1. Senpai3330

    Matrix Mini-i Pro Impressions?

    I was digging through eBay for some used Matrix gear and I saw a new 2014 version of the Mini-i listed as well as the "Pro" version. Now does 24/384 over USB. Supports DSD, DXD Chip switched over to ESS9016 Has anyone gotten their hands on it yet? Looks promising especially for the price.
  2. Mehow

    Matrix mini-i New Warranty Free shipping

    Hi!   Not my auction, but a great discount on ebay:   Highly recommended!
  3. Mehow

    Matrix mini-i New Free shipping Warranty

    Hello. Not my auction, but a great discount on ebay:   Highly recommended!
  4. HeatFan12

    The Essential Rock & Metal Headphone & Gear Appreciation Thread!!! Fans Unite!!

    Seems like every week there's new threads on which is the best headphone for rock, metal etc....I figure we get an appreciation thread going.  What are you liking nowadays, which did you think would not be good for rock, but turned out nicely.  I love Grados, but they are not the only game in...
  5. panda-R

    Matrix Mini-i USB Balanced DAC, 24/192 with Headphone AMP. Dual AD1955. Excellent Condition!

    This unit has served me well for a few years now. I have since moved onto another DAC and this must go. It is in excellent condition with no damage and it sounds great for an entry level dac! Price: $SOLD USD shipped in Canada/USA.
  6. Danno

    FS: Matrix "mini-i" Balanced DAC

    Hi Folks,   Have for sale here the Matrix "mini-i" Balanced DAC, Black (Voltage: 220-240V, Power Cord: AU) for sale.   Prefer to sell to Australian residents only, with pick up (in Sydney) having priority but can ship out if needed. Purchased October last year from Coolfungadget, in...
  7. brasewel

    WTB: Headroom Balanced Amp (BUDA) and Matrix Mini-i Balanced Dac

    Alright guys I'm looking to enter the world of balanced sound and so am looking to get these. If anyone has either of these for sale or both please pm me your price and condition of the unit. 
  8. brasewel

    WTB: Matrix Mini-i or Little Dot Dac_1

    Title says it all. PM me if you have these with your price and condition of the unit.
  9. brasewel

    ***Price Drop*** Balanced Matrix Mini-I

      Selling a 2 week old Matrix Mini-I DAC. I have decided to get something a little better so this has to go. Price is $old shipped CONUS with 3% Paypal fees or without any fees if the personal option is used. These retail for $320 including shipping + a 2-3 week transit time from China/Hong...

    FS:Matrix Mini-i 24/192 balanced DAC/Headphone Amp

    Excellent condition.  I upgraded to an Antelope Audio Zodiac so must sell.  This DAC is amazing for its size and also has a headphone amp for headphones less than 300 ohms built in.  I actually preferred it to a comparable Audio-GD product.  $250.  I will cover the Paypal fees.
  11. misformatt

    Burson HA-160 & Matrix Mini-i DAC

    Hello fellow head-fiers!  I have for sale my Burson HA-160 amp along with my Matrix Mini-i DAC.  Both have served me extremely well, but I've just ordered a Burson 160D to simplify my desktop rig a bit.  I've been using the Burson to power all of my cans--from the HE-6 to the HF-2.  It is in...
  12. lcam

    MATRIX MINI-I DAC pop sound when turn ON/OFF

    Hello, I just bought a brand new MATRIX MINI-I on Ebay, the description says new model has a "Relay to avoid Clicks and Pops on Power ON/OFF for LINE OUT and EARPHONE" but when I got mine yesterday it makes a big POP sound thru speakers when turn ON or OFF the unit, really annoying. I did...
  13. I_quadius

    FINAL PRICE DROP....HD-650 + Matrix mini-i $450.

  14. Kremer930

    Matrix Mini-i 24/192 Dac and Headphone Amplifier. 240V. Australian Plug.

    Unit is as new at less than a year old with all original packaging.  Works perfectly.            Features * High end DAC chip AD1955 x 2 in full balanced design * Up to 24Bit/192kHz sampling * Low jitter receiver chips and separate clock * Built-in high grade headphone...
  15. Physther

    wtb matrix mini-i (or trade for my ALO Rx MKII)

    I'm looking to purchase a Matrix mini-I or trade for my ALO Rx MKII.  Thanks!
  16. monster7

    Matrix mini-i, Audio-gd or rDac?

    Hello all,   I would like to upgrade my dac, from the forum, it seems Matrix mini-i, Audio-gd NFB-12 and Arcam rDac have a positive review. I have tried matrix and i found it is much better than musiland MD11, I may not have a chance to try the other 2 dac so I hope I can get the advice in...
  17. liamstrain

    WTB - Matrix Mini-i

    Looking to find a gently used Matrix mini-i -  as I am having a hard time justifying the new prices at the moment, but am curious to try the balanced outs - and a better dac would be a nice addition to my listening station.    Curious if anyone is selling. 
  18. liamstrain

    WTB: Matrix Mini-i

      Looking to buy a gently used Matrix Mini-i.    Let me know if you are interested in selling (and at what price). I am in Chicago (for shipping/customs purposes).    Prefer to pay via Paypal. 
  19. magx

    <300$ DAC/AMP: "Yulong U100" vs "Matrix mini-i" vs others

    Hey. I'm looking to buy DAC/AMP for under 300$.   Currently it will be used with Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (and Audio Engine A2). Later on I plan to add mid-price Sennheiser/AKG(and better powered speakers though it shouldn't change much).   After some research it came down mainly to...
  20. amcananey

    WTB: Matrix Mini-i DAC

    Let me know if you have one you want to sell. I'm in the US, so it either has to have a universal PSU, or else work with 110-115V electricity.   (I assume they are all universal, but don't know for sure, so I figured I would specifiy.)   I'm also willing to trade for one. I have an...
  21. HDMan

    Matrix Mini-i 24bit Balanced DAC Headphone Amp

    Used it only for 2 days, practicaly brand new, grab a bargain.   Matrix Mini-i 24bit Balanced DAC Headphone Amp   Product Introduction        The Matrix packs an abundance of features into one single package. Dual AD1955 D/A chip, digital volume control, digital LCD display...
  22. dailyglen

    Matrix Mini-i discrete IR codes for selecting input source

    Hi,   I'm thinking of buying a matrix mini-i but one remaining question is if the unit supports discrete IR codes for selecting the inputs (the Emotiva XDA-1 does).  Does anyone know if this is supported and what the IR codes are?  I know the remote that comes with it does not but maybe the...
  23. Hugh deMann

    Matrix Mini-i problem

    I purchased a Matrix Audio Mini-i DACV/preamp/headphone amp about 18 months ago from Tam Audio and have enjoyed it until recently. The headphone amp seems to be shot - it is absolutely unlistenable although the unit continues to function just fine as a DAC and preamp. This makes it unusable for...
  24. wormsdriver

    Matrix Mini-i 24bit/192kHz Balanced DAC/Amp OR BEST OFFER!

    Interest check for sale, my Matrix mini-i 24bit/192kHz Balanced DAC, version 1. It is in very good cosmetic condition, 100% functional, does not include remote control(I believe version 1 did not come with a remote), power cable included, retail box not included. PM me if interested, send me...
  25. TheGreatGazoo

    Matrix Mini-i and 24 bit via USB

    Hi   Ive been switching between setups and when I took my Matrix back in use recently (with WASAPI and Winamp via USB) I discoverd that I can't do bit copy playback of 24 bit files? I know the USB cable is restricted to 44.1 - 48kHz but I thought I remembered playing fx. 24 bit/48kHz files...