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Matrix Mini-i Pro Impressions?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by senpai3330, Dec 19, 2013.
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  1. Maxvla Contributor
    You need to use a program that is capable of outputting a stream like that, such as JRiver or Foobar. Also you'll need to either force that sample rate via resampling (such as in JRiver) or play files that are native to that sample rate, like DXD files (352.8 KHz).
  2. squareznboxez
    Currently tossing and turning between the DT880 600ohm, HD600 and HD650 - looking to pair with a Matrix Mini-I Pro
    I've listened to a friends 880 600ohm on a Firestone stack (Beyond HD, Spitfire and Supplier HD) and it has been the best i've heard so far
    Short of that I've tried the Matrix Mini-I Pro with a HE500 and they seem to power it plenty to provide the richness it's known for
    Maxvla's review for the Mini-I Pro states that it pairs really well with the HD600 - but I can't help but wonder if the 880s would suit me better
    I enjoy the low reaching bass presence of the 880s, is this something i'll miss in the HD600s?

  3. Frank I
    For anyone interested http://headphone.guru/matrix-audio-mini-i-pro/
  4. White Lotus
  5. burdie
    Have anyone try to use the XLR 'line' output to drive any balanced headphone? Read from the spec that it has 4vrms (XLR out) which is almost the same as Yulong D200 (4.2v max) and heard Yulong can drive balanced headphone via XLR. Wonder Matrix Mini-i pro does the same.
    Right now I am using Matrix as source, RCA out to Topping TP60 or iBasso PB2 to drive HE500 & SE535 (balanced), but afraid to try directly on Matrix's XLR
  6. White Lotus
    I'd love to know as well.
  7. danL93
    Hi guys, very interested in the Mini-i but just wondering how it might sound as an all-in-one solution for use with my AKG K702 anniversaries. Has anyone tried it with any of the K/Q 701/702 headphones?  
    Thanks in advance [​IMG]
  8. burdie
    I built XLR 3 pin x2 to 4 pin XLR today and try to use the Matrix's 4vrms XLR analog out to drive my Hifiman HE500, and yeah, got sound.. Below are what I noticed so far
    (1) Volume
    I set the Matrix to pre 1 and you can see from the OLED display that headphone is louder than line (10db vs 0db at max volume), total of 10db difference. Judging with my ears i think the line level is 25-30db behind the head level (line level at max 0db is roughly -15 to -20db for head level)
    (2) Sound
    Clearer and bass not tight. However, the bass on headphone out is muddy to my ears. Personally I like the bass using XLR analog out
    Don't use the XLR out to your balanced headphone if your headphones are those hard to drive type, the Matrix simply don't have enough power (I believed no buffer added to the XLR, unlike Yulong D200) to drive them. 
    Remember, try the XLR only if you have balance terminated headphone/earphone
    Note: I have no idea whether directly connect the balanced headphone/earphone to the XLR analog out will cause any damages or not, please try it at your own risks
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  9. burdie
    I email Matrix's support on the XLR analog out. They replied that the XLR have built in buffer, but the output impedance is higher than the headphone, so the sound level is lower than headphone output. No mentioned on whether XLR will cause damages to headphone.
    Since the Mini-i pro equipped with XLR as balanced output, I also asked Matrix whether they have any plan to develop/introduce a matching headphone amp under mini series (just like the Quattro series) with balanced input and balanced headphone out, the support team said they will forward it to their development team. Since they already have the Quattro amp, it will be easier for them to change housing plus some improvement. Hopefully they will come out with the matching headphone amp
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  10. migasson

    Got stuttering on mine,

    The version of my firmware is version 1.2...

    What's the latest?
  11. migasson
    Ok, Matrix all good!!! Swapping the unit over:) Thanks to Billy @ Noisy Motel and Matrix[​IMG]
  12. ReaperX
    Any input with AKGs?
    I have order the K712 and I am interested in the mini-i..
    What is your opinion?
  13. yangmanning
    Hi Everyone!

    I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on the 2014 or the pro and was wondering if anyone could comment on the long term quality of the machine and sound.

  14. mimoni
    Hey guys
    My matrix mini i (old version) doesn't support 24 bit via usb, What's Wrong?
    Is it important to play 24 bit for movies? 
    Do i need to buy the new version for more sound quality for movies only? 
    I'm running windows 7.
    My setup PC>usb>matrix mini i >hd650
    i appreciate any help.
  15. Hellenback

    The only reason to have 24 bit capability is to play hi resolution audio files. As most movies I know of don't use 24 bit resolution (unless BluRay over HDMI) it is unnecessary to update your Mini-i. The unit sends Dolby Digital over the coax (bypass) so you can get surround if you use a receiver.

    Other than that all Mini-is are stereo DACs which will play the 2.0 portion of movie soundtracks just fine.
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