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Oct 15, 2018
Oct 24, 2013
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bridge between corporate people and project team

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100+ Head-Fier, Male

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Oct 15, 2018
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    bridge between corporate people and project team
    Headphone Inventory:
    Hifiman HE-6 with HE Adaptor

    Audeze LCD-2 Rev 2 Rosewood with DIY balanced silver cable

    FAD Pandora Hope VI : why the Japanese put a locking mechanism on the detachable cable? Anyway, sold it after a month. Recently terminated balanced cable for friend

    Hifiman HE-500 : why woman cannot stand the sound leaked from it, it was designed like that (SOLD)

    AKG K701 : balanced

    Shure SE535LTD RED : anything wrong with a guy wearing red? next time I get a red custom cable for it

    Yamaha EPH-100 : where I put it?

    few old earphones from Sony Walkman : missed those college days
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Topping TP22 : takes it balanced output (via speaker taps) for HE-500, but input is still singled end... SOLD

    iBasso PB2 : Hirose connector termination is such a pain. However, it powered by Hiflight kits . SOLD

    Maverick D1 : takes its tube-out for home Hi Fi, loaded with WE 396A

    Topping TP60 : hmmmmmm, SOLD

    Audio Space Houston Mini 1998 SE EL84 tube amp : came with headphone out, but only take its speaker out via resistor network

    Yulong A28 : balanced out paired very good with LCD 2.2 and HE-500, but its high / low SE out suck SOLD

    Schiit Mojo : a lot better than Yulong A28 SOLD

    Matrix HPA-3B class A : required opamps swapping for better sound SOLD

    Bryston BHA-1

    TDA7297 Chipamp speaker out to balanced terminated headphone
    Source Inventory:
    iBasso DX50 : should I upgrade to DX90?

    iBasso DB2 : hopefully can find L shape Hirose connector to replace the straight connector SOLD

    Matrix Mini-i Pro (2014) : the driver for 2015 model worked on 2014, add support for DSD256

    iFi Nano iDSD SOLD

    Korg DS-DAC-100 (SOLD)

    TDA1541A S1 DIY Balanced DAC

    DSD1796 x2 DIY Balanced DAC

    Denafrips Pontus R2R Balanced DAC

    Krell SBP-64X

    Cayin IDAP-6
    Cable Inventory:
    any good cable will do, regardless pure silver, spc, occ, ofc, single core, 7 strands, 19 strands bla bla bla. I don't have golden ear but I definitely got wooden ear
    Power-Related Components:
    DIY isolation transformer in balanced mode
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Krell MD-1
    Tanyu CDM3 CDT
    Sonic Frontiers Line 1 6922 tube preamp
    Parasound Halo A21 balanced poweramp
    Magnepan 1.6QR planar speaker
    6922 Balanced Tube Preamp
    Sony WM-FX777 : I still keep it, but rechargeable battery die..
    Yamaha CD-N500 : takes it ability to play hi-res audio file and internet radio
    Yamaha A-S700 : you do need an amp to drive speaker (sold)
    Audio Space Houston Mini 1998 SE
    Musical Fidelity Typhoon balanced poweramp
    KEF Q300 : if no speaker then no point to get player and amp
    X-LS Encore : cheaper but better than KEF (SOLD)
    Mordaunt Short Mezzo 8 (SOLD)
    B&W CDM1
    PSB Alpha LR1 : free out from R.I.P. Z5500
    Logitech Z5500 : R.I.P. together with PS3 (SOLD)
    Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse : for office use, cute, but sound.......
    Canon 'L' lens, I changed DSLR but keep the L lens
    Fujifilm X100s - those add-on accessories almost the price of the body. Sellers taking advantage of its retro look?
    A father of two
    A husband of one..........
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