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Matrix Mini-i Pro Impressions?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by senpai3330, Dec 19, 2013.
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  1. ledpro
    hello, i'm new in the head-fi community and  i have 2 questions:
    #1 i would like your opinions between the following 2 dac-amp, 
    obviously the first is the Matrix mini-i Pro
    and the second one is the Audio-GD compass 2 (with the ES9018)
    for my Sennheiser hd 600 
    #2 does it worth it to give the extra many for a better dac-amp, for example the Audio-GD NFB-28 
  2. White Lotus
    Welcome to Head-fi, mate! 
    I'm sorry I can't tell you about the pairing with the Compass 2.
    However, I have the HD-600, with the Mini-i PRO (DSD), and I find the pairing perfect. I have stopped my search for a solid-state amplifier, and won't be requiring an upgrade.
    It's very helpful to have the DAC and a decent AMP in one box.
    The output impedance of the Mini-i PRO is around 8ohms from memory - which is no problem for the 300ohm Sennheisers. 
    Has anyone else tried these pairings before?
  3. Maxvla Contributor
    Sorry for delay. I couldn't answer because someone disabled my account.

    It was faulty, though the Pro has been out of stock for a while, so I actually still have my original unit. I should be getting a replacement soon. Hopefully you bought it through an official distributor, so he/she can help you with the problem. Where are you located?
  4. ledpro
    White Lotus because of your first notation and Maxvla review i gave a closer look to the matrix mini-i pro for a good combination with the hd600...
    However the Audio-gd Compass 2 it also seems to have a good synergy and for that i ask for a comparison between the mini-i pro and compass 2
    thank you
  5. BrainFood
    Seriously thinking about this, especially since the Yulong D200 is said to cost a bit more than expected at around $700 (and without remote)- although that price is not confimed yet.
    Not sure about this comment from Maxlva's review though:
    And, FWIW [​IMG], from the Headfonia review :

    Looking forward to more impressions of SQ of the DAC section though [​IMG].
  6. Fir33
    Sorry in advance for my english
    I had sluttering for 352.8 and 384 DXD files
    Installed Foobar
    Did this  http://www.msbtech.com/updates/dsd.php 
    Took DXD files from here http://www.2l.no/hires/
    It works properly for now
  7. TonyRoma
    Hi thanks,
     I have been in contact many times with the seller who seems to think its my mac thats at fault, the problem is that i get it through coax from a cd player as well, they are an official seller of this unit and hopefully will exchange because as it stands the dac is unusable
  8. Maxvla Contributor
    Interesting. Is yours doing this at lower rates? Mine only did it at 352.8 and 384, but you wouldn't be able to get that from a coax connection.
  9. TonyRoma
    Yes its on 44.1 from the cd and the sound sort of pulses loud then soft, very strange
  10. Maxvla Contributor
    Sounds defective like mine is. I tried mine on both of my windows computers using both Foobar and JRiver Media Center and it happened the same way.
    TonyRoma likes this.
  11. RocketDragon
    By the way, about this "faulty unit" thing.
    I've recently tried to play some music in AIMP player with 384kHz setting, and scary schiit happened.
    So, i pressed "play" button and after 10-20 seconds volume just suddenly BURSTED up to unbearable level, like 2х or 3х from my common. Luckily, i've managed to mute everything in windows mixer in couple of seconds.
    Honestly, i don't want to repeat this experience. Be careful, guys. I dunno, what exactly caused this, was it hardware problem, buggy drivers or this particular software player.
  12. Maxvla Contributor
    This is the issue we are describing.
  13. floydfan33
    Count me as having had this happen as well with a DSD ISO file in JRiver 19 using the Mini I ASIO driver. Happened once but has not reoccured.
  14. RocketDragon

    An isolated incident, huh? More like a typical occasion.
  15. White Lotus
    I use mine daily, and I'm yet to see the issue.
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