP-Studio.
    Has anyone faced the same problem? If no and you play dsd under Mac- could you show your setting in Audirvana or jRiver?
    Thanks in advance,
  13. dbcoelho
    I bought a Mini-i PRO after read this topic and I'm very glad about this.
    So, first of all, thanks for the review and others opinions about this DAC.
    Someone changed the original fuse to another one?
    I'd like to test the Mini-i PRO with HiFi Tuning Supreme (the black one). This change was very positive to my older DAC, like a real upgrade.
  14. dbcoelho
    Sorry Dmitry, but I use Foobar2000 and my setup is this one:
  15. eppz
    How do I set the mini-i pro to 384khz in Windows 7 x64?
    I only have options up to 192khz in the Windows Playback settings. Am I missing something ? 
    I have the latest driver and firmware.
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