1. Senpai3330

    Matrix Mini-i Pro Impressions?

    I was digging through eBay for some used Matrix gear and I saw a new 2014 version of the Mini-i listed as well as the "Pro" version. Now does 24/384 over USB. Supports DSD, DXD Chip switched over to ESS9016 Has anyone gotten their hands on it yet? Looks promising especially for the price.
  2. HeatFan12

    The Essential Rock & Metal Headphone & Gear Appreciation Thread!!! Fans Unite!!

    Seems like every week there's new threads on which is the best headphone for rock, metal etc....I figure we get an appreciation thread going.  What are you liking nowadays, which did you think would not be good for rock, but turned out nicely.  I love Grados, but they are not the only game in...
  3. lcam

    MATRIX MINI-I DAC pop sound when turn ON/OFF

    Hello, I just bought a brand new MATRIX MINI-I on Ebay, the description says new model has a "Relay to avoid Clicks and Pops on Power ON/OFF for LINE OUT and EARPHONE" but when I got mine yesterday it makes a big POP sound thru speakers when turn ON or OFF the unit, really annoying. I did...
  4. monster7

    Matrix mini-i, Audio-gd or rDac?

    Hello all,   I would like to upgrade my dac, from the forum, it seems Matrix mini-i, Audio-gd NFB-12 and Arcam rDac have a positive review. I have tried matrix and i found it is much better than musiland MD11, I may not have a chance to try the other 2 dac so I hope I can get the advice in...
  5. magx

    <300$ DAC/AMP: "Yulong U100" vs "Matrix mini-i" vs others

    Hey. I'm looking to buy DAC/AMP for under 300$.   Currently it will be used with Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (and Audio Engine A2). Later on I plan to add mid-price Sennheiser/AKG(and better powered speakers though it shouldn't change much).   After some research it came down mainly to...
  6. dailyglen

    Matrix Mini-i discrete IR codes for selecting input source

    Hi,   I'm thinking of buying a matrix mini-i but one remaining question is if the unit supports discrete IR codes for selecting the inputs (the Emotiva XDA-1 does).  Does anyone know if this is supported and what the IR codes are?  I know the remote that comes with it does not but maybe the...
  7. Hugh deMann

    Matrix Mini-i problem

    I purchased a Matrix Audio Mini-i DACV/preamp/headphone amp about 18 months ago from Tam Audio and have enjoyed it until recently. The headphone amp seems to be shot - it is absolutely unlistenable although the unit continues to function just fine as a DAC and preamp. This makes it unusable for...
  8. TheGreatGazoo

    Matrix Mini-i and 24 bit via USB

    Hi   Ive been switching between setups and when I took my Matrix back in use recently (with WASAPI and Winamp via USB) I discoverd that I can't do bit copy playback of 24 bit files? I know the USB cable is restricted to 44.1 - 48kHz but I thought I remembered playing fx. 24 bit/48kHz files...
  9. rlivz

    Ideal DAC/amp for Swan M200MkIIIs, ATH-M50s?

    Rookie here, I own a pair of ATH-M50s and after doing a bit of research I'm leaning towards the Swans for my desktop setup. I realize the Swans are self powered and, from what I understand, the M50s don't stand to gain too much from an amp.   Looking around a bit with my limited knowledge I...
  10. nickwin

    Whats a good amp/ usb DAC for DT990 pro 60ohms?

    Hi guys, this is my first post here although I have been a reader for many years.  Anyways, I'm looking for an usb DAC and amp combo that will be a good match with DT990 250ohm pros. I'm currently using a Fiios E10, but it barely has enough power to drive these cans.  It could be a single unit...
  11. apexten

    Matrix mini i users usb question

    I have a question I understand the matrix mini will only do 16/44 on the usb side. Can I access 24/96 files with this device:   Or am I misguided.
  12. apexten

    Matrix mini i

    Hello, I have a couple question about the Matrix mini i. I have been told that the volume control on this unit will control the analog out (for controlling a pair of studio monitors) Is this correct?  Secondly I don't see a switch anywhere Like fixed/variable. Is it always set to the line out...
  13. tomscy2000

    DAC-X10: Worthy Budget 32/384 ES9018 Rig?

        The 歌詩德 (translated roughly as "The Virtue of Song and Poetry", not "Costa de", as MisterTao poorly translates from Google) DAC-X10 is a Chinese-designed/made DAC, sold/distributed by seller huang_cs on Taobao. This is the Taobao link, but eBay seller Vintage Audio Lab (aka Valab) is now...

    Best DAC/AMP Combo on the market?

    USB as the source from my computer. Needs to be able to power HE-400 Cans and have an RCA/XLR out so I can run some powered monitors.   Can spend up to $500.
  15. Roykim

    Upgrade from Fiio E10

    Hi, everybody,   I am very new to digital music, and current solution is BenQ laptop + Fiio E10 + HD598 & ATH M30. So far the sound is acceptable, but I am looking for a DAC which can make the sound much better than from E10.   My requirements and budget are following: Budget is < US$...
  16. SwanSong

    Matrix balance DAC's

    Im building a new setup (MBP - DAC/Preamp - Bal XLR - Swan T200b - Swan sub200a). I have read good things about Matrix mini-I and the Quattro, any feedback would be helpful ? My music type jazz and a little hip hop if that matters. Thanks
  17. 2pacalypse33

    HE-500 Amp/Dac Combo?

    Hey guys,   Is there an amp/dac integrated combination you would recommend for the HE-500? Does anyone have any experience with these headphones and the O2+ODAC combo? Any recommendations are appreciated. Price range is around $400 but I can be flexible if it is worth it. I would prefer a 2...
  18. jacobgolden

    $350 for Portable DAC/AMP Nirvana...Is it Possible?

    I'm a musician and I'm on the hunt for a beautiful DAC/headphone amp that work equally well in the office and can be used in my home recording studio as well to feed my power amp/speakers. I need something that has the following features -   1. Both USB and SPIDIF inputs (so i can get a...
  19. GaToMaLaCo


    MATRIX M-STAGE DAC   Searching here and there and without any chance to find something i got in and found this: MATRIX M-STAGE DAC         In and outs:      Some of the guts: XD     Seems a good companion for the M-Stage amplifier  ...
  20. zakazak

    Please rate my future setup

    I plan to upgrade (well I wonder if you call it upgrade as the only thing I have right now are Sennheiser HD555) my audio system: Laptop (Malibal/Clevo P170HM) ODAC (or would you recommend something else?) Little Dot MK III Sennheiser HD600 Thanks to  filus for helping me with choosing...
  21. w00tw00t

    DAC with volume knob for active speakers (<300$)

    Hello, my first post here :) I'm looking for a DAC with a headphone jack, a volume knob, analog RCA out and optical/coaxial in. My main purpose is to use the DAC with my PC and my active studiospeakers (via RCA-out). Secondly connecting my headphones, some of the middle AKG products...
  22. aphinity

    Better Values than the DacMagic Plus?

    Can anyone recommend better alternatives to the DacMagic Plus to drive headphones and monitors and be connected to a mac computer?  Something that might be a better value?  I'm willing to spend in the ball park of $500 - $600.   Options I've identified so far are:     Grant Fidelity...
  23. rajivranjan

    2012 Best DAC & AMP for Sennheiser HD650

    I am planning to upgrade to more serious listening. For headphones I have always been big fan of Sennheisers hence finalised on HD650. Looking forward to use the cans for   Use 1 - On chair entertainment   Source : Apple MacBook Pro   Amp : ??   DAC : ??   Headphone : Sennheiser...
  24. project86

    REVIEW: Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11

        A few years back, I recall hearing praise for a little DAC from Grant Fidelity called the TubeDAC-09. It was a compact unit with a good amount of inputs, offering both tube and solid state outputs. It reminded me of the Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1, also a popular unit in its price...
  25. GNR93

    new dac

    Goodmorning   What is the best DAC 24/192 for my beyerdynamic dt990 pro? My budget is 200 Euro.   Thanks !!!  Carlo